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The Advent Calendar is an Event used to celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Each day a present may be claimed until the 24th of December. The reward can only be claimed on the day it is given out, it is not possible to claim a reward after the day has ended.


The Advent Calendar of 2013 held Christmas Accessories as the reward for each day. Each of the Accessories were given out as a set of 5 to use, sell or trade them. Those Accessories were only available during the Advents Calendar, and may only appear again in another Event.

On Christmas itself a new Event started. Making 1,000 Interactions rewarded the user with a Mega Stone Mightyenite Q.pngMightyenite Q which could be used to evolve a Mightyena into Mega Mightyena Q.[1]


There was no Advent Calendar in 2014 due to other Events like the ORAS Mass-Click Weekend.


Every day of the 2015 Advent Calendar featured two pieces of art: one of a starter Pokémon, and another of Staff PokéSonas. When a door on the calendar was opened, the starter art was replaced with a Staff PokéSona art piece. The reward for each day (excluding 25th) was 3 Consumables of random type. Click here for more information.


Every day, a door on the Advent Calendar could be opened to reveal a piece of art of an Exclusive Pokémon, which could then be used as the player's forum avatar. The reward for each day (excluding the 25th) was a Consumable. Click here for more information.


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