Kinaster's Minigame

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A screenshot of Kinaster's Game.

During the Bountiful Bouquet event there was a cutscene that asked users to play with Kinaster. Kinaster's Minigame was optional to play and could be played before moving to the next cutscene or at the end of the story event.

The objective of the minigame was to have a higher score than Kinaster. The user could only move vertically (up or down) while Kinaster could only move horizontally (left or right) and they may choose any tile that is in that column/row unless it had already been selected. The game was over when there were no more moves left for either the user or Kinaster.

If the user won they received Stardust; however, if they lost they received a Brick Piece. If the score was tied, Kinaster won. Users could replay the minigame every 10 minutes.