Sidereal Revolution

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Sidereal Revolution.png
The Sidereal Revolution event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2018, starting August 18th and ending August 31st. [1]



Task How to Complete Result
1 Go to the Lab. Navigate to the Lab page.
2 Go on a walk with Lunupine and Garthic. Make 200 Party interactions.
3 Give Sei 6 Perfect Pecha Berries. Obtain 6 Perfect Pecha Berries from the Garden or from other users and give them to Sei.
4 Battle Solynx. Spar with Solynx at the Dojo using a Pokémon that does not have a type advantage over Solynx.
5 Find Kin. Complete 7 Scour missions.
6 Give Sei 8 Sweet Hearts. Obtain 6 Sweet Hearts from your Inventory or from other users and give them to Sei.
7 Play Kin's game. Complete a round of Kinaster's game.
8 Continue your walk. Complete 500 Party interactions.
9 Give Sei a Destiny Knot. Obtain a Destiny Knot from the Daycare or from other users and give it to Sei.
10 Pick up Kin. Collect Kinaster from your Trade Centre collection area.


  • The Lunupine, Solynx, and Kinaster in this event are the same ones from Astral Disruption.
  • If the user had previously completed Astral Disruption, the Kinaster they receive will be the same one hatched during that event.


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