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The Astral Disruption event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2017, it started on the 18th of August and ended on the 31st of August. [1] The event was in celebration of the solar eclipse on the 21st of August 2017. During the event, users completed a list of tasks featuring Lunupine, Solynx, and a mysterious new Pokémon. At the conclusion of the event, Lunupine and Solynx could be used to breed Kinaster.


Professor Holly and Professor Laurel notice Lunupine has been acting up. They ask that Farmers be prepared to help out if any issues arise. Soon after, Lunupine becomes more aggressive and escapes the Lab. After looking around to no avail, even with help from Sei and Sally, Niet suggests looking in the Scour Areas. After finding her in the Forest, Lunupine returns to the Lab with you.

Soon after, there's a break-in and Lunupine is gone again. Prof. Laurel suggests using Perfect Pecha Berries to lure Lunupine back, as the berries are perfect for Lunupine's Timid nature. Lunupine is lured back and downs the Perfect Pecha Berries, and it's revealed that a wild Solynx was the culprit for breaking into the lab.

After the Solynx is tired out with a battle, Prof. Laurel takes the two battered Pokémon back to the Lab. Ravyne appears but is far too excited about something to be able to understand. After calming him, Ravyne reveals that a solar eclipse is coming. With this information, Holly hypothesizes that the eclipse is messing with Lunupine's nocturnal and Solynx's diurnal lifestyles, causing them to appear erratic. After the solar eclipse, Lunupine is found with a mystery Egg. You hatch the Egg to reveal a baby Kinaster, and Holly asks you to return the Kinaster to Lunupine. As a thank you for helping Prof. Holly with Lunupine, Solynx and Kinaster, she rewarded all users who completed the event with a Premium Box.


Task How to Complete Result
1 Hatch five Eggs. Hatch any five Eggs. Lunupine escapes from the Lab and Holly asks you to look around for her.
2 Make 300 Party interactions. Click user's parties until you've clicked 300 Pokémon/Eggs. Niet suspects that Lunupine may be hiding in the Scour Areas.
3 Find Lunupine. Send Pokémon to the Forest area Scour Mission until you find Lunupine. Lunupine returns to the Lab with you.
4 Make 2,000 interactions. Clicks users' parties and/or fields until you've clicked Pokémon/Eggs. Professor Laurel unlocks Amaze Mulch for you to use in the Berry Garden and gives you five to start out. He asks you to use the Perfect Pecha Berries to lure the timid Lunupine back to the Lab.
5 Cultivate 5 Perfect Pecha Berries. Use the newly added Amaze Mulch with regular Pecha Berries to obtain Perfect Pecha Berries. Perfect Pecha Berries can also be bought from the Market Board with Credits instead of farming for them. Solynx is discovered to be the culprit, and needs to be tired out in order to approach it.
6 Spar with Solynx. Defeat Solynx with one of your own Pokémon at the Dojo. Lunupine seems to be attached to the Solynx, and Prof. Laurel takes the two battered Pokémon back to the Lab.
7 Evolve 10 Pokémon. Evolve any 10 Pokémon on your Farm. Ravyne appears, but needs to be calmed down with a Gem to chew on.
8 Hatch an Egg and give the Gem to Ravyne. Hatch any one Egg, then give Ravyne the Gem that comes from hatching it. Ravyne downs the Gem and reveals that a solar eclipse will be happening soon, showing why Lunupine and Solynx were acting erratic.
9 Complete 2 Scour Missions. Click "Return!" on two active Scour Missions. Holly continues her research on the pair while the solar eclipse happens.
10 Hatch seven Eggs. Hatch any seven Eggs. Lunupine is discovered to have a mysterious Egg, unlike any other seen before. Users are entrusted with hatching her Egg for her.
11 Hatch the Mysterious Egg. Go to the Trade Centre to collect the Kinaster Egg. Click until it's ready to hatch. Professor Holly suggests letting Lunupine have her child back, and asks you to release it.
12 Release Lunupine's child. Quietly weep. Release the Kinaster. For your troubles, you are given a Premium Box. If you fail to release the Kinaster, you are not given the reward and the Kinaster disappears at the end of the event.


A few hours after the event finished, all users who completed the event were delivered a letter from the three Pokémon, given to you by System Salamence, which included a link to the hatched Kinaster.

  • Message from Lunupine: You can translate this- oh! Thank you Sally! Hello (User), I wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You found me, comforted me, rescued me, made me believe not all humans are cruel..... um, heh, sorry! How can I trust anyone more than you? I gave you my egg, and you gave me such a beautiful pup. I love my sweet little Kinaster so much. Thank you, I couldn't be happier!
  • Message from Solynx: Yeah... I... Mhm you uh, fight pretty good... Could fight again some ti- Oh! Kitten! Look at this! I made this! Ain't you such a little cutie, yes you are! hahaha where did you go, my little fuzz ball- There you are! Come to papa, how about we play an see who wins this time hahaha!
  • Message from Kinaster: hehehe Pa It mah turn hehehe! Hi~ I still lurning to-to say tings, but I'm weally 'appy with Ma an Pa! Ma keeps talking 'bout you, wish I coo-could had known you more... Hey hey can you come by some time? We can plays hid and seek with Ma and and I can sow you dis fiyah twick I lurned from Pa! Fwoosh! hehehe it makes spawkles too! I like it a lot! Okie bubai, tank cyu again! Come visit me soon, okay!?


  • The Lunupine in this event is the same as the one from the Hallowe'en 2015 Event.
    • The dialogue changed for users who did not participate in the original event, as they presumably would not have met the Lunupine beforehand.
      • This was determined by checking the user's Inventory for data from the Perfect Pecha Berry Key Item. [2]


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