Midnight Masquerade

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The Midnight Masquerade event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2022, starting October 25th and ending November 7th.[1]During the event, users completed a list of tasks for Professor Holly, Professor Laurel, Sei, and Avaragon. At the conclusion of the event, the users received the Halloween Supplies costume.


The user enter the Lab and finds Professor Holly talking about things that are happening. Prof. Holly hasn't realized that it is the end of October and explains that she and Professor Laurel were planning to have a costume party before asking the user to see if Prof. Laurel started on it. Upon arriving, Prof. Laurel is talking about new variants and hiring more helpers before stating he hasn't started anything and actually forgot about the party. A worried Sei asks if there isn't going to be a Hallowe'en party but excitedly offers to help when Prof. Laurel says there will be but it'll be difficult.

Sei sends the user to find some friends or strangers and meet at the Graveyard to start decorating. Sei exclaims, "With enough help it'll take no time at all!" After gathering helpers Sei is no where to be seen! Kryptik shows itself and the user explains what is going on. Sei arrives after getting into an argument with a hedge and winning. Sei cleans up and Kryptik wants to help as well.

Sei says it's time to find decorations. Afterwards, the user meets Prof. Holly in town. Things have been busy and the town is decorated thanks to all of the Farmers who were excited to help. Prof. Holly sends the user to the Fields to help Dusknoir and Avaragon. It takes a fair amount of guesswork but eventually the user understands Dusknoir and Avaragon are in a good mood thanks to the upcoming festivities. Avaragon wants to make a costume with the supplies that was gathered.

Prof. Laurel was worried the user would miss the party and the ghosts even came out to play. Prof.Laurel, Sei, Niet, and Avaragon are all grateful for the user's help. Avaragon put together an extra costume for the user's Pokémon. The Halloween Supplies will fit any of Taiveret, Flarbat or Hydrark.


Task How to Complete Result
1 Travel to see Prof. Laurel, and make some interactions along the way! Make 100 Interactions Prof. Laurel explains he hasn't had time and forgot about the Halloween Party. Sei volunteers to help.
2 Visit a number of Farmers to recruit some help. Make 100 Party Interactions Kryptik wants to help and Sei asks for decorations.
3 Special themed Accessories are available in Scour Missions during this event. Maybe you'll find some! Complete 10 Scour Missions Prof. Holly sends you to Avaragon and Dusknoir. They are in a good mood and think the supplies that were found would make an excellent costume.
4 Work with Avaragon to make a great costume! Dress up one of your Pokémon It's party time! Avaragon made an extra costume for your Pokémon.


  • Niet got confused as to which day Midnight Masquerade was suppose to begin.[2]
  • The story was written by Shazi and Suriya.
  • The sprites were created by QuirkyRabbit and Rebecca Marigold.[3]
  • The Dressing Room was broken at first due to the Hallowe'en Supplies item's name being changed and Niet forgetting to fix it in the Dressing Room Page.[4]