Spirits Unchained

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The Spirits Unchained event was an Event that ran for two weeks in 2017, starting October 30th and ending November 12th. During the event, users completed a list of tasks featuring Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin and its evolution. At the conclusion of the event, the Vampire Line from the original PokéFarm was introduced.


The user enters the town, and Professor Holly approaches them, asking them to help others prepare for Hallowe'en. As they do so, they are approached by Alex, who asks for a Gliscor so she may enter a costume contest. The user retrieves her one and she leaves to go dress it up. Meanwhile, the user overhears a robbery, and is promptly asked by Professor Holly to help look for a small purple Pokémon. The user decides to check the Scour Areas first, and seemingly finds nothing until the thief, a Purrloin, appears. Purrloin flees and the user chases, eventually grabbing him and bringing him to the town where Professor Holly is waiting. Professor Holly asks Purrloin to return the Mismagius Costume he stole, but Purrloin gives cute begging eyes, and after a short stare-down Professor Holly allows Purrloin to borrow the costume for Hallowe'en. She dresses him up in it and he saunters off, proud of his "heist."

Things calm down and the user returns to Farming. After a little while, though, an ominous fog rolls into town, and Professor Holly comes to the user and says that Purrloin is stealing more things. The user catches up to him in Pledge Grove, but he's already being confronted by Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion. After scorning Purrloin, Cobalion hands him over to the user and orders them to take him to town for punishment. On the way back, however, Purrloin attacks. The user manages to subdue him after a short battle and carries him the rest way home.

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Back in town, the entire place has been invaded by ghosts. Professor Holly, upon seeing the user, asks for a Dusknoir so it can send the spirits back to where they came from. The user gets a Dusknoir, then roams around to help anyone in need. After a while, Dusknoir yells for help, and the user comes over to find Giratina and Dusknoir in confrontation. The user fights Giratina and manages to beat her. Giratina vanishes back to her realm. Dusknoir returns to its ghost-dispelling duty, but there are too many ghosts-- it will need help. Purrloin then appears and offers to help, and joins the user's party to do so. He's weak, however. The user helps him grow stronger and eventually evolve into a Hallowe'en Witch Liepard. With his new strength, Liepard successfully helps Dusknoir round up the spirits and send them home.

Two days later, after the mess has ended and things are cleaned up, Professor Holly approaches the user and thanks them. She also says that Giratina isn't a bad Pokémon; she simply got out of control. Alex then pops into the conversation and tells the user, who had been too busy to attend the costume contest, that their Gliscor won first place. However, during the Hallowe'en troubles, something strange came over Gliscor and it fused with the costume it was wearing. She apologises and returns the now-Vampire Gliscor, and then gives the user the Premium Box she won in hopes of being forgiven.


Task How to Complete Result
1 Go around town and offer help. Clicks users' parties and/or fields until you've clicked 500 Pokémon/Eggs. Alex comes up and asks for help with finding a certain Pokémon.
2 Alex is counting on you! Find a Gliscor. (Must have been hatched after the task is unlocked.) Alex takes the Gliscor and hurries off. Professor Holly enlists your help with finding a thieving Pokémon.
3 Find the thief! Send your Pokémon on 7 Scour Missions. You find the thief, a Purrloin, but it scurries off.
4 Chase the Purrloin down! Clicks users' parties until you've clicked 300 Pokémon/Eggs. You catch the thief and bring him to Professor Holly, who lets the Purrloin borrow the costume he stole for Hallowe'en.
5 It's back to Farming as usual. Hatch 8 eggs. The Purrloin you caught is back to stealing things, and an ominous fog is hanging around.
6 Track Purrloin down. Find the Purrloin hiding in the Pledge Grove. You find the Purrloin (now a Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin) confronted by Verizion, Cobalion and Terrakion. Cobalion scolds the Pokémon and tells you to take him back to town. On the way, Purrloin attacks.
7 Suddnely, Purrloin attacks! Defeat Purrloin with one of your own Pokémon at the Dojo. You carry Purrloin the rest of the way to town only to find that it has been invaded by ghosts!
8 Find a Dusknoir to guide these ghosts back to where they came. Retrieve a Dusknoir (Must have been hatched after you unlocked the task) Dusknoir leaves your party to guide the spirits back home. Meanwhile, you go help anyone you can.
9 Go around and help everyone you can. Clicks users' parties and/or fields until you've clicked ??? Pokémon/eggs. Your Dusknoir runs into a rampaging Giratina and appears to be having trouble.
10 Help Dusknoir and fight Giratina. Defeat Giratina with one of your own Pokémon at the Dojo. Giratina retreats back to the darkness from which it came, but the job isn't over yet. Purrloin decides to help Dusknoir chase the remaining spirits away.
11 Help Purrloin evolve. Go to the Trade Centre to collect the Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin. Click until it's ready to evolve. The Purrloin, now a Liepard, helps Dusknoir round up the spirits and the air clears. Two days later, Alex comes and gives you the Gliscor from Task 2 back. As it turns out, your Gliscor turned into Vampire Gliscor. As an apology for changing your Gliscor, Alex gives you the contest prize, a Premium Box.


  • For the duration of the event, special Hallowe'en-themed Accessories could be found in the Scour Areas.