12 Days of Christmas 2017

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The 12 Days of Christmas was an Event based on the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. It started on the 25th of December 2017 and continued each day with a new task that had to be completed to receive a reward, with the difficulty increasing each day.[1][2]

Additionally, each day came with an image and a description of it to match. As an Easter egg, Kinaster could be found in every image.

If a user completed at least 10 days, they were eligible to receive a Premium Box.


Day Image Story Interaction Goal Prize Winners
1 Art by Dusky Peculiar Dusky was supposed to babysit Kinaster while Solynx and Lunupine enjoyed a quiet night together. But now Kinaster has gone and hidden away! 10 Oran Berry 5,461
2 Art by Sei Sei and Garthic lead Ardik, Boxaby and Ravyne to the Shelter to deliver presents to the orphaned Pokémon. They come across a Mega Sceptile who had been decorating trees and decide to give him a gift from the bag. 20 Sitrus Berry 5,597
3 Art by Fujin Yumi Beware sneaky thieves who might steal away your presents while you're not looking. Or the cookies you left for Santa! 40 Ice Stone 5,458
4 Art by AlyssaNights Flarotis invited Pixrine to skate on the ice, but it's not going so well. Snowboarding Raichu tries to help, but Pixrine is heavy! Meanwhile Aly is hoping for a bite on her line before Novan freezes. Mega Furret can provide some warmth, but not for too long. 80 Snow Jewel 5,350
5 Art by BananaLizard Hydrark may be cute, but they are high maintenance! Between messing up the decorations, tearing up presents, and eating all of Elta's cookies (how could you?) it's all Arthreux can do to protect what's left! 160 Glittery Box 5,310
6 Art by Reficul Reficul likes Arasprit. Not only is it a cute ball of fluff, but you can assemble a bunch of them to make a warm blanket! Much more comfortable. Although it makes it difficult to stop Kitsunari from trying to get into the presents! 320 Daycare Pass x10 4,988
7 Art by Novan-chan Dae leads the young Pokémon to place their precious gifts under the tree for Christmas. Taimorpha is making sure the tree is nicely decorated, with help from Constantine and Bunbori. 640 Lucky Seal 4,989
8 Art by Shazi Elsewhere in the world, where Christmas comes during the Summer, R'ah is preparing a BBQ lunch. Sporko can't wait! Neither can Shazi, as she makes for the dessert... 1,280 Lucky Egg 4,443
9 Art by Dusky Peculiar and Sei Christmas is a festive time, and birds respond in different ways. Luckoo is in awe of the sparkly decorations, Faemueño likes how the snow covers everything in a thick blanket of white, but Gosold is easily startled by loud music! 2,560 Übercharm 4,550
10 Art by Sciana and Fujin Yumi While Baflammet tries to decorate the tree, all of the Impyre have gotten distracted by Blank into decorating Sci instead! It'll get done eventually, right? 5,120 Mega Stone Voucher 5 4,285
11 Art by Sugar Luck Quetzephyr started licking the white baubles thinking they were snow, so Sugar went out to get a real snowball. Searene, always trying to be helpful, points out another bauble and suggesting that Quetzephyr try that instead. 10,240 Mewnite Q 2,966
12 Art by Sei and Novan-chan It's been a long year, but it's been seen off in style and the new year is underway. Time for a long rest before facing new horizons! 20,480 Red Nosed Stantler 2,018


  • The link to the event in the timers bar was, at first, the wrong link. It sent the user to /event/christmas2017 instead of /event/doc2017[3]
  • The 10th day happened twice to compensate for a server issue that caused PokéFarm to be down for multiple hours.[4]