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EggSweeper, also called Doug's Game, is a Pokémon-themed version of the classic game called Minesweeper. Users are presented with a 16 by 16 grid. They must click on one of the boxes within the grid, which reveals the box's contents. In order to win, the user must find all the hidden Eggs without revealing any Exeggcute.

If a tile that is not an Exeggcute is revealed, it will immediately open all tiles in the surrounding area until there is a "wall" of tiles that have a number on them. This number indicates that there is an Exeggcute in any of the immediate eight surrounding tiles. This includes diagonal tiles.

If a tile is suspected to have an Exeggcute under it, then the user can right-click or long-press the left-click to mark a flag on the tile. Alternatively, the mode may be switched from "Normal" to "Flag", which allows free marking and unmarking of flags without any risk of opening a tile.

The game ends if an Exeggcute is revealed or all 10 of the Eggs are found. If any Eggs were found, then the user must wait up to 10 minutes before playing again. The number is reduced by 1 for each Egg not found, with a minimum of 1 minute. If they did not find any Eggs, they may play again immediately.


Regardless if the user wins the game or not, they will get an Easter Egg for each Egg they found in the game.

Egg Surprise

Egg Surprise

The first time the user won the game, they received a commemorative Custom Sprite Exeggcute.

Easter 2022

Easter 2022

The first time the user won the game, they receive a commemorative Custom Sprite Bunnelby.

Easter Eggscapade

If the user successfully found all 10 Easter Eggs they would also receive an Easter Ticket for use in the prize shop.