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The Happy Hunting event was an Event that ran for one week in 2024, starting on March 24th and ending March 31st. As part of the event, there was a special egg hunting mechanic which involved collecting special painted eggs from across the site while the story progressed.


The user arrives at the town square that is decorated for the holiday. The excited whispers of the crowd were growing to a cacophonic din. System Salamence roars for silence as Professor Holly makes her announcement about this year's Easter hunt. Niet has provided Sally with an array of special Eggs and instructions to deploy them across PokéFarm. Each egg contains an Easter Ticket that users will be able to use in the prize shop after the finishing touches are done. At the end of the day, users will bring their eggs back for counting and the winners will win bonus Easter Tickets! Prof. Holly then tells everyone to start egg hunting.

After the user finds their first egg, they notice an excited Flaroptera finding another egg. The user gets the idea to head to the Wishforge after seeing the gem that adorns Flaroptera's chest. Ravyne greets the user in the Wishforge and looks confused about what an Easter Egg is. After a few moments of thinking, Ravyne excitedly says, "The pretty orbbos! Yesyes- Not as tasty as sparkleshine..." Ravyne then says that they have lots of eggs but asks the user to "makepretend" they didn't hear that since the "Paintyeggs" are supposed to be in secret "hideyspots". After Ravyne states they want 5 "crunchyshinies" to find them the user turns to leave which causes Ravyne to change their mind and say only 2 "littlegems". By the time the user returns with the gems, Ravyne is munching on another gem instead and allows the user to find the "prettyorbbos".

The user barely has time to find two painted eggs when Ravyne finishes their snack and ushers the user back to town to go find somewhere new. The search comes to a Graveyard where a Kryptik is trying to keep the eternally hungry Zweilous from eating another hidden egg. The user successfully attempts to distract Zweilous with Pokeblocks. In return, Kryptik lets the user retrieve the painted egg and then the user searches the area finding 3 more eggs.

Unable to find anymore the user waves goodbye to Kryptik and heads to the forest. A sleeping Garganacl is blocking the pathway. After trying to call out for it to awaken, the user carefully gives Garganacl some Chesto Berries. Garganacl slowly focuses on the user and after a brief enquiry stands up and moves out of the way. It draws in the dirt and tries to explain that it fell asleep while waiting for someone. The Garganacl sits a bit away from the path and the user proceeds to find four more eggs.

Taimorpha excitedly runs over to greet the user after noticing their filled basket. It seems Taimorpha want to race find eggs with the user. The user searches the area thoroughly and manages to find ten more eggs before a Togepi comes marching out of some tall grass. Taimorpha notice the Togepi starting its own search and takes two eggs from her basket and hides them. Togepi is overjoyed when it finds one of the eggs. The race comes to a tie and others got to share in the fun! The user waves goodbye to Taimorpha and moves to an area with rolling green hills.

A Lunupine that is often seen around Prof. Holly's Lab is up ahead sniffing the road trying to track down her Kinaster. Her Kinaster has a habit of wandering off. As the user and Lunupine search together down the path they eventually find Kinaster in a hole on the side of the road. After Lunupine reprimands Kinaster for disappearing. Afterwards, Kinaster runs excited circles around the user wanting to follow them for more egg hunting. The party finds more eggs before arriving at the beach where they are greeted by the Orkit Twins, Oli and Olivia. Kinaster and the Twins run off, leaving the user and Lunupine behind and the user searches the Beach for more eggs.

Drawn by Zio and Shazi.

Before the user knows it, the sun is setting! They call everyone over making sure they don't miss this important fact before they all head back to town. They arrive just in time to submit their eggs for the final count! One of the volunteer staff counts the user's eggs, popping each one open to reveal the Easter Ticket hidden inside. The user receives 25 Easter Tickets and an ID ticket with the number #133 on it. Prof. Holly takes the stage to announce the winners. In third place with 22 eggs, Ticket #45! A Cubone comes up to claim their prize of 10 Easter Tickets and thanks Holly. In second place with 24 eggs, Ticket #9! A Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin comes up to claim their prize of 15 Easter Tickets. Prof. Holly jokingly states that she hopes the Purrloin didn't steal any of the eggs from the other participants which Purrloin seems to get angry at. And the grand prize winner of 25 bonus Easter Tickets is... #133 with their amazing 25 Eggs! The user approaches to receive their reward. Prof. Holly thanks everyone for participating and their patience and hopes they had a lot of fun. She says the prize shop and EggSweeper minigame are now open for everyone to enjoy as they please. Over the course of the week, celebrations continue with high spirits and energy!


Task How to Complete Result
1 The crowd cheers and quickly dissipates, leaving you to your own search. Search for Eggs! The gem on Flaroptera gives you the idea to go to the Wishforge.
2 Perhaps it'll be worth it to hatch a couple of Eggs and give them the resulting Gems. Hatch 2 Eggs Rayne is distracted by another gem and allows you to go find the prettyorbbos.
3 You didn't even bribe them, so your own gems are safe while you search the Wishforge. Search for Eggs! After finding 2 eggs, Ravyne finishes their snack and shoos you away.
4 Finding yourself ushered back to town, you pick yourself up and go find somewhere new. Make 100 Party Interactions At a Graveyard, a Kryptik is trying to keep Zweilous from eating a colourfully painted egg.
5 You get the idea that Zweilous can perhaps be distracted by something actually edible. Make 10 Pokéblocks (QuickBlend will NOT count) You distract the Zweilous with Pokéblocks!
6 You easily retrieve the painted object for yourself. Maybe you can find more in the area? Search for Eggs! You find 3 eggs before saying goodbye to Kryptik and heading to the forest.
7 This Pokémon appears to be in a very deep sleep. It's going to need something potent to awaken it. Use 20(!) Chesto Berries to awaken Garganacl Garganacl wakes up and moves out of the way before drawing in the dirt.
8 Not many others will have made it here yet, there's bound to be eggs to find here! Search for Eggs! Taimorpha hides two of the eggs for Togepi to find.
9 Lunupine could really use some help. You offer to walk with her and look for Kinaster. Find Kinaster!

Hint: Someone's been digging holes...

Kinaster wants to follow you for more egg hunting.
10 The egg hunt continues with extra helping paws! Search for Eggs! You arrive at the beach where you find Oli and Olivia the Orkit Twins.
11 With the Pokémon busy among themselves, maybe you too can search the Beach for more eggs. Search for Eggs! Before you know it the sun is setting.
12 All together, you head back to town for the final count! Make 100 Party Interactions You arrive just in time for the final count! You win 1st place and receive a total of 50 Easter Tickets!
END Over the course of the week, celebrations continue with high spirits and energy! You have reached the end of the Event. Thank you for playing! EggSweeper minigame and its prize shop are now available. You can get the hidden eggs as Dress Up accessories

Hidden Easter Eggs

Image Accessory
Hint Where to Find Accessory Name

Painted by Cele

Everyone starts here. Lab Egg (GS Ball)

Painted by ICEBÜNN

Gems within Wishforge Egg (Geode)

Painted by Nunka

Everything's golden Gold Poke Egg (Golden)

Painted by AlyssaNights

A secret place Pledge Grove Egg (Ghost)

Painted by Eggy

Comes from another world Aether House Egg (Eggy)

Painted by Terabbit

Mmmm, Melans... Übercharm Egg (Terabbit)

Painted by Zio

Into the forest I go! Scour Missions Egg (Lily)

Painted by ICEBÜNN

Money, items and Mons, oh my! Trade Centre Egg (Luma)

Painted by Nunka

Don't forget to wear long trousers in tall grass! Customise Outfit Egg (Green Shell)

Painted by Rebecca Marigold

This egg is Mythical! Summon Items Egg (Mew)

Painted by Zio

Taking turns, one by one Pokémon of the Day Egg (Cabbage)

Painted by BananaLizard

Who put all this DP here? Holon Research Tower Egg (Potato)

Painted by ICEBÜNN

Were you invited? Referrals Egg (Avocado)

Painted by BananaLizard

Neither 'hair' nor there Salon Egg (Carrot)

Painted by QuirkyRabbit

Pokémon as far as the eye can see Fields Egg (Corn)

Painted by Novan-chan

Time to go for a walk Pokewalker Egg (Unite Ball)

Painted by Novan-chan

Blue sparkles! Shiny Hunting Egg (Ornate)

Painted by QuirkyRabbit

We have image hosting?! Image Uploader Egg (Cloud Bunny)

Painted by Shazi

Pink sparkles! Albino Hunting Egg (Pink)

Painted by Rebecca Marigold

A surprise inside? Treasure Boxes Egg (Iridescent)

Painted by Devi

Looking for someone? User Search Egg (Devi)

Painted by CelestialEspy

In this economy?! Credits Egg (Starry)

Painted by Zio

Is this beach at the lake or the sea? Fishing Egg (Water)

Painted by Nunka

Where stars are born! Contest Hall - Contest Egg (Wishing Star)

Easter Egg

Easter Eggs created by Nunka.

The normal berries on a Pokémon's Summary Page and on each user's Party and Showcase pages were replaced with custom Easter Egg Images. Each of the six berries had its own unique Easter Egg design, reflecting each berry's flavour and design. Feeding a Pokémon an Easter Egg had the same effect as regular berries.

Egg Name Aspear Egg Cheri Egg Chesto Egg Pecha Egg Rawst Egg Oran Egg
Summary Easter Egg N/A
Party/Showcase Easter Egg

Easter Tickets

After finishing the story users had the ability to play the EggSweeper minigame for extra Easter Tickets. The Tickets may be spent on consumables and other items in a special event shop. The shop was located on the EggSweeper page below the game.

  • If users have any tickets left over from the previous Easter events, they will also be usable.
  • Users had to play through the storyline and unlock the EggSweeper game before they could access the event shop.


Image Name Description Price
Easter Egg x5 +20 Happiness. You can never have too many! 1
DayCare Pass ×10 Each one allows adoption of an extra DayCare Egg beyond your daily limit. 3
DayCare Pass ×60 Each one allows adoption of an extra DayCare Egg beyond your daily limit. 15
Lucky Egg When activated, earn EXP on your own Party by interacting with others. 4
Super Lucky Egg When activated, earn EXP on your own Party by interacting with others. 15
Egg Pass Hatch an Egg without breaking your PokéRadar chain. 4
Basket Happiny Egg The Egg of a new Happiny Variant! 20
Random Egg Accessory A plastic painted Egg for use in dressing up. Randomly chosen from 24 varieties! 1

Custom Sprite Vault

Users were able to buy past Easter Custom Sprites for 500 each during the event. These Custom Sprites were the Easter Egg, Radiant Red, Glittering Green, Bejeweled Blue, Easter Bunnelby, Easter Togepi, and Easter Vullaby.


  • Originally it was going to be random where the eggs showed up.
    • Load a page and have an X% chance of it letting you find the egg.
  • This event used/cameo’d 15 characters(Not including the Player) and 8 Locations.
  • Nunka wrote the story and came up with placements and hints for the hidden eggs.
  • There are references and quotes included in the hints.
  • The eggs were purposely placed.
    • Corn being in the Fields = Cornfields
    • "Hair" plus the Carrot Egg = Hare (Rabbit)
    • Cloud egg being on Image Hosting because a hosting service is sometimes called a cloud.
  • The Devi Egg was intended to be split into Normal and Shiny Umbreon for their accessory versions but Shiny Umbreon wasn't added to the Accessory Roster for some reason.