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Pokémon Evolution on PokéFarm Q is very similar to the type of Evolution seen in the Canon Games. Following this concept, Pokémon on PokéFarm Q are able to permanently evolve into new, and different species if specific requirements and conditions are met.


The PokéDex displaying a Pokémon's Evolutionary Data.

Evolution is a permanent, irreversible, process in which a Pokémon transforms and becomes a new Pokémon. Most Pokémon, excluding Legendary (Cosmog and Type: Null are exceptions) and Single Stage Pokémon, are able to evolve into higher Stages (forms) of themselves. Evolving a Pokémon changes its species, and therefore also changes any attributes that it could have previously held, these attributes may include: type, egg group, field tolerance, colour, and physical appearance. Remember, evolution is permanent and cannot be undone.

Evolution Criteria

All Pokémon that are capable of Evolution, each have unique and specific requirements that must be met before they are able to evolve. Specific evolutionary information and criteria can be found on the user's PokéDex, provided they have the desired Pokémon's Dex Entry. Listed below, are the most common evolution requirements. More than one criteria may be required for certain evolutions.


Most Pokémon become able to evolve once they reach a certain level. A Pokémon does not have to be at this exact level to evolve, but must have at least reached this level to do so; Pokémon are able to evolve at any level after they met their evolutionary requirement.

An example of an evolution prompt shown on a Pokémon's summary.


Some Items are capable of triggering evolution for certain Pokémon. The most commonly used evolutionary items are: Evolution Items, Evolution Stones, and Special Evolution Items, but other items may be used as well. A Pokémon that requires an item to evolve must be holding the item it needs before evolution is possible. An item that is needed for evolution is consumed and disappears from the Pokémon's Summary Page after evolution occurs.


Certain Pokémon must reach a high level of happiness before they are able to evolve. Pokémon which evolve by this method must have a Happiness Level of 220 or greater. A Pokémon's happiness can be raised by placing it in a preferred field or by feeding it Consumables.


Similar to how some Pokémon in Canon Games needed to be traded in order to evolve, some Pokémon on PFQ must also be traded to evolve. Some Pokémon evolve from trading alone, while others require a specific held item. Gifting counts as trading and is able to trigger evolution.

Further Requirements

A selected few Pokémon must meet even more specific requirements to evolve. These further requirements often include: being of a certain gender, the time of day being either day or night, specific party or field arrangements, or other specific conditions that are unique to a species. These requirements are often paired with other evolutionary requirements, in which case, both requirements must be met to induce evolution.

Inkay's Evolving via rotated upside-down using Dress Up at Level 30.

Special Conditions

Some Pokémon evolve through very specific conditions. They evolve through PokéFarm mechanics in ways that mirrors the way they evolve in the official games.

Dex No. Pokémon Sprite Evolution (Main Game) Evolution (PFQ)
027 Alolan Raichu Alolan Raichu.png Evolves via Thunderstone in Alola Evolves via Thunderstone near Tapu Koko
111 Alolan Exeggutor Alolan Exeggutor.png Evolves via Leaf Stone in Alola Evolves via Leaf Stone near Tapu Bulu
113 Alolan Marowak Alolan Marowak.png Evolves via Level 28 in Alola Evolves via Level 28 near Tapu Fini
151 Sylveon Sylveon.png Evolves via 2 Heart Affection + Fairy-type Move Evolves via maximum Affection
307 Shedinja Shedinja.png Created when evolving Nincada with an extra Pokéball and extra space in the party Created when evolving Nincada with an empty space in the party
364 Milotic Milotic.png Evolves via Max Beauty or Trade w/ Prism Scale Evolves via maximum Beauty
473 Mantine Mantine.png Evolves with a Remoraid in the Party Evolves near Remoraid
687 Malamar Malamar.png Evolves via Level 30, Upside-Down 3DS Evolves via Level 30 with Upside-Down Portrait
864 Sirfetch'd Sirfetch'd.png Evolves after landing three critical hits in a single battle Evolves via Level 30 while holding a Leek
866 Runerigus Runerigus.png Evolves when the player travels under the stone bridge in Dusty Bowl after Galarian Yamask has lost at least 49 HP and did not faint in the same battle or since Evolves via Sticky Barb in Ground-type Field
868 Alcremie Alcremie.png Evolves while holding a Sweet when its Trainer spins and strikes a pose Evolves while holding a Sweet then spun in the Dress Up page

Special Formes

Some Pokémon can evolve into special formes when reaching certain requirements, such as female Burmy.

Pokémon with Forme-Changing Evolutions:

  • Burmy, can evolve based on the cloak it wears. Send a Burmy on a Scour Mission to either the Forest to yield Plant Cloak, the Desert to yield Sandy Cloak, or the City to yield Trash Cloak.
  • Vivillon, has different wing patterns upon evolving. The pattern that each user hatches is randomly determined and cannot be changed.
  • Toxel, can evolve into Toxtricity based on its nature.
    • Amped: Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Rash, Quirky, Sassy Nature
    • Low Key: Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Quiet, Relaxed, Serious, Timid Nature


Everstone.png The Everstone is an item directly related to the concept of Evolution. Once being held by a Pokémon, it stops a Pokémon's ability to evolve even if all evolutionary conditions have been met.

It is not necessary to use an Everstone to prevent evolution, as Pokémon do not evolve automatically on PokéFarm. However, using an Everstone can reduce the chance of an user accidentally evolving their own Pokémon, and also removes the Pokémon from the list of Pokémon ready to evolve on the Farm page.

An Everstone can be purchased in the Advanced Upgrades section of the Daycare for 500 credits each.