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Official site artwork of credits.

Credits are the most common currency used on PokéFarm Q. Credits are used to buy multiple items on the site, including the PokéRadar. Prices that are paid with Credits are indicated with a icon.


Credits may be earned by:

  • Making Interactions: Each interaction earns up to 4 Credits.
  • Completing Scours: Pokémon can find a varying amount of Credits during their Scour missions.
  • Opening Boxes: Boxes may sometimes contain Credits or Treasure, which can be sold for Credits.
  • Selling Items from your Inventory or at the Market Board.
  • Task List: Each task has a different amount of Credits awarded for completing.
  • Trading with other users: Items, services, and Pokémon may be sold for credits.
  • Voting in Contests: You will receive 1,000 Credits after voting 10 times.
  • Buying treasure with Zophan Canisters on the Credits page, and then selling the treasure for Credits.


Credits may be used to:

Relic Conversion

Item Trade Requirements Result
Relic Copper x2 + 4,000
Relic Silver x2 + + 10,000
Relic Gold x2 + 20,000
Relic Vase x2 + 40,000
Relic Band x2 + + 100,000
Relic Statue x2 + 200,000
Relic Crown -- --