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Natures can be viewed at the Summary Page of a Pokémon. They are important to the game because they determine what berries a Pokémon will like and dislike. The natures are randomly generated when Eggs are hatched, with a 1/21 chance of each one. Since five natures are under the any category while there are only four in the others, a Pokémon that likes any berry is most likely to hatch.

-Sour -Spicy -Dry -Sweet -Bitter
+Sour - Bold Impish Relaxed Lax
+Spicy Lonely - Adamant Brave Naughty
+Dry Mild Modest - Quiet Rash
+Sweet Hasty Timid Jolly - Näive
+Bitter Gentle Calm Careful Sassy -

Pokémon with the natures Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, or Quirky can be fed any berry and remain happy with it. However, these Pokémon receive less EXP than those with a favourite flavour.