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The following table lists all PokéFarm Q exclusive Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon. An overview can be found on the List of Special Pokémon.


Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Lunupine Type Dark.png Shiny Lunupine.png Albino Lunupine.png Melanistic Lunupine.png
Mega Lunupine Type Dark.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Lunupine.png Albino Mega Lunupine.png Melanistic Mega Lunupine.png
Blophin Type Water.png Shiny Blophin.png Albino Blophin.png Melanistic Blophin.png
Inflale Type Water.png Shiny Inflale.png Albino Inflale.png Melanistic Inflale.png
Orkit Type Water.png Shiny Orkit.png Albino Orkit.png Melanistic Orkit.png
Clawed Orkit Type Water.png Shiny Clawed Orkit.png Albino Clawed Orkit.png Melanistic Clawed Orkit.png
Orcalot Type Water.pngType Steel.png Shiny Orcalot.png Albino Orcalot.png Melanistic Orcalot.png
Faemueño Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Shiny Faemueno.png Albino Faemueno.png Melanistic Faemueno.png
Faemilarín Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Shiny Faemilarin.png Albino Faemilarin.png Melanistic Faemilarin.png
Faemísimo Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Shiny Faemisimo.png Albino Faemisimo.png Melanistic Faemisimo.png
Wagell Type Poison.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Wagell.png Albino Wagell.png Melanistic Wagell.png
Wanamangora Type Poison.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Wanamangora.png Albino Wanamangora.png Melanistic Wanamangora.png
Gosold Type Normal.pngType Flying.png Shiny Gosold.png Albino Gosold.png Melanistic Gosold.png
Goldesem Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Shiny Goldesem.png Albino Goldesem.png Melanistic Goldesem.png
Impyre Type Dark.png Shiny Impyre.png Albino Impyre.png Melanistic Impyre.png
Baflammet Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Shiny Baflammet.png Albino Baflammet.png Melanistic Baflammet.png
Searene Type Dragon.pngType Water.png Shiny Searene.png Albino Searene.png Melanistic Searene.png
Solynx Type Fire.png Shiny Solynx.png Albino Solynx.png Melanistic Solynx.png
Mega Solynx Type Fire.pngType Electric.png Shiny Mega Solynx.png Albino Mega Solynx.png Melanistic Mega Solynx.png
Ardik Type Ice.png Shiny Ardik.png Albino Ardik.png Melanistic Ardik.png
Sibex Type Ice.png Shiny Sibex.pngShiny Female Sibex.png Albino Sibex.pngAlbino Female Sibex.png Melanistic Sibex.pngMelanistic Female Sibex.png
Boxaby Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Boxaby.png Albino Boxaby.png Melanistic Boxaby.png
Kangspar Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Kangspar.png Albino Kangspar.png Melanistic Kangspar.png
Mega Kangspar Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Mega Kangspar Q.png Albino Mega Kangspar Q.png Melanistic Mega Kangspar Q.png
Bunbori Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Bunbori.png Albino Bunbori.png Melanistic Bunbori.png
Mega Bunbori Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Bunbori.png Albino Mega Bunbori.png Melanistic Mega Bunbori.png
Taiveret Type Grass.png Shiny Taiveret.png Albino Taiveret.png Melanistic Taiveret.png
Taipaeus Type Grass.png Shiny Taipaeus.png Albino Taipaeus.png Melanistic Taipaeus.png
Taimorpha Type Grass.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Taimorpha.png Albino Taimorpha.png Melanistic Taimorpha.png
Flarbat Type Fire.pngType Flying.png Shiny Flarbat.png Albino Flarbat.png Melanistic Flarbat.png
Flarotis Type Fire.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Flarotis.png Shiny Female Flarotis.png Albino Flarotis.png Albino Female Flarotis.png Melanistic Flarotis.png Melanistic Female Flarotis.png
Flaroptera Type Fire.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Flaroptera.png Shiny Female Flaroptera.png Albino Flaroptera.png Albino Female Flaroptera.png Melanistic Flaroptera.png Melanistic Female Flaroptera.png
Hydrark Type Water.png Shiny Hydrark.png Albino Hydrark.png Melanistic Hydrark.png
Hydrinus Type Water.png Shiny Hydrinus.png Albino Hydrinus.png Melanistic Hydrinus.png
Hydrinifor Type Water.pngType Steel.png Shiny Hydrinifor.png Albino Hydrinifor.png Melanistic Hydrinifor.png
Gragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Gragon.png Albino Gragon.png Melanistic Gragon.png
Reaper Cloth Gragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Reaper Cloth Gragon.png Albino Reaper Cloth Gragon.png Melanistic Reaper Cloth Gragon.png
Greegon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Greegon.png Albino Greegon.png Melanistic Greegon.png
Avaragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Avaragon.png Albino Avaragon.png Melanistic Avaragon.png
Kinaster Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Shiny Kinaster.png Albino Kinaster.png Melanistic Kinaster.png
Luckoo Type Grass.pngType Flying.png Shiny Luckoo.png Albino Luckoo.png Melanistic Luckoo.png
Peckoo Type Grass.pngType Flying.png Shiny Peckoo.png Albino Peckoo.png Melanistic Peckoo.png
Peekoo Type Grass.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Peekoo.png Albino Peekoo.png Melanistic Peekoo.png
Arasprit Type Ground.png Shiny Arasprit.png Albino Arasprit.png Melanistic Arasprit.png
Arthreux Type Ground.pngType Bug.png Shiny Arthreux.png Albino Arthreux.png Melanistic Arthreux.png
Quetzephyr Type Electric.pngType Flying.png Shiny Quetzephyr.png Albino Quetzephyr.png Melanistic Quetzephyr.png
Quetzaptyl Type Electric.pngType Flying.png Shiny Quetzaptyl.png Albino Quetzaptyl.png Melanistic Quetzaptyl.png
Pixrine Type Rock.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Pixrine.png Albino Pixrine.png Melanistic Pixrine.png
Kitsunari Type Psychic.png Shiny Kitsunari.png Albino Kitsunari.png Melanistic Kitsunari.png
Kitsubuki Type Psychic.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Kitsubuki.png Albino Kitsubuki.png Melanistic Kitsubuki.png
Kryptik Type Rock.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Kryptik.png Albino Kryptik.png Melanistic Kryptik.png
Bandicoon Type Normal.pngType Dark.png Shiny Bandicoon.png Albino Bandicoon.png Melanistic Bandicoon.png
Phastix Type Bug.png Shiny Phastix.png Albino Phastix.png Melanistic Phastix.png
Forest Phasmaleef Type Bug.png Shiny Forest Phasmaleef.png Albino Forest Phasmaleef.png Melanistic Forest Phasmaleef.png
Desert Phasmaleef Type Bug.png Shiny Desert Phasmaleef.png Albino Desert Phasmaleef.png Melanistic Desert Phasmaleef.png
Glaquine Type Ice.png Shiny Glaquine.png Albino Glaquine.png Melanistic Glaquine.png
Cavallost Type Ice.png Shiny Cavallost.png Albino Cavallost.png Melanistic Cavallost.png
Minibbit Type Steel.png Shiny Minibbit.png Albino Minibbit.png Melanistic Minibbit.png
Metabbit Type Steel.png Shiny Metabbit.png Albino Metabbit.png Melanistic Metabbit.png
Terabbit Type Steel.png Shiny Terabbit.png Albino Terabbit.png Melanistic Terabbit.png
Mega Terabbit Type Steel.png Shiny Mega Terabbit Q.png Albino Mega Terabbit Q.png Melanistic Mega Terabbit Q.png
Tillink Type Ground.png Shiny Tillink.png Albino Tillink.png Melanistic Tillink.png
Terrink Type Ground.png Shiny Terrink.png Albino Terrink.png Melanistic Terrink.png
Ayeren Type Normal.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Ayeren.png Albino Ayeren.png Melanistic Ayeren.png
Aytheraye Type Normal.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Aytheraye.png Albino Aytheraye.png Melanistic Aytheraye.png
Skeleco Type Water.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Skeleco.png Albino Skeleco.png Melanistic Skeleco.png
Phantiidae Type Water.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Phantiidae.png Albino Phantiidae.png Melanistic Phantiidae.png
Klaatupillar Type Bug.png Shiny Klaatupillar.png Albino Klaatupillar.png Melanistic Klaatupillar.png
Charaxalis Type Bug.png Shiny Charaxalis.png Albino Charaxalis.png Melanistic Charaxalis.png
Incantasius Type Bug.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Incantasius.png Albino Incantasius.png Melanistic Incantasius.png
Bezerell Type Water.pngType Dark.png Shiny Bezerell.png Albino Bezerell.png Melanistic Bezerell.png
Bezermuur Type Water.pngType Dark.png Shiny Bezermuur.png Albino Bezermuur.png Melanistic Bezermuur.png
Bezermuut Type Water.pngType Dark.png Shiny Bezermuut.png Albino Bezermuut.png Melanistic Bezermuut.png
Kyutopi Type Psychic.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Kyutopi.png Albino Kyutopi.png Melanistic Kyutopi.png
Konatus Type Psychic.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Konatus.png Albino Konatus.png Melanistic Konatus.png
Kenyip Type Ground.png Shiny Kenyip.png Albino Kenyip.png Melanistic Kenyip.png
Arfrica Type Ground.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Arfrica.png Albino Arfrica.png Melanistic Arfrica.png
Kalahowli Type Ground.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Kalahowli.png Albino Kalahowli.png Melanistic Kalahowli.png
Petripeep Type Rock.png Shiny Petripeep.png Albino Petripeep.png Melanistic Petripeep.png
Chirock Type Rock.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Chirock.png Albino Chirock.png Melanistic Chirock.png
Toxitrice Type Rock.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Toxitrice.png Albino Toxitrice.png Melanistic Toxitrice.png
Serpetone Type Rock.pngType Poison.png Shiny Serpetone.png Albino Serpetone.png Melanistic Serpetone.png
Toxilisk Type Rock.pngType Poison.png Shiny Toxilisk.png Albino Toxilisk.png Melanistic Toxilisk.png
Gumairy Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Gumairy.png Albino Gumairy.png Melanistic Gumairy.png
Eucylph Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Eucylph.png Albino Eucylph.png Melanistic Eucylph.png
Puppod Type Poison.pngType Normal.png Shiny Puppod.png Albino Puppod.png Melanistic Puppod.png
Slugdog Type Poison.pngType Normal.png Shiny Slugdog.png Albino Slugdog.png Melanistic Slugdog.png
Rokiwi Type Grass.png Shiny Rokiwi.png Albino Rokiwi.png Melanistic Rokiwi.png
Brushiwi Type Grass.pngType Dark.png Shiny Brushiwi.png Albino Brushiwi.png Melanistic Brushiwi.png
Alicalf Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Shiny Alicalf.pngShiny Female Alicalf.png Albino Alicalf.pngAlbino Female Alicalf.png Melanistic Alicalf.pngMelanistic Female Alicalf.png
Cetacorn Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Shiny Cetacorn.pngShiny Female Cetacorn.png Albino Cetacorn.pngAlbino Female Cetacorn.png Melanistic Cetacorn.pngMelanistic Female Cetacorn.png
Valkind Type Fairy.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Valkind.png Albino Valkind.png Melanistic Valkind.png
Frayja Type Fairy.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Frayja.png Albino Frayja.png Melanistic Frayja.png
Croaket Type Dark.png Shiny Croaket.png Albino Croaket.png Melanistic Croaket.png
Toxic Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Poison.png Shiny Toxic Forme Quibbit.png Albino Toxic Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Toxic Forme Quibbit.png
Charged Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Electric.png Shiny Charged Forme Quibbit.png Albino Charged Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Charged Forme Quibbit.png
Herbal Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Grass.png Shiny Herbal Forme Quibbit.png Albino Herbal Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Herbal Forme Quibbit.png
Magma Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Shiny Magma Forme Quibbit.png Albino Magma Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Magma Forme Quibbit.png
Fae Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Fae Forme Quibbit.png Albino Fae Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Fae Forme Quibbit.png
Slypin Type Psychic.pngType Dark.png Shiny Slypin.png Albino Slypin.png Melanistic Slypin.png
Haredini Type Psychic.pngType Dark.png Shiny Haredini.png Albino Haredini.png Melanistic Haredini.png
Selkrub Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Selkrub.png Albino Selkrub.png Melanistic Selkrub.png
Aqrabion Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Aqrabion.png Albino Aqrabion.png Melanistic Aqrabion.png
Skargas Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Skargas.png Albino Skargas.png Melanistic Skargas.png
Kawotor Type Water.pngType Normal.png Shiny Kawotor.png Albino Kawotor.png Melanistic Kawotor.png
Lutriva Type Water.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Lutriva.png Albino Lutriva.png Melanistic Lutriva.png
Selutian Type Water.pngType Ice.png Shiny Selutian.png Albino Selutian.png Melanistic Selutian.png
Kitwurm Type Bug.png Shiny Kitwurm.png Albino Kitwurm.png Melanistic Kitwurm.png
Purrpa Type Bug.png Shiny Purrpa.png Albino Purrpa.png Melanistic Purrpa.png
Moffkat Type Bug.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Moffkat.png Albino Moffkat.png Melanistic Moffkat.png
Pepyre Type Grass.pngType Fire.png Shiny Pepyre.png Albino Pepyre.png Melanistic Pepyre.png
Skarasear Type Grass.pngType Fire.png Shiny Skarasear.png Albino Skarasear.png Melanistic Skarasear.png
Aphreyd Type Bug.png Shiny Aphreyd.png Albino Aphreyd.png Melanistic Aphreyd.png
Scavady Type Bug.png Shiny Scavady.png Albino Scavady.png Melanistic Scavady.png
Mantidra Type Bug.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mantidra.png Albino Mantidra.png Melanistic Mantidra.png
Valimp Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Valimp.png Albino Valimp.png Melanistic Valimp.png
Valladox Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Valladox.png Albino Valladox.png Melanistic Valladox.png
Valenoir Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Valenoir.png Albino Valenoir.png Melanistic Valenoir.png
Caimaw Type Steel.png Shiny Caimaw.png Albino Caimaw.png Melanistic Caimaw.png
Caimangle Type Steel.png Shiny Caimangle.png Albino Caimangle.png Melanistic Caimangle.png
Frusky Type Ice.png Shiny Frusky.png Albino Frusky.png Melanistic Frusky.png
Glacifur Type Ice.png Shiny Glacifur.png Albino Glacifur.png Melanistic Glacifur.png
Skyrie Type Flying.png Shiny Skyrie.png Albino Skyrie.png Melanistic Skyrie.png
Grymphony Type Flying.png Shiny Grymphony.png Albino Grymphony.png Melanistic Grymphony.png
Sikannos Type Normal.pngType Fire.png Shiny Sikannos.png Albino Sikannos.png Melanistic Sikannos.png
Unfettered Forme Sikannos Type Ghost.pngType Fire.png Shiny Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Albino Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Melanistic Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png
Shinorin Type Dragon.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Shinorin.png Albino Shinorin.png Melanistic Shinorin.png
Incandescent Forme Shinorin Type Dragon.pngType Fire.png Shiny Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Albino Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Melanistic Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png
Goschief Type Fairy.png Shiny Goschief.png Albino Goschief.png Melanistic Goschief.png
Havonk Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Havonk.png Albino Havonk.png Melanistic Havonk.png
Mocknock Type Ghost.pngType Steel.png Shiny Mocknock.png Albino Mocknock.png Melanistic Mocknock.png
Portalgeist Type Ghost.pngType Steel.png Shiny Portalgeist.png Albino Portalgeist.png Melanistic Portalgeist.png
Boreal Forme Flurrawr Type Ice.png Shiny Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png Albino Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png Melanistic Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png
Austral Forme Flurrawr Type Ice.png Shiny Austral Forme Flurrawr.png Albino Austral Forme Flurrawr.png Melanistic Austral Forme Flurrawr.png
Boreal Forme Tundrasail Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Shiny Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Melanistic Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png
Austral Forme Tundrasail Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Shiny Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Austral Forme Tundrasail.png File:Melanistic Austral Forme Tundrasail.png
Parapod Type Grass.png Shiny Parapod.png Albino Parapod.png Melanistic Parapod.png
Craysprout Type Grass.png Shiny Craysprout.png Albino Craysprout.png Melanistic Craysprout.png
Strelitzgon Type Grass.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Strelitzgon.png Albino Strelitzgon.png Melanistic Strelitzgon.png
Caprikid Type Fighting.png Shiny Caprikid.png Albino Caprikid.png Melanistic Caprikid.png
Saytaries Type Fighting.pngType Steel.png Shiny Saytaries.png Albino Saytaries.png File:Melanistic Saytaries.png
Taurminos Type Fighting.pngType Dark.png Shiny Taurminos.png Albino Taurminos.png File:Melanistic Taurminos.png
Sagidamas Type Fighting.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Sagidamas.png Albino Sagidamas.png Melanistic Sagidamas.png
Tenrekki Type Electric.pngType Ground.png Shiny Tenrekki.png Albino Tenrekki.png Melanistic Tenrekki.png


Trim Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Natural Type Normal.png Shiny Natural Pasovan.png Albino Natural Pasovan.png Melanistic Natural Pasovan.png
Groomed Type Normal.png Shiny Groomed Trim Pasovan.png Albino Groomed Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Groomed Trim Pasovan.png
Prime Type Normal.png Shiny Prime Trim Pasovan.png Albino Prime Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Prime Trim Pasovan.png
Imperial Type Normal.png Shiny Imperial Trim Pasovan.png Albino Imperial Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Imperial Trim Pasovan.png
Racer Type Normal.png Shiny Racer Trim Pasovan.png Albino Racer Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Racer Trim Pasovan.png
Braided Type Normal.png Shiny Braided Trim Pasovan.png Albino Braided Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Braided Trim Pasovan.png
Derby Type Normal.png Shiny Derby Trim Pasovan.png Albino Derby Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Derby Trim Pasovan.png
Pegasus Type Normal.png Shiny Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png Albino Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png
Skeleton Type Normal.png Shiny Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png Albino Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png
Order Type Normal.png Shiny Order Trim Pasovan.png Albino Order Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Order Trim Pasovan.png


Pattern Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Aggro Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Aggro Maravol.png Albino Aggro Maravol.png Melanistic Aggro Maravol.png
Astral Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Astral Maravol.png Albino Astral Maravol.png Melanistic Astral Maravol.png
Beast Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Beast Maravol.png Albino Beast Maravol.png Melanistic Beast Maravol.png
Clone Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Clone Maravol.png Albino Clone Maravol.png Melanistic Clone Maravol.png
Crystal Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Crystal Maravol.png Albino Crystal Maravol.png Melanistic Crystal Maravol.png
Dream Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Dream Maravol.png Albino Dream Maravol.png Melanistic Dream Maravol.png
Flutter Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Flutter Maravol.png Albino Flutter Maravol.png File:Melanistic Flutter Maravol.png
Mimic Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Mimic Maravol.png Albino Mimic Maravol.png Melanistic Mimic Maravol.png
Moon Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Moon Maravol.png Albino Moon Maravol.png Melanistic Moon Maravol.png
Pester Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Pester Maravol.png Albino Pester Maravol.png Melanistic Pester Maravol.png
Petal Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Petal Maravol.png Albino Petal Maravol.png Melanistic Petal Maravol.png
Prism Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Prism Maravol.png Albino Prism Maravol.png Melanistic Prism Maravol.png
Quick Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Quick Maravol.png Albino Quick Maravol.png Melanistic Quick Maravol.png
Repeat Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Repeat Maravol.png Albino Repeat Maravol.png Melanistic Repeat Maravol.png
Robinsoni Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Robinsoni Maravol.png Albino Robinsoni Maravol.png Melanistic Robinsoni Maravol.png
Sarahae Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Sarahae Maravol.png Albino Sarahae Maravol.png Melanistic Sarahae Maravol.png
Skelotorus Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Skelotorus Maravol.png Albino Skelotorus Maravol.png Melanistic Skelotorus Maravol.png
Sparklemuffin Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Sparklemuffin Maravol.png Albino Sparklemuffin Maravol.png Melanistic Sparklemuffin Maravol.png
Spirit Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Spirit Maravol.png Albino Spirit Maravol.png Melanistic Spirit Maravol.png
Spooky Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Spooky Maravol.png Albino Spooky Maravol.png Melanistic Spooky Maravol.png
Vibrant Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Vibrant Maravol.png Albino Vibrant Maravol.png Melanistic Vibrant Maravol.png


Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Butterfree Q Type Bug.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Mega Butterfree Q.png Albino Mega Butterfree Q.png Melanistic Mega Butterfree Q.png
Mega Arbok Q Type Poison.pngType Dark.png Shiny Mega Arbok Q.png Albino Mega Arbok Q.png Melanistic Mega Arbok Q.png
Mega Raichu Q Type Electric.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Mega Raichu Q.png Albino Mega Raichu Q.png Melanistic Mega Raichu Q.png
Mega Ninetales Q Type Fire.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Mega Ninetales Q.png Albino Mega Ninetales Q.png Melanistic Mega Ninetales Q.png
Mega Persian Q Type Normal.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Mega Persian Q.png Albino Mega Persian Q.png Melanistic Mega Persian Q.png
Mega Arcanine Q Type Fire.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Arcanine Q.png Albino Mega Arcanine Q.png Melanistic Mega Arcanine Q.png
Mega Rapidash Q Type Fire.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Rapidash Q.png Albino Mega Rapidash Q.png Melanistic Mega Rapidash Q.png
Mega Farfetch'd Q Type Normal.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Albino Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Melanistic Mega Farfetch'd Q.png
Mega Dewgong Q Type Water.pngType Ice.png Shiny Mega Dewgong Q.png Albino Mega Dewgong Q.png Melanistic Mega Dewgong Q.png
Mega Alolan Marowak Q Type Fire.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png Albino Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png Melanistic Mega Alolan Marowak Q.png
Mega Jynx Q Type Ice.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Mega Jynx Q.png Albino Mega Jynx Q.png Melanistic Mega Jynx Q.png
Mega Lapras Q Type Water.pngType Ice.png Shiny Mega Lapras Q.png Albino Mega Lapras Q.png Melanistic Mega Lapras Q.png
Mega Vaporeon Q Type Water.png Shiny Mega Vaporeon Q.png Albino Mega Vaporeon Q.png Melanistic Mega Vaporeon Q.png
Mega Jolteon Q Type Electric.png Shiny Mega Jolteon Q.png Albino Mega Jolteon Q.png Melanistic Mega Jolteon Q.png
Mega Flareon Q Type Fire.png Shiny Mega Flareon Q.png Albino Mega Flareon Q.png Melanistic Mega Flareon Q.png
Mega Espeon Q Type Psychic.png Shiny Mega Espeon Q.png Albino Mega Espeon Q.png Melanistic Mega Espeon Q.png
Mega Umbreon Q Type Dark.png Shiny Mega Umbreon Q.png Albino Mega Umbreon Q.png Melanistic Mega Umbreon Q.png
Mega Leafeon Q Type Grass.png Shiny Mega Leafeon Q.png Albino Mega Leafeon Q.png Melanistic Mega Leafeon Q.png
Mega Glaceon Q Type Ice.png Shiny Mega Glaceon Q.png Albino Mega Glaceon Q.png Melanistic Mega Glaceon Q.png
Mega Sylveon Q Type Fairy.png Shiny Mega Sylveon Q.png Albino Mega Sylveon Q.png Melanistic Mega Sylveon Q.png
Mega Dragonite Q Type Dragon.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Dragonite Q.png Albino Mega Dragonite Q.png Melanistic Mega Dragonite Q.png
Mega Mew Q Type Psychic.png Shiny Mega Mew Q.png Albino Mega Mew Q.png Melanistic Mega Mew Q.png
Mega Furret Q Type Normal.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Furret Q.png Albino Mega Furret Q.png Melanistic Mega Furret Q.png
Mega Jumpluff Q Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Jumpluff Q.png Albino Mega Jumpluff Q.png Melanistic Mega Jumpluff Q.png
Mega Girafarig Q Type Normal.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Mega Girafarig Q.png Albino Mega Girafarig Q.png Melanistic Mega Girafarig Q.png
Mega Dunsparce Q Type Normal.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Dunsparce Q.png Albino Mega Dunsparce Q.png Melanistic Mega Dunsparce Q.png
Mega Weavile Q Type Dark.pngType Ice.png Shiny Mega Weavile Q.png Albino Mega Weavile Q.png Melanistic Mega Weavile Q.png
Mega Skarmory Q Type Steel.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Skarmory Q.png Albino Mega Skarmory Q.png Melanistic Mega Skarmory Q.png
Mega Lugia Q Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Lugia Q.png Albino Mega Lugia Q.png Melanistic Mega Lugia Q.png
Mega Ho-oh Q Type Fire.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Ho-oh Q.png Albino Mega Ho-oh Q.png Melanistic Mega Ho-oh Q.png
Mega Celebi Q Type Psychic.pngType Grass.png Shiny Mega Celebi Q.png Albino Mega Celebi Q.png Melanistic Mega Celebi Q.png
Mega Mightyena Q Type Dark.png Shiny Mega Mightyena Q.png Albino Mega Mightyena Q.png Melanistic Mega Mightyena Q.png
Mega Breloom Q Type Grass.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Mega Breloom Q.png Albino Mega Breloom Q.png Melanistic Mega Breloom Q.png
Mega Manectric Q Type Electric.pngType Fire.png Shiny Mega Manectric Q.png Albino Mega Manectric Q.png Melanistic Mega Manectric Q.png
Mega Wailord Q Type Water.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Wailord Q.png Albino Mega Wailord Q.png Melanistic Mega Wailord Q.png
Mega Flygon Q Type Ground.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Flygon Q.png Albino Mega Flygon Q.png Melanistic Mega Flygon Q.png
Mega Zangoose Q Type Normal.pngType Dark.png Shiny Mega Zangoose Q.png Albino Mega Zangoose Q.png Melanistic Mega Zangoose Q.png
Mega Seviper Q Type Poison.pngType Water.png Shiny Mega Seviper Q.png Albino Mega Seviper Q.png Melanistic Mega Seviper Q.png
Mega Milotic Q Type Water.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Milotic Q.png Albino Mega Milotic Q.png Melanistic Mega Milotic Q.png
Mega Froslass Q Type Ice.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Mega Froslass Q.png Albino Mega Froslass Q.png Melanistic Mega Froslass Q.png
Mega Jirachi Q Type Steel.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Mega Jirachi Q.png Albino Mega Jirachi Q.png Melanistic Mega Jirachi Q.png
Mega Luxray Q Type Electric.pngType Dark.png Shiny Mega Luxray Q.png Albino Mega Luxray Q.png Melanistic Mega Luxray Q.png
Mega Floatzel Q Type Water.png Shiny Mega Floatzel Q.png Albino Mega Floatzel Q.png Melanistic Mega Floatzel Q.png
Mega Lumineon Q Type Water.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Lumineon Q.png Albino Mega Lumineon Q.png Melanistic Mega Lumineon Q.png
Mega Giratina Q Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Giratina Q.png Albino Mega Giratina Q.png Melanistic Mega Giratina Q.png
Mega Manaphy Q Type Water.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Mega Manaphy Q.png Albino Mega Manaphy Q.png Melanistic Mega Manaphy Q.png
Mega Liepard Q Type Dark.png Shiny Mega Liepard Q.png Albino Mega Liepard Q.png Melanistic Mega Liepard Q.png
Mega Scolipede Q Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Shiny Mega Scolipede Q.png Albino Mega Scolipede Q.png Melanistic Mega Scolipede Q.png
Mega Scrafty Q Type Dark.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Mega Scrafty Q.png Albino Mega Scrafty Q.png Melanistic Mega Scrafty Q.png
Mega Zoroark Q Type Dark.png Shiny Mega Zoroark Q.png Albino Mega Zoroark Q.png Melanistic Mega Zoroark Q.png
Mega Sawsbuck Q Type Fairy.pngType Grass.png Shiny Mega Sawsbuck Q.png Albino Mega Sawsbuck Q.png Melanistic Mega Sawsbuck Q.png
Mega Chandelure Q Type Ghost.pngType Fire.png Shiny Mega Chandelure Q.png Albino Mega Chandelure Q.png Melanistic Mega Chandelure Q.png
Mega Haxorus Q Type Dragon.pngType Steel.png Shiny Mega Haxorus Q.png Albino Mega Haxorus Q.png Melanistic Mega Haxorus Q.png
Mega Druddigon Q Type Dragon.pngType Rock.png Shiny Mega Druddigon Q.png Albino Mega Druddigon Q.png Melanistic Mega Druddigon Q.png
Mega Pyroar Q Type Fire.pngType Normal.png Shiny Mega Pyroar Q.png Albino Mega Pyroar Q.png Melanistic Mega Pyroar Q.png
Mega Gogoat Q Type Grass.png Shiny Mega Gogoat Q.png Albino Mega Gogoat Q.png Melanistic Mega Gogoat Q.png
Mega Heliolisk Q Type Electric.pngType Fire.png Shiny Mega Heliolisk Q.png Albino Mega Heliolisk Q.png Melanistic Mega Heliolisk Q.png
Mega Hawlucha Q Type Fighting.pngType Flying.png Shiny Mega Hawlucha Q.png Albino Mega Hawlucha Q.png Melanistic Mega Hawlucha Q.png
Mega Goodra Q Type Dragon.pngType Poison.png Shiny Mega Goodra Q.png Albino Mega Goodra Q.png Melanistic Mega Goodra Q.png
Mega Noivern Q Type Flying.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Mega Noivern Q.png Albino Mega Noivern Q.png Melanistic Mega Noivern Q.png


Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Saiyan Rattata Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Rattata Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Super Saiyan Rattata.png Albino Super Saiyan Rattata.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Rattata.png
Super-Saiyan Raticate Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Super Saiyan Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 2 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 3 Raticate.png
Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate Type Normal.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Albino Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png Melanistic Super Saiyan 4 Raticate.png
Flying Pichu Type Electric.png Shiny Flying Pichu.png Albino Flying Pichu.png Melanistic Flying Pichu.png
Surfing Pichu Type Electric.png Shiny Surfing Pichu.pngShiny Female Surfing Pichu.png Albino Surfing Pichu.pngAlbino Female Surfing Pichu.png Melanistic Surfing Pichu.pngMelanistic Female Surfing Pichu.png
Flying Pikachu Type Electric.png Shiny Flying Pikachu.pngShiny Female Flying Pikachu.png Albino Flying Pikachu.pngAlbino Female Flying Pikachu.png Melanistic Flying Pikachu.pngMelanistic Female Flying Pikachu.png
Surfing Pikachu Type Electric.png Shiny Surfing Pikachu.pngShiny Female Surfing Pikachu.png Albino Surfing Pikachu.pngAlbino Female Surfing Pikachu.png Melanistic Surfing Pikachu.pngMelanistic Female Surfing Pikachu.png
Snowboarding Pikachu Type Electric.png Shiny Snowboarding Pikachu.pngShiny Female Snowboarding Pikachu.png Albino Snowboarding Pikachu.pngAlbino Female Snowboarding Pikachu.png Melanistic Snowboarding Pikachu.pngMelanistic Female Snowboarding Pikachu.png
Flying Raichu Type Electric.pngType Flying.png Shiny Flying Raichu.pngShiny Female Flying Raichu.png Albino Flying Raichu.pngAlbino Female Flying Raichu.png Melanistic Flying Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Flying Raichu.png
Surfing Raichu Type Electric.pngType Water.png Shiny Surfing Raichu.pngShiny Female Surfing Raichu.png Albino Surfing Raichu.pngAlbino Female Surfing Raichu.png Melanistic Surfing Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Surfing Raichu.png
Snowboarding Raichu Type Electric.pngType Ice.png Shiny Snowboarding Raichu.pngShiny Female Snowboarding Raichu.png Albino Snowboarding Raichu.pngAlbino Female Snowboarding Raichu.png Melanistic Snowboarding Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Snowboarding Raichu.png
Shooting Star Cleffa Type Fairy.png Shiny Shooting Star Cleffa.png Albino Shooting Star Cleffa.png Melanistic Shooting Star Cleffa.png
Shooting Star Clefairy Type Fairy.png Shiny Shooting Star Clefairy.png Albino Shooting Star Clefairy.png Melanistic Shooting Star Clefairy.png
Shooting Star Clefable Type Fairy.png Shiny Shooting Star Clefable.png Albino Shooting Star Clefable.png Melanistic Shooting Star Clefable.png
Koroku Type Fire.pngType Ice.png Shiny Koroku.png Albino Koroku.png Melanistic Koroku.png
Kyukori Type Fire.pngType Ice.png Shiny Kyukori.png Albino Kyukori.png Melanistic Kyukori.png
Guild Igglybuff Type Normal.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Guild Igglybuff.png Albino Guild Igglybuff.png Melanistic Guild Igglybuff.png
Guild Jigglypuff Type Normal.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Guild Jigglypuff.png Albino Guild Jigglypuff.png Melanistic Guild Jigglypuff.png
Guild Wigglytuff Type Normal.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Guild Wigglytuff.png Albino Guild Wigglytuff.png Melanistic Guild Wigglytuff.png
Apocalyptic Growlithe Type Fire.png Shiny Apocalyptic Growlithe.png Albino Apocalyptic Growlithe.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Growlithe.png
Apocalyptic Arcanine Type Fire.pngType Fire.png Shiny Apocalyptic Arcanine.png Albino Apocalyptic Arcanine.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Arcanine.png
Snowpoke Type Ice.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Snowpoke.png Albino Snowpoke.png Melanistic Snowpoke.png
Snowbro Type Ice.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Snowbro.png Albino Snowbro.png Melanistic Snowbro.png
Snowking Type Ice.pngType Psychic.png Shiny Snowking.png Albino Snowking.png Melanistic Snowking.png
Death Star Voltorb Type Electric.png Shiny Death Star Voltorb.png Albino Death Star Voltorb.png Melanistic Death Star Voltorb.png
Death Star Electrode Type Electric.png Shiny Death Star Electrode.png Albino Death Star Electrode.png Melanistic Death Star Electrode.png
Early Bird Natu Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Shiny Early Bird Natu.png Albino Early Bird Natu.png Melanistic Early Bird Natu.png
Early Bird Xatu Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Shiny Early Bird Xatu.pngShiny Female Early Bird Xatu.png Albino Early Bird Xatu.pngAlbino Female Early Bird Xatu.png Melanistic Early Bird Xatu.pngFile:Melanistic Female Early Bird Xatu.png
Vampire Gligar Type Ground.pngType Flying.png Shiny Vampire Gligar.png Albino Vampire Gligar.png Melanistic Vampire Gligar.png
Vampire Gliscor Type Ground.pngType Flying.png Shiny Vampire Gliscor.png Albino Vampire Gliscor.png Melanistic Vampire Gliscor.png
Scaracross Type Bug.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Scaracross.png Albino Scaracross.png Melanistic Scaracross.png
Blue Moon Slugma Type Water.png Shiny Blue Moon Slugma.png Albino Blue Moon Slugma.png Melanistic Blue Moon Slugma.png
Blue Moon Magcargo Type Water.pngType Rock.png Shiny Blue Moon Magcargo.png Albino Blue Moon Magcargo.png Melanistic Blue Moon Magcargo.png
Orthrus Type Fire.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Orthrus Houndour.png Albino Orthrus Houndour.png Melanistic Orthrus Houndour.png
Frosdour Type Dark.pngType Ice.png Shiny Frosdour.png Albino Frosdour.png Melanistic Frosdour.png
Cerberus Type Fire.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Cerberus Houndoom.png Albino Cerberus Houndoom.png Melanistic Cerberus Houndoom.png
Chilldoom Type Dark.pngType Ice.png Shiny Chilldoom.png Albino Chilldoom.png Melanistic Chilldoom.png
XD001 Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Shiny XD001.png Albino XD001.png Melanistic XD001.png
Apocalyptic Poochyena Type Dark.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Apocalyptic Poochyena.png Albino Apocalyptic Poochyena.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Poochyena.png
Apocalyptic Mightyena Type Dark.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Apocalyptic Mightyena.png Albino Apocalyptic Mightyena.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Mightyena.png
Snoralts Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Snoralts.png Albino Snoralts.png Melanistic Snoralts.png
Snolia Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Shiny Snolia.png Albino Snolia.png Melanistic Snolia.png
Frosvoir Type Ice.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Frosvoir.png Albino Frosvoir.png Melanistic Frosvoir.png
Glaillade Type Ice.pngType Fighting.png Shiny Glaillade.png Albino Glaillade.png Melanistic Glaillade.png
Apocalyptic Shroomish Type Grass.pngType Poison.png Shiny Apocalyptic Shroomish.png Albino Apocalyptic Shroomish.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Shroomish.png
Apocalyptic Breloom Type Grass.pngType Poison.png Shiny Apocalyptic Breloom.png Albino Apocalyptic Breloom.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Breloom.png
Arctic Numel Type Ice.pngType Ground.png Shiny Arctic Numel.pngShiny Female Arctic Numel.png Albino Arctic Numel.pngAlbino Female Arctic Numel.png Melanistic Arctic Numel.pngMelanistic Female Arctic Numel.png
Arctic Camerupt Type Ice.pngType Ground.png Shiny Arctic Camerupt.pngShiny Female Arctic Camerupt.png Albino Arctic Camerupt.pngAlbino Female Arctic Camerupt.png Melanistic Arctic Camerupt.pngMelanistic Female Arctic Camerupt.png
Ryukuza Type Dragon.pngType Flying.png Shiny Ryukuza.png Albino Ryukuza.png Melanistic Ryukuza.png
Magquaza Type Dragon.pngType Ghost.png Shiny Magquaza.png Albino Magquaza.png Melanistic Magquaza.png
Spring Seasonal Turtwig Type Grass.png Shiny Spring Seasonal Turtwig.png Albino Spring Seasonal Turtwig.png Melanistic Spring Seasonal Turtwig.png
Summer Seasonal Turtwig Type Grass.png Shiny Summer Seasonal Turtwig.png Albino Summer Seasonal Turtwig.png Melanistic Summer Seasonal Turtwig.png
Autumn Seasonal Turtwig Type Grass.png Shiny Autumn Seasonal Turtwig.png Albino Autumn Seasonal Turtwig.png Melanistic Autumn Seasonal Turtwig.png
Winter Seasonal Turtwig Type Grass.png Shiny Winter Seasonal Turtwig.png Albino Winter Seasonal Turtwig.png Melanistic Winter Seasonal Turtwig.png
Spring Seasonal Grotle Type Grass.png Shiny Spring Seasonal Grotle.png Albino Spring Seasonal Grotle.png Melanistic Spring Seasonal Grotle.png
Summer Seasonal Grotle Type Grass.png Shiny Summer Seasonal Grotle.png Albino Summer Seasonal Grotle.png Melanistic Summer Seasonal Grotle.png
Autumn Seasonal Grotle Type Grass.png Shiny Autumn Seasonal Grotle.png Albino Autumn Seasonal Grotle.png Melanistic Autumn Seasonal Grotle.png
Winter Seasonal Grotle Type Grass.png Shiny Winter Seasonal Grotle.png Albino Winter Seasonal Grotle.png Melanistic Winter Seasonal Grotle.png
Spring Seasonal Torterra Type Grass.png Shiny Spring Seasonal Torterra.png Albino Spring Seasonal Torterra.png Melanistic Spring Seasonal Torterra.png
Summer Seasonal Torterra Type Grass.png Shiny Summer Seasonal Torterra.png Albino Summer Seasonal Torterra.png Melanistic Summer Seasonal Torterra.png
Autumn Seasonal Torterra Type Grass.png Shiny Autumn Seasonal Torterra.png Albino Autumn Seasonal Torterra.png Melanistic Autumn Seasonal Torterra.png
Winter Seasonal Torterra Type Grass.png Shiny Winter Seasonal Torterra.png Albino Winter Seasonal Torterra.png Melanistic Winter Seasonal Torterra.png
Igneous Bidoof Type Fire.png Shiny Igneous Bidoof.png Albino Igneous Bidoof.png Melanistic Igneous Bidoof.png
Igneous Bibarel Type Fire.pngType Rock.png Shiny Igneous Bibarel.png Albino Igneous Bibarel.png Melanistic Igneous Bibarel.png
Shinxel Type Electric.pngType Water.png Shiny Shinxel.pngShiny Female Shinxel.png Albino Shinxel.pngAlbino Female Shinxel.png Melanistic Shinxel.pngMelanistic Female Shinxel.png
Fluxio Type Electric.pngType Water.png Shiny Fluxio.pngShiny Female Fluxio.png Albino Fluxio.pngAlbino Female Fluxio.png Melanistic Fluxio.pngMelanistic Female Fluxio.png
Fluxray Type Electric.pngType Water.png Shiny Fluxray.pngShiny Female Fluxray.png Albino Fluxray.pngAlbino Female Fluxray.png Melanistic Fluxray.pngMelanistic Female Fluxray.png
Mega Fluxray Q Type Electric.pngType Water.png Shiny Mega Fluxray Q.png Albino Mega Fluxray Q.png Melanistic Mega Fluxray Q.png
Snow Combee Type Bug.pngType Ice.png Shiny Snow Combee.pngShiny Female Snow Combee.png Albino Snow Combee.pngAlbino Female Snow Combee.png Melanistic Snow Combee.pngMelanistic Female Snow Combee.png
Snow Vespiquen Type Bug.pngType Ice.png Shiny Snow Vespiquen.png Albino Snow Vespiquen.png Melanistic Snow Vespiquen.png
Primal Dialga Q Type Steel.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Primal Dialga Q.png Albino Primal Dialga Q.png Melanistic Primal Dialga Q.png
Primal Palkia Q Type Water.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Primal Palkia Q.png Albino Primal Palkia Q.png Melanistic Primal Palkia Q.png
Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Type Dark.png Shiny Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin.png Albino Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin.png Melanistic Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin.png
Hallowe'en Witch Liepard Type Dark.png Shiny Hallowe'en Witch Liepard.png Albino Hallowe'en Witch Liepard.png Melanistic Hallowe'en Witch Liepard.png
Apocalyptic Golett Type Rock.pngType Steel.png Shiny Apocalyptic Golett.png Albino Apocalyptic Golett.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Golett.png
Apocalyptic Golurk Type Rock.pngType Steel.png Shiny Apocalyptic Golurk.png Albino Apocalyptic Golurk.png Melanistic Apocalyptic Golurk.png
Glileo Type Fire.pngType Poison.png Shiny Male Glileo.pngShiny Female Glileo.png Albino Male Glileo.pngAlbino Female Glileo.png Melanistic Male Glileo.pngMelanistic Female Glileo.png
Pyriscor Type Fire.pngType Poison.png Shiny Male Pyriscor.pngShiny Female Pyriscor.png Albino Male Pyriscor.pngAlbino Female Pyriscor.png Melanistic Male Pyriscor.pngMelanistic Female Pyriscor.png
Spritzkrow Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Spritzkrow.png Albino Spritzkrow.png Melanistic Spritzkrow.png
Aromakrow Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Shiny Aromakrow.png Albino Aromakrow.png Melanistic Aromakrow.png
Noismog Type Psychic.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Noismog.png Albino Noismog.png Melanistic Noismog.png
Noismoem Type Psychic.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Noismoem.png Albino Noismoem.png Melanistic Noismoem.png
Solgavern Type Steel.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Solgavern.png Albino Solgavern.png Melanistic Solgavern.png
Lunavern Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Shiny Lunavern.png Albino Lunavern.png Melanistic Lunavern.png
Feral Incineroar Type Fire.pngType Electric.png Shiny Feral Incineroar.png Albino Feral Incineroar.png Melanistic Feral Incineroar.png
Pointe Oricorio Type Grass.pngType Flying.png Shiny Pointe Oricorio.png Albino Pointe Oricorio.png Melanistic Pointe Oricorio.png


Type Shiny Albino Melanistic
Totem Sandslash Q Type Ground.png Shiny Totem Sandslash Q.png Albino Totem Sandslash Q.png Melanistic Totem Sandslash Q.png
Totem Donphan Q Type Ground.png Shiny Totem Donphan Q.pngShiny Female Totem Donphan Q.png Albino Totem Donphan Q.pngAlbino Female Totem Donphan Q.png Melanistic Totem Donphan Q.pngMelanistic Female Totem Donphan Q.png
Totem Whiscash Q Type Water.pngType Ground.png Shiny Totem Whiscash Q.png Albino Totem Whiscash Q.png Melanistic Totem Whiscash Q.png
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q Type Bug.pngType Ice.png Shiny Totem Snow Vespiquen Q.png Albino Totem Snow Vespiquen Q.png Melanistic Totem Snow Vespiquen Q.png
Totem Skuntank Q Type Poison.pngType Dark.png Shiny Totem Skuntank Q.png Albino Totem Skuntank Q.png Melanistic Totem Skuntank Q.png
Totem Leavanny Q Type Bug.pngType Grass.png Shiny Totem Leavanny Q.png Albino Totem Leavanny Q.png Melanistic Totem Leavanny Q.png
Totem Maractus Q Type Grass.png Shiny Totem Maractus Q.png Albino Totem Maractus Q.png Melanistic Totem Maractus Q.png
Totem Braviary Q Type Normal.pngType Flying.png Shiny Totem Braviary Q.png Albino Totem Braviary Q.png Melanistic Totem Braviary Q.png
Totem Mandibuzz Q Type Dark.pngType Flying.png Shiny Totem Mandibuzz Q.png Albino Totem Mandibuzz Q.png Melanistic Totem Mandibuzz Q.png
Totem Trevenant Q Type Ghost.pngType Grass.png Shiny Totem Trevenant Q.png Albino Totem Trevenant Q.png Melanistic Totem Trevenant Q.png