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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of PFQ Variants. An overview and an explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the List of Pokémon.


Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Saiyan Rattata
IMG Codes t/7/n/8 1/1/k/0 7/l/h/9 x/u/i/q 4/6/s/d
Super-Saiyan Rattata
IMG Codes 4/y/6/8 l/g/e/v v/f/r/m 4/e/b/g
Super-Saiyan Raticate
IMG Codes b/0/9/o t/s/y/n 3/8/j/z s/d/1/m
Super-Saiyan 2 Raticate
IMG Codes x/4/0/k m/x/g/t p/r/v/i w/k/5/3
Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate
IMG Codes 5/u/u/b s/s/m/d u/u/f/w w/r/q/5
Super-Saiyan 4 Raticate
IMG Codes e/3/j/z j/6/e/u d/1/r/5 9/w/t/h
Savage Spearow
IMG Codes 2/2/a/h k/c/7/8 b/w/e/d 9/p/u/a t/t/w
Savage Fearow
IMG Codes h/h/8/l 4/n/p/k 8/9/j/y c/5/d/g
Flying Pichu
IMG Codes b/p/l/8 6/2/l/m e/i/e/n g/d/y/p k/r/n/5
Surfing Pichu
IMG Codes q/i/m/w y/a/4/m 1/b/3/f 3/l/c/r Female p/y/a/x h/z/1/m Female f/z/e/p y/t/r/7 Female r/k/7/k
Flying Pikachu
IMG Codes 4/2/s/3 Female 2/a/p/n 6/y/o Female q/f/0/6 2/6/t/g Female m/x/6/k h/z/7/d Female k/8/m/x
Surfing Pikachu
IMG Codes f/g/e/l Female v/5/m/c z/n/e/a Female 4/p/c/v l/z/3/f Female r/0/6/p 7/k/l/q Female 3/i/5/3
Snowboarding Pikachu
IMG Codes 7/7/x/i Female l/s/1/7 a/x/2/c Female c/z/t/t w/2/0/b Female 5/5/8/e Female g/z/n/e
Flying Raichu
IMG Codes 2/1/0/j Female 5/u/p/o k/e/t/i Female 4/r/a/t s/u/i/r Female s/c/n/t w/n/7/3 Female u/k/u/m
Surfing Raichu
IMG Codes y/o/d/f Female o/q/c/w f/4/j/0 Female i/o/p/v z/p/7/c Female s/y/k/z u/j/n/m Female h/5/l/k
Snowboarding Raichu
IMG Codes g/2/i/0 Female 3/n/b/g a/i/r/6 Female i/6/u/a v/c/9/9 Female 1/1/t/x 3/l/5/z Female 3/5/x/l
Shooting Star Cleffa
IMG Codes x/u/8/z e/n/1/q k/n/s/d d/f/b/k y/b/7/g
Shooting Star Clefairy
IMG Codes e/l/l/x k/z/1/5 o/e/3/x 5/d/g/y
Shooting Star Clefable
IMG Codes 4/p/e/p d/a/v/h v/k/h/g k/u/h/4
IMG Codes e/r/g/t t/i/o/0 g/t/c n/w/p/i o/9/t/w
IMG Codes c/8/g/2 3/1/z/1 f/r/p/8 6/2/d/z
Guild Igglybuff
IMG Codes p/o/p/n g/x/p/b e/m/f/z i/f/i/3 s/q/e/d
Guild Jigglypuff
IMG Codes 7/9/1/n b/e/8/9 g/8/x/n r/v/a/i
Guild Wigglytuff
IMG Codes e/1/q/m h/y/d/f a/i/j/4 h/k/q/l
Apocalyptic Growlithe
IMG Codes t/k/3/5 m/2/2/z 6/5/j/7 8/k/g/p 8/d/e/q
Apocalyptic Arcanine
IMG Codes s/e/7/y 6/p/0/n 7/u/6/f i/p/7/r
IMG Codes h/2/l/9 1/n/b/r 7/5/h/7 b/m/l/n x/n/0/m
IMG Codes q/r/d/l r/c/7/f m/v/8/i 5/3/5/h
IMG Codes m/4/b/q k/m/i/s r/m/g/f 4/h/g/i
Death Star Voltorb
IMG Codes q/r/9/c s/s/6/4 z/x/k/z l/v/c/z t/3/a/y
Death Star Electrode
IMG Codes 3/y/h/p i/n/z/r t/5/y/x 7/l/r/9
Early Bird Natu
IMG Codes w/q/8/v i/2/g/3 a/h/9/1 f/z/x/m r/u/w/a
Early Bird Xatu
IMG Codes o/9/a/v Female v/z/8/y j/c/d/n Female m/7/v/1 3/x/c Female l/8/z/m r/4/m/n Female 4/f/t/9
Galvanic Wooper
IMG Codes 8/k/t/a u/f/p/v p/b/0/i e/o/5/c w/3/6/1
Galvanic Quagsire
IMG Codes k/n/g/p r/n/5/q c/g/y/b 8/9/n/s
Vampire Gligar
IMG Codes 2/a/b/4 p/c/8/n 5/c/o/k n/a/5/o q/y/j/a
Vampire Gliscor
IMG Codes u/k/t/k d/8/0/6 c/k/x/k n/j/z/1
IMG Codes 5/l/v/g t/8/9/7 a/c/o/2 u/k/4/c k/d/c/r
IMG Codes y/8/5/p r/9/l/9 Female w/b/0/q g/2/f/q Female e/u/r/3 l/r/d/l Female z/p/t/m l/l/5/y Female l/1/c/m
IMG Codes a/1/7/9 Female v/g/j/2 o/1/k/j Female i/j/q/k r/1/n/7 Female y/c/d/k 8/h/k/z Female 4/0/8/k
IMG Codes 9/u/f/z n/g/c/s u/x/q o/l/v/l t/e/l/0
IMG Codes 6/g/z/g o/u/o/q d/a/n/5 n/1/n/x
Blue Moon Slugma
IMG Codes 3/g/i/0 n/r/2/b q/t/n/4 r/r/p/z y/5/g
Blue Moon Magcargo
IMG Codes w/g/w/a z/f/j/7 b/o/k/4 z/h/h/6
Orthrus Houndour
IMG Codes 9/8/x/o d/4/h/k p/0/u/f s/w/v 2/l/s/o
IMG Codes x/0/e/e v/h/w/u t/f/r/r p/a/n n/m/3/w
Cerberus Houndoom
IMG Codes r/v/l/4 c/n/m/r 7/3/k/h n/7/p/l
IMG Codes p/z/j/g 9/y/1/z h/k/s/5 d/m/9/3
IMG Codes t/g/4/3 9/j/b/f v/5/b/h z/t/7/w n/t/8/v
Inferno Torchic
IMG Codes a/t/7/8 s/p/0/g f/k/j/3 v/h/k/m u/q/6/a
Inferno Combusken
IMG Codes m/9/o/z 4/s/w/a g/m/h/t a/m/m/x
Inferno Blaziken
IMG Codes j/w/m/c h/w/2/1 1/a/2/y i/p/v/e
Apocalyptic Poochyena
IMG Codes i/f/i/n t/f/4/n z/w/a/x t/6/5/0 2/0/0/r
Apocalyptic Mightyena
IMG Codes a/t/e e/8/g/x r/c/1/g x/h/r/r
IMG Codes m/6/h/x p/l/o/g a/3/2 e/9/y/e 4/9/v/3
IMG Codes 7/b/9/q b/5/0/k 2/a/9/o t/w/v/u
IMG Codes e/k/o/a l/0/k/b c/t/7/0 p/q/f/s
IMG Codes y/8/t/t t/p/5/6 c/r/e/a 5/4/y/1
Apocalyptic Shroomish
IMG Codes d/e/w/e k/k/k/j q/7/c q/9/7/r j/x/z/d
Apocalyptic Breloom
IMG Codes l/c/s/9 m/2/5/w m/g/p/5 8/t/7/z
Arctic Numel
IMG Codes u/h/t/9 s/7/x/a Female 2/0/p/x 6/h/o/w Female p/5/1/o 8/7/m/8 Female l/u/4/i m/u/j/q Female c/s/q/e
Arctic Camerupt
IMG Codes n/1/e/l Female e/a/g/k 7/p/9/o Female z/t/d/k n/j/u/u Female f/s/m/x b/l/1/f Female 8/t/i/v
IMG Codes a/k/t/n p/y/8/9 q/6/c/7 9/u/x/o 4/9/g/0
IMG Codes m/e/q/4 l/h/9 c/y/j z/n/u/p
IMG Codes s/k/d/4 5/z/w/s b/y/u/n i/o/3/k 9/1/6/v
IMG Codes p/5/l/k z/r/4/e w/x/o/d d/0/i i/k/2/o
Spring Seasonal Turtwig
IMG Codes f/k/h/8 3/z/s/w 7/7/z/9 m/5/v/t 5/r/q/k
Summer Seasonal Turtwig
IMG Codes 5/g/a/a g/4/h/g p/n/s/1 p/w/t/f 9/4/m/q
Autumn Seasonal Turtwig
IMG Codes a/s/6/y 9/c/y/7 o/y/k/c i/y/5/h m/i/u/j
Winter Seasonal Turtwig
IMG Codes 5/0/6/d 8/b/x/e 8/8/e/8 s/a/l/v h/z/6/3
Spring Seasonal Grotle
IMG Codes 5/t/t/g 8/c/f/a j/y/v/8 b/6/m/6
Summer Seasonal Grotle
IMG Codes b/1/h/j g/q/9/g k/k/g/t 4/q/k/h
Autumn Seasonal Grotle
IMG Codes r/r/0/r 4/7/c/c h/u/l/6 s/i/q/z
Winter Seasonal Grotle
IMG Codes v/n/c/b z/h/2/1 7/x/6/d f/f/b/8
Spring Seasonal Torterra
IMG Codes q/h/j/d q/r/9/o y/1/0/g l/y/a/o
Summer Seasonal Torterra
IMG Codes a/0/o/g c/h/k/h v/b/c/j 4/q/k/h
Autumn Seasonal Torterra
IMG Codes q/m/9/8 v/3/a/d 9/v/n/d m/2/c/y
Winter Seasonal Torterra
IMG Codes p/z/g/y f/s/t/z 2/7/v/p u/w/x/9
Igneous Bidoof
IMG Codes e/8/4/l h/z/h/2 y/9/c/c h/m/l/5 r/d/m/5
Igneous Bibarel
IMG Codes 1/2/z/s b/n/8/9 y/c/n/7 l/j/f/u
IMG Codes v/h/8/n 3/y/3/f Female d/b/h/x 6/m/u/q Female f/o/j/i g/w/g/6 Female n/a/u/r t/f/r/k Female z/j/f/t
IMG Codes j/g/k/1 Female w/q/g/y d/u/l/a Female x/y/7/s x/y/b/8 Female d/u/y/5 h/0/z/e Female b/l/d/z
IMG Codes h/9/8/c Female 8/q/x/r i/k/9/n Female 4/0/a/n 8/y/s/y Female x/0/q/p t/p/y/v Female f/3/e/9
Mega Fluxray Q
IMG Codes j/i/c/t b/5/o/3 p/s/e/3 a/h/e/1
Snow Combee
IMG Codes 6/h/b/q w/f/a/x Female d/v/h/z p/e/6/l Female u/x/1/7 h/d/g/z Female g/b/h/b 3/6/p/r Female 7/w/8/l
Snow Vespiquen
IMG Codes f/i/z/5 l/e/q/s x/x/a/l l/t/4/j
Siberian Glameow
IMG Codes e/p/4/p e/x/v/6 q/y/9/a m/6/d/j a/m/0/4
Siberian Purugly
IMG Codes e/u/9/1 n/o/6/c k/a/q/e v/m/7/y
Basket Happiny
IMG Codes e/t/7/6 s/p/q/l l/i/f/x b/k/v a/y/y/3
Basket Chansey
IMG Codes 6/c/d/l 3/y/h/l 1/3/4/y n/o/i/q
Basket Blissey
IMG Codes 5/r/n/r o/f/h/l l/1/j/j u/g/h/z
IMG Codes 6/w/1/z o/x/f/p Female 7/c/g/z n/f/9/5 Femaley/5/l/r 1/p/4/2 Female2/3/b/v b/c/r/7 Femaleh/7/d/f
IMG Codes z/0/n/z Female n/u/o/9 w/y/a/b Femalew/d/5/n h/7/9/5 Femaleg/q/v/w 5/e/8/d Femalea/9/t/n
IMG Codes k/q/g/d Female 5/m/8/f u/8/5/u Femalew/r/v/k w/4/f/1 Femaleo/s/7/j z/w/r/i Female8/y/u/3
Primal Dialga Q
IMG Codes k/2/u/q m/1/p/v 1/x/3/m n/d/l/m
Primal Palkia Q
IMG Codes a/i/1/5 t/y/g/y 9/m/0/r 6/8/z/u
Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin
IMG Codes 9/r/1/3 c/w/q/d t/l/p/g 7/x/x/b 5/w/x/y
Hallowe'en Witch Liepard
IMG Codes 4/d/1/0 s/c/c/e v/2/g/6 2/m/1/p
Bubbly Frillish
IMG Codes y/y/8/o x/i/u/y Female 5/1/m/a t/1/2/d Female s/3/9/j p/q/1/9 Female 1/e/9/u r/q/y/2 Female 5/e/x/v
Bubbly Jellicent
IMG Codes o/x/n/5 Female x/t/h/a o/d/t/0 Female 4/q/r/y i/p/k/r Female k/7/v/2 l/i/f/c Female j/c/x/a
Erupt Litwick
IMG Codes e/i/j/n r/1/v/3 l/s/k/f 3/j/y/9 r/c/4/r
IMG Codes s/1/o/6 j/a/p/l q/w/l/h r/6/d/h
IMG Codes x/e/l/n h/7/c/c j/l/f/f r/b/8/y
Apocalyptic Golett
IMG Codes 7/p/3/b q/c/p/2 p/h/y/m c/3/y/h t/c/a/9
Apocalyptic Golurk
IMG Codes k/5/h/m g/y/8/7 z/a/3/q 7/b/5/v
IMG Codes i/e/s/x 2/u/r/b k/8/a/y y/6/6/g w/s/t/m
IMG Codes n/e/e/s p/1/n/k x/0/2/c a/q/9/q
IMG Codes 5/g/3/m g/o/b/9 c/6/c/2 1/u/w/f
IMG Codes u/7/c/q x/w/q/x Female f/x/t/e 3/j/w/h Female z/7/f/b r/1/x/6 Female 2/k/f/g f/1/p/b Female 7/c/3/7
IMG Codes m/7/m/v Female f/9/4/8 a/x/k/4 Female 8/r/g/z o/u/r/q Female 8/j/1/h b/j/7/t Female n/q/s/5
Rose Gift Honedge
IMG Codes z/6/i 1/r/8/a /i/k/j/l e/b/0/v z/p/7/m
Rose Gift Doublade
IMG Codes o/d/5/y 5/i/6/1 u/0/m/n p/v/s/b
Rose Shield Aegislash
IMG Codes z/1/0/y d/y/l/c z/i/3/4 2/w/q/l
Rose Bouquet Aegislash
IMG Codes h/b/6/9 b/4/3/j l/p/k/5 i/r/t/v
IMG Codes m/q/c/n w/1/x/3 i/q/x/p s/f/j/0 u/a/r/w
IMG Codes 9/r/e/6 1/b/d/1 v/m/q/g p/z/r/3
IMG Codes l/s/w/r 2/h/4/o 7/2/6/0 o/q/w/7 b/q/0/9
IMG Codes g/9/8/7 q/o/y/3 f/f/s/j q/m/n/e
IMG Codes 1/c/i/0 h/x/j/g q/d/c/r t/6/e/3
IMG Codes r/u/b/2 r/8/j/o n/l/1/i q/a/t/q
Feral Incineroar
IMG Codes e/c/v/1 y/y/b/f a/2/q/q m/y/s/m
Pointe Oricorio
IMG Codes s/8/j/g c/l/j/w o/y/q/p b/1/o/s
IMG Codes 8/u/m/p v/y/v/i f/r/s/d n/f/2/w t/i/g/x
Lycanwool Midday Forme
IMG Codes z/n/d/3 5/7/l/6 1/3/h/n 9/z/q/y
Lycanwool Midnight Forme
IMG Codes l/q/f/i q/z/l/1 m/n/b/u u/t/q/e
IMG Codes m/7/a/a w/q/t/k 7/c/3/q 4/d/r/m 9/s/a/6
IMG Codes d/j/m/e x/l/6/6 r/w/d/4 q/h/p/s


Pokémon Type Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Totem Sandslash Q
IMG Codes b/8/r v/i/8/g r/m/y/g y/4/u/a
Totem Lanturn Q
IMG Codes q/s/d/d v/r/y/e e/9/h/q 1/1/h/q
Totem Sudowoodo Q
IMG Codes 1/a/v/z Female c/9/l/j z/p/k/t Female s/a/x/y o/k/u/r Female f/u/9/o r/z/4/8 Female j/a/l/4
Totem Donphan Q
IMG Codes 2/l/2/c Female v/e/0/a m/7/r/d Female s/i/8/b i/a/x/c Female e/a/w/i a/g/i/1 Female p/4/g/d
Totem Masquerain Q
IMG Codes 8/h/i/s r/r/h/q d/z/y/d a/8/e/a
Totem Whiscash Q
IMG Codes 7/k/s/i h/q/s/d k/m/2/c w/6/5/3
Totem Walrein Q
IMG Codes j/o/2/a q/4/v/7 i/h/m/j a/n/d/i
Totem Snow Vespiquen Q
IMG Codes e/t/1/c a/h/x/7 9/z/q/3 u/u/9/6
Totem Skuntank Q
IMG Codes l/p/v/a s/d/7/s 8/5/1/7 g/g/t/p
Totem Spiritomb Q
IMG Codes k/v/q/m u/p/h/5 g/u/w/8 3/0/4/9
Totem Mantine Q
IMG Codes v/e/z/e t/4/x/d r/z/v/j b/y/q/c
Totem Porygon-Z Q
IMG Codes b/t/f/n o/5/y/j 7/p/r/u k/j/8/y
Totem Leavanny Q
IMG Codes d/q/s/y p/g/s/w 1/p/n/a 2/j/f/s
Totem Maractus Q
IMG Codes g/k/d/5 f/b/g e/m/5/h i/q/z/5
Totem Galvantula Q
IMG Codes s/h/t/g t/m/1/7 6/7/e/k k/l/n/2
Totem Braviary Q
IMG Codes 3/8/c/4 8/k/h/g o/c/q/q o/b/8/y
Totem Mandibuzz Q
IMG Codes v/w/3/j y/t/o/w t/7/2/l o/1/t/t
Totem Talonflame Q
IMG Codes e/m/y/s d/8/t/m a/e/o/p f/h/q/q
Totem Malamar Q
IMG Codes s/w/4/y o/c/w/o z/1/w/l l/9/8/r
Totem Trevenant Q
IMG Codes g/g/9/0 q/b/r/q y/v/s/8 n/3/2/a
Totem Eucylph Q
IMG Codes 8/u/p/z o/k/s/7 e/4/f/w z/2/c/n


Pokémon Type Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Stone Horn
IMG Codes d/g/e/t b/c/8/g b/q/1/1 t/k/c