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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the PFQ Exclusives. An overview and an explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the List of Pokémon.


1 Lunupine to Mega Solynx
2 Ardik to Avaragon
3 Kinaster to Mega Terabbit
4 Tillink to Toxilisk
5 Gumairy to Skargas
6 Kawotor to Grymphony
7 Shinorin to Opposkull
8 Lunamor to Frogayaga
9 Pasovan
10 Maravol

Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Lunupine Type Dark.png Lunupine Egg.png Lunupine.png Shiny Lunupine.png Albino Lunupine.png Melanistic Lunupine.png
IMG Codes c/q/s/d m/3/2/i r/v/o i/b/r/v 2/o/j/j
Mega Lunupine Type Dark.pngType Fairy.png Mega Lunupine.png Shiny Mega Lunupine.png Albino Mega Lunupine.png Melanistic Mega Lunupine.png
IMG Codes z/u/g/2 8/7/z/y w/c/e/p j/i/w/8
Blophin Type Water.png Blophin Egg.png Blophin.png Shiny Blophin.png Albino Blophin.png Melanistic Blophin.png
IMG Codes q/m/5/u 9/d/s/h 6/n/q/s v/r/t/l n/d/1/i
Inflale Type Water.png Inflale.png Shiny Inflale.png Albino Inflale.png Melanistic Inflale.png
IMG Codes o/u/0/u i/0/a/n 6/m/g/k 8/8/s/5
Orkit Type Water.png Orkit Egg.png Orkit.png Shiny Orkit.png Albino Orkit.png Melanistic Orkit.png
IMG Codes i/9/v/i o/z/k/c 9/3/k/b f/p/d/o 3/f/j/o
Clawed Orkit Type Water.png Clawed Orkit.png Shiny Clawed Orkit.png Albino Clawed Orkit.png Melanistic Clawed Orkit.png
IMG Codes z/k/c/r x/0/b/c l/z/v/i y/x/r/3
Orcalot Type Water.pngType Steel.png Orcalot.png Shiny Orcalot.png Albino Orcalot.png Melanistic Orcalot.png
IMG Codes s/4/n/s 7/x/r/i 9/6/a/x
Faemueño Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Faemueno Egg.png Faemueno.png Shiny Faemueno.png Albino Faemueno.png Melanistic Faemueno.png
IMG Codes a/t/0/j u/8/z/t g/h/w/w p/z/p/3 p/1/r/f
Faemilarín Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Faemilarin.png Shiny Faemilarin.png Albino Faemilarin.png Melanistic Faemilarin.png
IMG Codes o/l/e/1 h/z/v/u h/z/4 o/m/y/2
Faemísimo Type Fairy.pngType Flying.png Faemisimo.png Shiny Faemisimo.png Albino Faemisimo.png Melanistic Faemisimo.png
IMG Codes k/n/e/4 z/v/q/5 n/e/4/k m/3/g/l
Wagell Type Poison.pngType Fairy.png Wagell Egg.png Wagell.png Shiny Wagell.png Albino Wagell.png Melanistic Wagell.png
IMG Codes y/q/w/s e/5/l/y t/w/j/z i/5/x/p s/y/1/4
Wanamangora Type Poison.pngType Fairy.png Wanamangora.png Shiny Wanamangora.png Albino Wanamangora.png Melanistic Wanamangora.png
IMG Codes e/f/2/d f/s/q/l l/l/9 l/g/d/i
Mega Wanamangora Type Poison.pngType Fairy.png Mega Wanamangora.png Shiny Mega Wanamangora.png Albino Mega Wanamangora.png Melanistic Mega Wanamangora.png
IMG Codes p/8/6/4 p/0/o/e f/e/w/y b/x/d/h
Gosold Type Normal.pngType Flying.png Gosold Egg.png Gosold.png Shiny Gosold.png Albino Gosold.png Melanistic Gosold.png
IMG Codes c/u/e/3 t/a/f/b o/1/w/3 g/0/t/7 6/h/s
Goldesem Type Psychic.pngType Flying.png Goldesem.png Shiny Goldesem.png Albino Goldesem.png Melanistic Goldesem.png
IMG Codes y/t/1/3 x/3/3/j k/n/v/w i/3/j/n
Impyre Type Dark.png Impyre Egg.png Impyre.png Shiny Impyre.png Albino Impyre.png Melanistic Impyre.png
IMG Codes q/6/7/a o/t/0/8 8/r/y/d 9/p/z/9 g/v/m/s
Baflammet Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Baflammet.png Shiny Baflammet.png Albino Baflammet.png Melanistic Baflammet.png
IMG Codes 9/x/w/4 m/h/v/0 6/o/0/f z/n/f/a
Searene Type Dragon.pngType Water.png Searene Egg.png Searene.png Shiny Searene.png Albino Searene.png Melanistic Searene.png
IMG Codes e/o/7/7 o/e/4/i n/5/f/m r/q/6/f j/h/i/q
Solynx Type Fire.png Solynx Egg.png Solynx.png Shiny Solynx.png Albino Solynx.png Melanistic Solynx.png
IMG Codes w/e/u/8 w/9/0 v/f/w/2 q/h/v/j o/v/n/0
Mega Solynx Type Fire.pngType Electric.png Mega Solynx.png Shiny Mega Solynx.png Albino Mega Solynx.png Melanistic Mega Solynx.png
IMG Codes z/6/f/0 7/p/p/n o/i/d/a a/7/1/p
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Ardik Type Ice.png Ardik Egg.png Ardik.png Shiny Ardik.png Albino Ardik.png Melanistic Ardik.png
IMG Codes 9/2/e/8 v/n/4/t 2/1/5/a e/d/e/i 5/d/0/j
Sibex Type Ice.png Sibex.pngFemale Sibex.png Shiny Sibex.pngShiny Female Sibex.png Albino Sibex.pngAlbino Female Sibex.png Melanistic Sibex.pngMelanistic Female Sibex.png
IMG Codes u/a/l/a Female 1/7/1/5 l/4/5/7 Female 2/9/i/t 3/l/q/n Female x/7/d/b t/x/4/u Female t/2/z/z
Boxaby Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Boxaby Egg.png Boxaby.png Shiny Boxaby.png Albino Boxaby.png Melanistic Boxaby.png
IMG Codes 8/h/p/5 p/h/o/e s/c/u/8 4/q/d/z a/2/v/2
Kangspar Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Kangspar.png Shiny Kangspar.png Albino Kangspar.png Melanistic Kangspar.png
IMG Codes 6/v/n/7 1/j/z/w c/v/p/m 8/m/6/t
Mega Kangspar Type Rock.pngType Fighting.png Mega Kangspar Q.png Shiny Mega Kangspar Q.png Albino Mega Kangspar Q.png Melanistic Mega Kangspar Q.png
IMG Codes 1/j/p/o x/6/j/i 3/1/q/p l/n/d/k
Bunbori Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Bunbori Egg.png Bunbori.png Shiny Bunbori.png Albino Bunbori.png Melanistic Bunbori.png
IMG Codes 5/a/l/e s/a/y/e t/g/e/a q/y/p y/i/c/h
Mega Bunbori Type Ice.pngType Fairy.png Mega Bunbori.png Shiny Mega Bunbori.png Albino Mega Bunbori.png Melanistic Mega Bunbori.png
IMG Codes 7/5/d/q o/4/x/s 2/c/s/9 g/i/h/c
Taiveret Type Grass.png Taiveret Egg.png Taiveret.png Shiny Taiveret.png Albino Taiveret.png Melanistic Taiveret.png
IMG Codes v/v/p/m l/c/6/d w/1/5/u m/1/q/o v/t/n/8
Taipaeus Type Grass.png Taipaeus.png Shiny Taipaeus.png Albino Taipaeus.png Melanistic Taipaeus.png
IMG Codes x/0/j m/9/e/s y/n/r/l m/f/4/a
Taimorpha Type Grass.pngType Fighting.png Taimorpha.png Shiny Taimorpha.png Albino Taimorpha.png Melanistic Taimorpha.png
IMG Codes n/r/r/9 k/t/g/6 f/w/p/u o/n/p/5
Flarbat Type Fire.pngType Flying.png Flarbat Egg.png Flarbat.png Shiny Flarbat.png Albino Flarbat.png Melanistic Flarbat.png
IMG Codes o/c/k/e u/0/d g/g/u/9 w/t/w/w i/r/g/t
Flarotis Type Fire.pngType Fairy.png Flarotis.png Female Flarotis.png Shiny Flarotis.png Shiny Female Flarotis.png Albino Flarotis.png Albino Female Flarotis.png Melanistic Flarotis.png Melanistic Female Flarotis.png
IMG Codes p/k/m/e Female 3/g/q/g t/9/v/c Female n/j/q/u g/9/r/p Female x/7/j/r s/q/a/9 Female i/n/i/h
Flaroptera Type Fire.pngType Fairy.png Flaroptera.png Female Flaroptera.png Shiny Flaroptera.png Shiny Female Flaroptera.png Albino Flaroptera.png Albino Female Flaroptera.png Melanistic Flaroptera.png Melanistic Female Flaroptera.png
IMG Codes q/c/s/g Female k/4/0/9 i/x/0/f Female 6/l/i/o u/7/o/i Female b/r/0 5/b/j/5 Female i/5/y/v
Hydrark Type Water.png Hydrark Egg.png Hydrark.png Shiny Hydrark.png Albino Hydrark.png Melanistic Hydrark.png
IMG Codes 7/w/7/v h/2/y/e e/k/8/a 6/3/h/4 m/7/f/n
Hydrinus Type Water.png Hydrinus.png Shiny Hydrinus.png Albino Hydrinus.png Melanistic Hydrinus.png
IMG Codes j/q/x/a a/6/e/r h/7/g/p m/6/l/i
Hydrinifor Type Water.pngType Steel.png Hydrinifor.png Shiny Hydrinifor.png Albino Hydrinifor.png Melanistic Hydrinifor.png
IMG Codes j/3/9/z i/l/u/v e/8/z a/s/k/t
Gragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Gragon Egg.png Gragon.png Shiny Gragon.png Albino Gragon.png Melanistic Gragon.png
IMG Codes u/4/z/o i/4/o/7 q/o/2/3 e/4/t/b l/x/p/i
Reaper Cloth Gragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Reaper Cloth Gragon.png Shiny Reaper Cloth Gragon.png Albino Reaper Cloth Gragon.png Melanistic Reaper Cloth Gragon.png
IMG Codes 6/j/y/t u/l/9/s 3/o/f/p y/p/d/v
Greegon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Greegon.png Shiny Greegon.png Albino Greegon.png Melanistic Greegon.png
IMG Codes b/f/r/s q/4/e/c t/z/v/c l/a/z/4
Avaragon Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Avaragon.png Shiny Avaragon.png Albino Avaragon.png Melanistic Avaragon.png
IMG Codes a/x/5/o d/n/2/t j/x/r/3 d/6/5/t
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Kinaster Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Kinaster Egg.png Kinaster.png Shiny Kinaster.png Albino Kinaster.png Melanistic Kinaster.png
IMG Codes v/k/6/v r/k/s/f d/m/f/w 1/7/u p/a/u/e
Luckoo Type Grass.pngType Flying.png Luckoo Egg.png Luckoo.png Shiny Luckoo.png Albino Luckoo.png Melanistic Luckoo.png
IMG Codes y/o/0/r l/c/p/g 1/u/a/n 1/b/6/3 9/x/3/p
Peckoo Type Grass.pngType Flying.png Peckoo.png Shiny Peckoo.png Albino Peckoo.png Melanistic Peckoo.png
IMG Codes a/6/r/j 5/f/3/e w/n/j/3 k/e/1/8
Peekoo Type Grass.pngType Psychic.png Peekoo.png Shiny Peekoo.png Albino Peekoo.png Melanistic Peekoo.png
IMG Codes w/8/x/a 8/k/3/3 u/a/j/n v/b/x/d
Arasprit Type Ground.png Arasprit Egg.png Arasprit.png Shiny Arasprit.png Albino Arasprit.png Melanistic Arasprit.png
IMG Codes 7/9/i/m 6/e/2/d f/t/d/5 v/p/0/n 4/q/0/j
Arthreux Type Ground.pngType Bug.png Arthreux.png Shiny Arthreux.png Albino Arthreux.png Melanistic Arthreux.png
IMG Codes 8/7/j/r m/p/f/4 f/e/3 9/i/g/v
Quetzephyr Type Electric.pngType Flying.png Quetzephyr Egg.png Quetzephyr.png Shiny Quetzephyr.png Albino Quetzephyr.png Melanistic Quetzephyr.png
IMG Codes 4/i/h/o k/u/s/u o/a/x/c b/u/w/x g/f/t/g
Quetzaptyl Type Electric.pngType Flying.png Quetzaptyl.png Shiny Quetzaptyl.png Albino Quetzaptyl.png Melanistic Quetzaptyl.png
IMG Codes 8/q/d/t b/h/l/e 4/e/f/n m/c/e/j
Pixrine Type Rock.pngType Fairy.png Pixrine Egg.png Pixrine.png Shiny Pixrine.png Albino Pixrine.png Melanistic Pixrine.png
IMG Codes z/a/0/2 i/1/3/j i/s/o/c a/f/q/c w/l/p/6
Kitsunari Type Psychic.png Kitsunari Egg.png Kitsunari.png Shiny Kitsunari.png Albino Kitsunari.png Melanistic Kitsunari.png
IMG Codes 2/1/j/l z/h/9/j t/n/l/m u/r/c/r 9/f/0/k
Kitsubuki Type Psychic.pngType Ghost.png Kitsubuki.png Shiny Kitsubuki.png Albino Kitsubuki.png Melanistic Kitsubuki.png
IMG Codes 7/4/c/m 8/y/8/9 o/j/0/p j/x/x/2
Kryptik Type Rock.pngType Ghost.png Kryptik Egg.png Kryptik.png Shiny Kryptik.png Albino Kryptik.png Melanistic Kryptik.png
IMG Codes s/m/f/g p/p/m/v l/9/o/t f/2/g/a o/f/7/q
Bandicoon Type Normal.pngType Dark.png Bandicoon Egg.png Bandicoon.png Shiny Bandicoon.png Albino Bandicoon.png Melanistic Bandicoon.png
IMG Codes z/1/o/d i/8/w/q t/b/4/a n/i/v/4 y/m/5/d
Phastix Type Bug.png Phastix Egg.png Phastix.png Shiny Phastix.png Albino Phastix.png Melanistic Phastix.png
IMG Codes a/0/n/o a/6/r/2 2/4/8/l j/5/l/7 6/q/w/8
Forest Phasmaleef Type Bug.png Forest Phasmaleef.png Shiny Forest Phasmaleef.png Albino Forest Phasmaleef.png Melanistic Forest Phasmaleef.png
IMG Codes d/2/9/c e/m/l/f g/1/3/x t/h/2/z
Desert Phasmaleef Type Bug.png Desert Phasmaleef.png Shiny Desert Phasmaleef.png Albino Desert Phasmaleef.png Melanistic Desert Phasmaleef.png
IMG Codes 3/h/o/8 u/j/j/8 v/5/e/4 r/k/4/9
Glaquine Type Ice.png Glaquine Egg.png Glaquine.png Shiny Glaquine.png Albino Glaquine.png Melanistic Glaquine.png
IMG Codes e/c/z/a 8/f/5 k/2/8/q 1/r/h/4 o/i/r/d
Cavallost Type Ice.png Cavallost.png Shiny Cavallost.png Albino Cavallost.png Melanistic Cavallost.png
IMG Codes 6/u/r/a 2/5/z/m v/x/m/l k/v/8/b
Minibbit Type Steel.png Minibbit Egg.png Minibbit.png Shiny Minibbit.png Albino Minibbit.png Melanistic Minibbit.png
IMG Codes 1/4/k/l m/g/n/z 5/1/7/o o/b/5/r y/p/v/1
Metabbit Type Steel.png Metabbit.png Shiny Metabbit.png Albino Metabbit.png Melanistic Metabbit.png
IMG Codes c/5/8/x 5/j/t/a p/v/t/f v/7/j/5
Terabbit Type Steel.png Terabbit.png Shiny Terabbit.png Albino Terabbit.png Melanistic Terabbit.png
IMG Codes 8/9/s/w x/w/7/0 c/u/4/u d/z/1/j
Mega Terabbit Type Steel.png Mega Terabbit Q.png Shiny Mega Terabbit Q.png Albino Mega Terabbit Q.png Melanistic Mega Terabbit Q.png
IMG Codes i/9/x/8 r/y/y/p d/z/1/j q/z/p/o
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Tillink Type Ground.png Tillink Egg.png Tillink.png Shiny Tillink.png Albino Tillink.png Melanistic Tillink.png
IMG Codes 7/y/g/4 o/b/o/1 s/f/z/9 k/c/a/h u/q/e/u
Terrink Type Ground.png Terrink.png Shiny Terrink.png Albino Terrink.png Melanistic Terrink.png
IMG Codes c/7/e/e n/t/q/9 i/c/z/j q/u/u/h
Bezerell Type Water.pngType Dark.png Bezerell Egg.png Bezerell.png Shiny Bezerell.png Albino Bezerell.png Melanistic Bezerell.png
IMG Codes 7/9/n/x 8/g/e/i f/8/b/c 8/n/8/z b/w/g/7
Bezermuur Type Water.pngType Dark.png Bezermuur.png Shiny Bezermuur.png Albino Bezermuur.png Melanistic Bezermuur.png
IMG Codes 7/n/e/a y/2/6/5 l/v/d/h q/t/2/n
Bezermuut Type Water.pngType Dark.png Bezermuut.png Shiny Bezermuut.png Albino Bezermuut.png Melanistic Bezermuut.png
IMG Codes i/y/0/l a/z/m/o 9/9/v/v f/a/d/3
Ayeren Type Normal.pngType Psychic.png Ayeren Egg.png Ayeren.png Shiny Ayeren.png Albino Ayeren.png Melanistic Ayeren.png
IMG Codes x/6/y/4 9/c/e/r i/0/f/c i/m/a/d h/s/4/m
Aytheraye Type Normal.pngType Ghost.png Aytheraye.png Shiny Aytheraye.png Albino Aytheraye.png Melanistic Aytheraye.png
IMG Codes y/m/9/u j/8/v p/y/z/t v/9/c/h
Skeleco Type Water.pngType Ghost.png Skeleco Egg.png Skeleco.png Shiny Skeleco.png Albino Skeleco.png Melanistic Skeleco.png
IMG Codes k/w/j/q v/0/z/o k/g/o/8 n/5/6/u 7/t/u/k
Phantiidae Type Water.pngType Ghost.png Phantiidae.png Shiny Phantiidae.png Albino Phantiidae.png Melanistic Phantiidae.png
IMG Codes z/m/i/9 n/y/c/2 s/e/6/8 z/v/6/e
Klaatupillar Type Bug.png Klaatupillar Egg.png Klaatupillar.png Shiny Klaatupillar.png Albino Klaatupillar.png Melanistic Klaatupillar.png
IMG Codes 1/a/l/m s/i/6/k r/n/s/9 o/e/2/6 5/t/5/3
Charaxalis Type Bug.png Charaxalis.png Shiny Charaxalis.png Albino Charaxalis.png Melanistic Charaxalis.png
IMG Codes s/8/k/c a/y/0/r q/b/9/j o/3/2/b
Incantasius Type Bug.pngType Psychic.png Incantasius.png Shiny Incantasius.png Albino Incantasius.png Melanistic Incantasius.png
IMG Codes v/z/2/x 6/q/w/5 4/y/g/b i/e/j/3
Kyutopi Type Psychic.pngType Fairy.png Kyutopi Egg.png Kyutopi.png Shiny Kyutopi.png Albino Kyutopi.png Melanistic Kyutopi.png
IMG Codes e/4/9/m 6/a/w/r k/y/1/x 1/w/l/c 7/s/c/o
Konatus Type Psychic.pngType Fairy.png Konatus.png Shiny Konatus.png Albino Konatus.png Melanistic Konatus.png
IMG Codes o/0/6/a 8/b/e/9 i/o/9/z 4/f/7/f
Kenyip Type Ground.png Kenyip Egg.png Kenyip.png Shiny Kenyip.png Albino Kenyip.png Melanistic Kenyip.png
IMG Codes i/7/l/p u/9/w/y 3/v/2/c y/0/1/s g/v/r/5
Arfrica Type Ground.pngType Fighting.png Arfrica.png Shiny Arfrica.png Albino Arfrica.png Melanistic Arfrica.png
IMG Codes j/v/7/h u/p/s/j e/i/o/q u/y/n/r
Kalahowli Type Ground.pngType Fighting.png Kalahowli.png Shiny Kalahowli.png Albino Kalahowli.png Melanistic Kalahowli.png
IMG Codes w/v/l/6 p/c/d/u 5/n/1/s 8/3/s/n
Petripeep Type Rock.png Petripeep Egg.png Petripeep.png Shiny Petripeep.png Albino Petripeep.png Melanistic Petripeep.png
IMG Codes g/y/k/l u/e/0/9 n/1/e/r 8/t/k/0 y/0/w/5
Chirock Type Rock.pngType Dragon.png Chirock.png Shiny Chirock.png Albino Chirock.png Melanistic Chirock.png
IMG Codes i/f/5/v l/6/c/p h/i/q/a x/i/1/u
Toxitrice Type Rock.pngType Dragon.png Toxitrice.png Shiny Toxitrice.png Albino Toxitrice.png Melanistic Toxitrice.png
IMG Codes 6/b/o/7 e/j/5/f 5/x/n/n 2/y/9/v
Serpetone Type Rock.pngType Poison.png Serpetone.png Shiny Serpetone.png Albino Serpetone.png Melanistic Serpetone.png
IMG Codes b/b/y/7 z/c/6/w s/4/w/r 1/2/9/0
Toxilisk Type Rock.pngType Poison.png Toxilisk.png Shiny Toxilisk.png Albino Toxilisk.png Melanistic Toxilisk.png
IMG Codes e/1/q/f r/c/q/q q/0/8/q i/w/l
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Gumairy Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Gumairy Egg.png Gumairy.png Shiny Gumairy.png Albino Gumairy.png Melanistic Gumairy.png
IMG Codes c/0/p/f k/h/l/n w/b/q/4 d/d/1/j 2/i/r/s
Eucylph Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Eucylph.png Shiny Eucylph.png Albino Eucylph.png Melanistic Eucylph.png
IMG Codes 5/7/o/9 t/r/1/f m/z/7/o e/h/2/0
Totem Eucylph Q Type Grass.pngType Fairy.png Totem Eucylph Q.png Shiny Totem Eucylph Q.png Albino Totem Eucylph Q.png Melanistic Totem Eucylph Q.png
IMG Codes 8/u/p/z o/k/s/7 e/4/f/w z/2/c/n
Puppod Type Poison.pngType Normal.png Puppod Egg.png Puppod.png Shiny Puppod.png Albino Puppod.png Melanistic Puppod.png
IMG Codes g/6/g/a z/3/o/c 1/r/7/4 n/3/1/2 c/q/n/z
Slugdog Type Poison.pngType Normal.png Slugdog.png Shiny Slugdog.png Albino Slugdog.png Melanistic Slugdog.png
IMG Codes g/v/c/u l/e/l/u w/m/i/4 i/g/u/p
Rokiwi Type Grass.png Rokiwi Egg.png Rokiwi.png Shiny Rokiwi.png Albino Rokiwi.png Melanistic Rokiwi.png
IMG Codes 3/p/c/0 m/q/0/n d/t/f/n k/z/2/e u/0/y/0
Brushiwi Type Grass.pngType Dark.png Brushiwi.png Shiny Brushiwi.png Albino Brushiwi.png Melanistic Brushiwi.png
IMG Codes l/1/q/w 6/y/2/o i/5/y/c i/1/g/m
Alicalf Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Alicalf Egg.png Alicalf.png Female Alicalf.png Shiny Alicalf.pngShiny Female Alicalf.png Albino Alicalf.pngAlbino Female Alicalf.png Melanistic Alicalf.pngMelanistic Female Alicalf.png
IMG Codes w/7/r/u f/x/p/v Female 1/r/1/6 q/k/v/k Female n/7/3/o 6/v/p/n Female g/x/5/o q/z/9/0 Female t/v/d/6
Cetacorn Type Ice.pngType Rock.png Cetacorn.png Female Cetacorn.png Shiny Cetacorn.pngShiny Female Cetacorn.png Albino Cetacorn.pngAlbino Female Cetacorn.png Melanistic Cetacorn.pngMelanistic Female Cetacorn.png
IMG Codes d/e/2/7 Female 2/8/k/a w/7/s/u Female h/4/z/a w/e/t/l Female n/u/r/8 d/u/e/m Female 4/1/e/6
Valkind Type Fairy.pngType Fighting.png Valkind Egg.png Valkind.png Shiny Valkind.png Albino Valkind.png Melanistic Valkind.png
IMG Codes e/2/x/i a/r/w/a h/3/l/c l/1/5/q s/i/t/1
Frayja Type Fairy.pngType Fighting.png Frayja.png Shiny Frayja.png Albino Frayja.png Melanistic Frayja.png
IMG Codes f/f/u/m r/w/h/5 n/j/s u/d/n/6
Croaket Type Dark.png Croaket Egg.png Croaket.png Shiny Croaket.png Albino Croaket.png Melanistic Croaket.png
IMG Codes u/s/8/z c/8/d/w z/4/w/5 f/f/e/p a/s/z/2
Toxic Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Poison.png Toxic Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Toxic Forme Quibbit.png Albino Toxic Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Toxic Forme Quibbit.png
IMG Codes f/7/1/f z/r/7/u h/a/5/n h/a/e/w
Charged Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Electric.png Charged Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Charged Forme Quibbit.png Albino Charged Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Charged Forme Quibbit.png
IMG Codes o/9/1/l l/g/o/j q/i/b/k j/i/o/d
Herbal Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Grass.png Herbal Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Herbal Forme Quibbit.png Albino Herbal Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Herbal Forme Quibbit.png
IMG Codes 6/p/6/b t/1/t/4 x/n/z/p 7/d/k/o
Magma Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Fire.png Magma Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Magma Forme Quibbit.png Albino Magma Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Magma Forme Quibbit.png
IMG Codes h/w/o/m p/a/a/7 5/p/y/d /a/5/0
Fae Forme Quibbit Type Dark.pngType Fairy.png Fae Forme Quibbit.png Shiny Fae Forme Quibbit.png Albino Fae Forme Quibbit.png Melanistic Fae Forme Quibbit.png
IMG Codes 9/a/8/a l/p/r/1 7/7/4/m x/m/z/t
Slypin Type Psychic.pngType Dark.png Slypin Egg.png Slypin.png Shiny Slypin.png Albino Slypin.png Melanistic Slypin.png
IMG Codes b/d/c/s z/a/r/5 s/j/k/d 3/z/x/l 2/3/e/w
Haredini Type Psychic.pngType Dark.png Haredini.png Shiny Haredini.png Albino Haredini.png Melanistic Haredini.png
IMG Codes 7/f/7/1 s/g/h/4 3/m/5/r 9/2/h/3
Selkrub Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Selkrub Egg.png Selkrub.png Shiny Selkrub.png Albino Selkrub.png Melanistic Selkrub.png
IMG Codes u/y/z/b 4/r/g/t 5/7/4/1 n/w/s/w v/9/b/d
Aqrabion Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Aqrabion.png Shiny Aqrabion.png Albino Aqrabion.png Melanistic Aqrabion.png
IMG Codes s/l/m/q a/x/w/1 d/p/7/z z/e/s/w
Skargas Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Skargas.png Shiny Skargas.png Albino Skargas.png Melanistic Skargas.png
IMG Codes n/7/q/e d/g/d/7 7/b/6/f u/4/s/1
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Kawotor Type Water.pngType Normal.png Kawotor Egg.png Kawotor.png Shiny Kawotor.png Albino Kawotor.png Melanistic Kawotor.png
IMG Codes 8/9/y/e 2/i/9/l h/e/b/v s/u/f/c 7/z/g/w
Lutriva Type Water.pngType Fighting.png Lutriva.png Shiny Lutriva.png Albino Lutriva.png Melanistic Lutriva.png
IMG Codes b/8/1/b g/5/o/n e/y/9/6 q/j/7/5
Selutian Type Water.pngType Ice.png Selutian.png Shiny Selutian.png Albino Selutian.png Melanistic Selutian.png
IMG Codes g/p/0/8 7/b/w/w u/g/a/k j/2/2/j
Kitwurm Type Bug.png Kitwurm Egg.png Kitwurm.png Shiny Kitwurm.png Albino Kitwurm.png Melanistic Kitwurm.png
IMG Codes z/w/5/6 3/u/p/t q/f/u/i 5/y/q/9 h/n/e/9
Purrpa Type Bug.png Purrpa.png Shiny Purrpa.png Albino Purrpa.png Melanistic Purrpa.png
IMG Codes a/s/u/8 8/f/z/p e/c/u/g e/s/0/q
Moffkat Type Bug.pngType Fairy.png Moffkat.png Shiny Moffkat.png Albino Moffkat.png Melanistic Moffkat.png
IMG Codes i/f/k/o w/9/x/z 3/y/b/t i/z/g/f
Pepyre Type Grass.pngType Fire.png Pepyre Egg.png Pepyre.png Shiny Pepyre.png Albino Pepyre.png Melanistic Pepyre.png
IMG Codes 3/u/4/u l/6/t/r j/c/t/f x/x/m/j e/t/q/6
Skarasear Type Grass.pngType Fire.png Skarasear.png Shiny Skarasear.png Albino Skarasear.png Melanistic Skarasear.png
IMG Codes c/3/k/0 4/t/e/n l/5/w/z e/c/b/4
Aphreyd Type Bug.png Aphreyd Egg.png Aphreyd.png Shiny Aphreyd.png Albino Aphreyd.png Melanistic Aphreyd.png
IMG Codes k/r/y/x e/8/o/2 l/v/9/l q/m/i/i h/u/y/c
Scavady Type Bug.png Scavady.png Shiny Scavady.png Albino Scavady.png Melanistic Scavady.png
IMG Codes 4/b/p/m c/7/0/s s/4/w/t q/u/q/t
Mantidra Type Bug.pngType Dragon.png Mantidra.png Shiny Mantidra.png Albino Mantidra.png Melanistic Mantidra.png
IMG Codes 6/l/6/7 o/1/c/n g/k/1/9 7/i/h/i
Caimaw Type Steel.png Caimaw Egg.png Caimaw.png Shiny Caimaw.png Albino Caimaw.png Melanistic Caimaw.png
IMG Codes 4/j/0/7 2/5/n/8 f/f/m/h o/o/n/6 f/0/z/b
Caimangle Type Steel.png Caimangle.png Shiny Caimangle.png Albino Caimangle.png Melanistic Caimangle.png
IMG Codes j/p/l/l k/t/k/0 s/e/o/h n/7/j/0
Valimp Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Valimp Egg.png Valimp.png Shiny Valimp.png Albino Valimp.png Melanistic Valimp.png
IMG Codes x/9/s/x v/v/r/e 4/h/e/c l/b/x/p r/8/1/y
Valladox Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Valladox.png Shiny Valladox.png Albino Valladox.png Melanistic Valladox.png
IMG Codes t/2/e/l y/g/e/3 k/b/e/y b/q/t/3
Valenoir Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Valenoir.png Shiny Valenoir.png Albino Valenoir.png Melanistic Valenoir.png
IMG Codes b/u/5/0 g/f/a/k 6/m/r/d a/b/1/x
Frusky Type Ice.png Frusky Egg.png Frusky.png Shiny Frusky.png Albino Frusky.png Melanistic Frusky.png
IMG Codes 7/y/w/1 7/d/e/f d/7/x/b j/d/6/d x/d/5/z
Glacifur Type Ice.png Glacifur.png Shiny Glacifur.png Albino Glacifur.png Melanistic Glacifur.png
IMG Codes s/n/5/w b/6/8/l p/x/u/r u/e/u/w
Skyrie Type Flying.png Skyrie Egg.png Skyrie.png Shiny Skyrie.png Albino Skyrie.png Melanistic Skyrie.png
IMG Codes 9/i/2/3 6/w/3/d 2/t/m/d a/3/o/f c/h/g/t
Grymphony Type Flying.png Grymphony.png Shiny Grymphony.png Albino Grymphony.png Melanistic Grymphony.png
IMG Codes y/t/7/t o/1/q/g j/w/z/b k/u/w/a
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Shinorin Type Dragon.pngType Fighting.png Shinorin Egg.png Shinorin.png Shiny Shinorin.png Albino Shinorin.png Melanistic Shinorin.png
IMG Codes 8/4/r/5 4/a/z/9 z/m/4/1 o/5/r/7 k/d/j
Incandescent Forme Shinorin Type Dragon.pngType Fire.png Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Shiny Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Albino Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png Melanistic Incandescent Forme Shinorin.png
IMG Codes 9/h/2/2 h/q/r/c x/7/i/v t/n/u/2
Sikannos Type Normal.pngType Fire.png Sikannos Egg.png Sikannos.png Shiny Sikannos.png Albino Sikannos.png Melanistic Sikannos.png
IMG Codes b/0/3/n e/u/8/e p/7/8/z a/8/0/9 v/h/2/5
Unfettered Forme Sikannos Type Ghost.pngType Fire.png Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Shiny Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Albino Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png Melanistic Unfettered Forme Sikannos.png
IMG Codes f/7/f/f j/y/s/u w/v/v/4 h/t/2/5
Goschief Type Fairy.png Goschief Egg.png Goschief.png Shiny Goschief.png Albino Goschief.png Melanistic Goschief.png
IMG Codes 7/d/z/n k/9/9/5 v/l/a/3 f/n/r/t 7/s/m/s
Havonk Type Fairy.pngType Dark.png Havonk.png Shiny Havonk.png Albino Havonk.png Melanistic Havonk.png
IMG Codes d/n/5/f e/g/a/u i/q/g/j w/j/m/d
Mocknock Type Ghost.pngType Steel.png Mocknock Egg.png Mocknock.png Shiny Mocknock.png Albino Mocknock.png Melanistic Mocknock.png
IMG Codes d/w/m/k d/4/2/g b/5/x/i z/1/h/v 1/i/m/q
Portalgeist Type Ghost.pngType Steel.png Portalgeist.png Shiny Portalgeist.png Albino Portalgeist.png Melanistic Portalgeist.png
IMG Codes r/h/s/g a/n/0/o 9/0/8/w 4/w/o/w
Boreal Forme Flurrawr Type Ice.png Flurrawr Egg.png Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png Shiny Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png Albino Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png Melanistic Boreal Forme Flurrawr.png
IMG Codes x/o/u/n h/j/f/m v/e/h/t m/2/a/0 1/0/6/r
Austral Forme Flurrawr Type Ice.png Flurrawr Egg.png Austral Forme Flurrawr.png Shiny Austral Forme Flurrawr.png Albino Austral Forme Flurrawr.png Melanistic Austral Forme Flurrawr.png
IMG Codes x/o/u/n u/5/b/o d/a/6/l u/o/8/i w/5/g/w
Boreal Forme Tundrasail Type Ice.pngType Ground.png Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Shiny Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png Melanistic Boreal Forme Tundrasail.png
IMG Codes c/7/5/o 3/i/j/h x/k/u/a j/7/t/q
Austral Forme Tundrasail Type Ice.pngType Ground.png Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Shiny Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Albino Austral Forme Tundrasail.png Melanistic Austral Forme Tundrasail.png
IMG Codes 5/f/g/w x/y/0/k p/a/a/7 q/d/n/6
Parapod Type Grass.png Parapod Egg.png Parapod.png Shiny Parapod.png Albino Parapod.png Melanistic Parapod.png
IMG Codes 5/t/9/h h/r/c/h z/0/c/y l/t/o/l b/c/z/t
Craysprout Type Grass.png Craysprout.png Shiny Craysprout.png Albino Craysprout.png Melanistic Craysprout.png
IMG Codes h/x/6/s 2/c/y/e 8/z/p/7 p/j/k/g
Strelitzgon Type Grass.pngType Dragon.png Strelitzgon.png Shiny Strelitzgon.png Albino Strelitzgon.png Melanistic Strelitzgon.png
IMG Codes 3/e/6/a g/n/q/s y/9/6/9 k/j/z/k
Caprikid Type Fighting.png Caprikid Caprikid.png Shiny Caprikid.png Albino Caprikid.png Melanistic Caprikid.png
IMG Codes f/1/i/n h/8/g/s i/t/l/4 8/v/9/3 v/r/6/6
Saytaries Type Fighting.pngType Steel.png Saytaries.png Shiny Saytaries.png Albino Saytaries.png Melanistic Saytaries.png
IMG Codes 4/7/q/p 1/c/3/5 v/r/m/3 c/p/e/7
Taurminos Type Fighting.pngType Dark.png Taurminos.png Shiny Taurminos.png Albino Taurminos.png Melanistic Taurminos.png
IMG Codes h/l/w/l n/6/m/1 m/p/t/j z/m/p/y
Sagidamas Type Fighting.pngType Fairy.png Sagidamas.png Shiny Sagidamas.png Albino Sagidamas.png Melanistic Sagidamas.png
IMG Codes 7/e/v/a o/j/i/j u/e/4/s 7/2/s/z
Tenrekki Type Electric.pngType Ground.png Tenrekki Egg.png Tenrekki.png Shiny Tenrekki.png Albino Tenrekki.png Melanistic Tenrekki.png
IMG Codes 1/1/t/2 m/s/h/x q/g/4/0 g/1/5/w d/y/g/9
Possmol Type Normal.png Possmol Egg.png Possmol.png Shiny Possmol.png Albino Possmol.png Melanistic Possmol.png
IMG Codes c/p/b/b t/o/c e/c/p/o d/1/9/o n/w/g/3
Opposham Type Normal.pngType Poison.png Opposham.png Shiny Opposham.png Albino Opposham.png Melanistic Opposham.png
IMG Codes 4/l/d/z u/n/u/5 x/j/w/a m/4/g/9
Opposkull Type Ghost.pngType Poison.png Opposkull.png Shiny Opposkull.png Albino Opposkull.png Melanistic Opposkull.png
IMG Codes r/0/3/y d/p/6/6 5/a/n/o o/q/n/5
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Lunamor Type Fairy.png Lunamor Egg.png Lunamor.png Shiny Lunamor.png Albino Lunamor.png Melanistic Lunamor.png
IMG Codes g/k/o/9 2/7/p/t h/1/n/d k/x/e/7 t/r/2/4
Astrolochi Type Fairy.pngType Rock.png Astrolochi.png Shiny Astrolochi.png Albino Astrolochi.png Melanistic Astrolochi.png
IMG Codes s/h/9/e 4/x/r/s e/2/4/u a/i/b/7
Exilant Type Steel.pngType Ghost.png Exilant Egg.png Exilant.png Shiny Exilant.png Albino Exilant.png Melanistic Exilant.png
IMG Codes g/a/u/4 t/x/u/x u/w/8/7 d/n/l/h q/8/b/h
Scorupt Type Steel.pngType Ghost.png Scorupt.png Shiny Scorupt.png Albino Scorupt.png Melanistic Scorupt.png
IMG Codes w/1/s/8 t/a/x/q o/o/a/p 8/h/x/o
Lyruse Type Steel.pngType Fairy.png Lyruse Egg.png Lyruse.png Shiny Lyruse.png Albino Lyruse.png Melanistic Lyruse.png
IMG Codes h/y/p/k 1/w/0/n 9/a/y/6 7/a/5/6 c/d/g/h
Musharp Type Steel.pngType Fairy.png Musharp.png Shiny Musharp.png Albino Musharp.png Melanistic Musharp.png
IMG Codes s/n/e/j f/3/u/6 9/g/a/4 8/f/g/6
Smokackle Type Fire.pngType Normal.png Smokackle Egg.png Smokackle.png Shiny Smokackle.png Albino Smokackle.png Melanistic Smokackle.png
IMG Codes h/4/9/a n/g/o/0 7/s/v/d t/e/4/u 8/5/h/k
Hycano Type Fire.pngType Rock.png Hycano.png Shiny Hycano.png Albino Hycano.png Melanistic Hycano.png
IMG Codes b/w/b/m u/d/0/a o/v/e/d 7/v/x/t
Inferial Type Dragon.png Inferial Egg.png Inferial.png Shiny Inferial.png Albino Inferial.png Melanistic Inferial.png
IMG Codes a/3/a/u 7/o/2/r s/s/b/8 c/h/6/0 j/h/e/v
Gargodyle Type Dragon.pngType Flying.png Gargodyle.png Shiny Gargodyle.png Albino Gargodyle.png Melanistic Gargodyle.png
IMG Codes z/u/v/8 3/z/d/3 n/v/c/o z/4/0/r
Mirrasma Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Mirrasma Egg.png Mirrasma.png Shiny Mirrasma.png Albino Mirrasma.png Melanistic Mirrasma.png
IMG Codes r/i/2/z 9/v/r/p 9/v/h/y p/6/h/l y/p/p/5
Mirrarch Type Ghost.pngType Dragon.png Mirrarch.png Shiny Mirrarch.png Albino Mirrarch.png Melanistic Mirrarch.png
IMG Codes p/x/8 9/r/9/q g/q/z/9 g/r/0/o
Slithugi Type Ghost.pngType Ground.png Slithugi Egg.png Slithugi.png Shiny Slithugi.png Albino Slithugi.png Melanistic Slithugi.png
IMG Codes z/e/9/7 x/k/u/z t/w/7/s n/e/y/0 b/2/7/r
Sugikobra Type Ghost.pngType Ground.png Sugikobra.png Shiny Sugikobra.png Albino Sugikobra.png Melanistic Sugikobra.png
IMG Codes 2/1/2/m m/d/y/b 6/s/f/3 n/k/m/h
Babaisy Type Grass.pngType Water.png Babaisy Egg.png Babaisy.png Shiny Babaisy.png Albino Babaisy.png Melanistic Babaisy.png
IMG Codes q/2/t/a q/x/y/7 x/5/t/0 c/b/7/1 1/u/2/b
Chamobelle (Foraged Forme) Type Grass.pngType Water.png Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Shiny Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Albino Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png Melanistic Chamobelle Foraged Forme.png
IMG Codes 9/p/y/d r/g/o/h 3/r/o/k r/v/y/8
Chamobelle (Elegant Forme) Type Water.pngType Fire.png Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Shiny Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Albino Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png Melanistic Chamobelle Elegant Forme.png
IMG Codes a/g/5/v g/2/0/8 l/2/x/r a/8/c/9
Ryumen Type Water.pngType Dragon.png Ryumen Egg.png Ryumen.png Shiny Ryumen.png Albino Ryumen.png Melanistic Ryumen.png
IMG Codes u/i/2/l m/v/v/0 a/c/p/l e/f/p/w b/t/a/y
Ryudon Type Water.pngType Dragon.png Ryudon.png Shiny Ryudon.png Albino Ryudon.png File:Melanistic Ryudon.png
IMG Codes b/c/0/5 7/i/i/w d/8/9/o
Schweepy Type Normal.pngType Grass.png Schweepy Egg.png Schweepy.png Shiny Schweepy.png Albino Schweepy.png Melanistic Schweepy.png
IMG Codes 8/h/j/e 5/7/v/2 r/2/u/1 e/p/4/z m/x/y/0
Schwoomstick Type Normal.pngType Grass.png Schwoomstick.png Shiny Schwoomstick.png Albino Schwoomstick.png File:Melanistic Schwoomstick.png
IMG Codes x/u/q/n r/e/e/z l/l/h/l
Cinnamoru Type Ground.png Cinnamoru Egg.png Cinnamoru.png Shiny Cinnamoru.png Albino Cinnamoru.png Melanistic Cinnamoru.png
IMG Codes n/w/2/s y/n/l/f i/e/v/h 7/3/g/t t/h/3/i
Croissaca Type Ground.pngType Poison.png Croissaca.png Shiny Croissaca.png Albino Croissaca.png Melanistic Croissaca.png
IMG Codes 3/8/6/u a/h/f/x k/i/4/3 2/j/q/8
Quokuddle Type Normal.png Quokuddle Egg.png Quokuddle.png Shiny Quokuddle.png Albino Quokuddle.png File:Melanistic Quokuddle.png
IMG Codes 5/l/1/5 h/d/m/g x/m/c/a y/7/u/w
Chark Type Water.pngType Fire.png Chark Egg.png Chark.png Shiny Chark.png Albino Chark.png File:Melanistic Chark.png
IMG Codes x/x/y/6 p/v/c/2 n/5/g/6 m/5/z/h
Sharkoal Type Water.pngType Fire.png Sharkoal.png Shiny Sharkoal.png Albino Sharkoal.png File:Melanistic Sharkoal.png
IMG Codes q/s/p/1 6/k/t/2 v/q/x/d
Dribbit Type Water.pngType Poison.png Dribbit Egg.png Dribbit.png Shiny Dribbit.png Albino Dribbit.png Melanistic Dribbit.png
IMG Codes e/7/f/o r/3/o/5 r/0/6/k o/h/t/o 1/q/j/q
Frungus Type Water.pngType Poison.png Frungus.png Shiny Frungus.png Albino Frungus.png Melanistic Frungus.png
IMG Codes z/6/0/q 9/b/1/d z/t/1/c 9/h/w/d
Frogayaga Type Water.pngType Psychic.png Frogayaga.png Shiny Frogayaga.png Albino Frogayaga.png Melanistic Frogayaga.png
IMG Codes e/a/s/t m/j/9/9 9/0/2/c g/c/j/h


  • Pasovan's Trims do not currently have an IMG code of their own excluding the Natural Trim.
  • To get the Shiny, Albino, or Melan Formes for the IMG add s for Shiny, a for Albino, or sa for Melan to the m.png.
    • I.E. For a Melan Groomed Pasovan the code would be
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Natural Type Normal.png Pasovan Egg.png Natural Pasovan.png Shiny Natural Pasovan.png Albino Natural Pasovan.png Melanistic Natural Pasovan.png
IMG Codes b/c/5/f b/c/a/r g/c/1/a c/l/v/2 1/l/p/r
Groomed Type Normal.png Groomed Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Groomed Trim Pasovan.png Albino Groomed Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Groomed Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Prime Type Normal.png Prime Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Prime Trim Pasovan.png Albino Prime Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Prime Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Imperial Type Normal.png Imperial Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Imperial Trim Pasovan.png Albino Imperial Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Imperial Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Racer Type Normal.png Racer Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Racer Trim Pasovan.png Albino Racer Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Racer Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Braided Type Normal.png Braided Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Braided Trim Pasovan.png Albino Braided Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Braided Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Derby Type Normal.png Derby Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Derby Trim Pasovan.png Albino Derby Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Derby Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Pegasus Type Normal.png Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png Albino Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Pegasus Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Skeleton Type Normal.png Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png Albino Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Skeleton Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes
Order Type Normal.png Order Trim Pasovan.png Shiny Order Trim Pasovan.png Albino Order Trim Pasovan.png Melanistic Order Trim Pasovan.png
IMG Codes


Note: The pattern depends on the user that hatches the egg.
Type Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Aggro Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Aggro Maravol.png Shiny Aggro Maravol.png Albino Aggro Maravol.png Melanistic Aggro Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 6/g/g/n p/8/o/6 j/6/l/1 y/s/k/k
Astral Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Astral Maravol.png Shiny Astral Maravol.png Albino Astral Maravol.png Melanistic Astral Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 2/c/g/s z/2/n/j 1/d/f/7 l/2/f/j
Beast Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Beast Maravol.png Shiny Beast Maravol.png Albino Beast Maravol.png Melanistic Beast Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 1/y/n/0 4/6/j/h b/l/9/g r/2/v/i
Clone Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Clone Maravol.png Shiny Clone Maravol.png Albino Clone Maravol.png Melanistic Clone Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w u/o/u s/y/2/i s/c/q/t 1/g/8/y
Crystal Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Crystal Maravol.png Shiny Crystal Maravol.png Albino Crystal Maravol.png Melanistic Crystal Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 7/1/i/g l/v/a/b /i/j/a/l v/j/3/f
Dream Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Dream Maravol.png Shiny Dream Maravol.png Albino Dream Maravol.png Melanistic Dream Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 9/v/0/7 r/n/8/i 9/m/w/k
Flutter Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Flutter Maravol.png Shiny Flutter Maravol.png Albino Flutter Maravol.png Melanistic Flutter Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w t/l/s/v m/t/j/g j/4/m/u u/1/n/a
Mimic Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Mimic Maravol.png Shiny Mimic Maravol.png Albino Mimic Maravol.png Melanistic Mimic Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 2/0/5/8 b/k/z/g r/b/3/i e/l/0/f
Moon Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Moon Maravol.png Shiny Moon Maravol.png Albino Moon Maravol.png Melanistic Moon Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 9/d/o/j h/d/y/6 d/9/v/f 2/9/5/6
Pester Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Pester Maravol.png Shiny Pester Maravol.png Albino Pester Maravol.png Melanistic Pester Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w j/n/h/y 6/9/7/m l/f/v/o i/h/4/p
Petal Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Petal Maravol.png Shiny Petal Maravol.png Albino Petal Maravol.png Melanistic Petal Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w n/7/8/r 3/l/2/4 6/j/l/6 9/q/5/s
Prism Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Prism Maravol.png Shiny Prism Maravol.png Albino Prism Maravol.png Melanistic Prism Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w s/j/r/4 8/w/b/i x/7/r/u g/6/e/x
Quick Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Quick Maravol.png Shiny Quick Maravol.png Albino Quick Maravol.png Melanistic Quick Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w h/i 8/s/0/a l/6/3/p 8/v/w/t
Repeat Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Repeat Maravol.png Shiny Repeat Maravol.png Albino Repeat Maravol.png Melanistic Repeat Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w e/s/d/r x/l/c/w z/0/d/5 4/n/0/4
Robinsoni Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Robinsoni Maravol.png Shiny Robinsoni Maravol.png Albino Robinsoni Maravol.png Melanistic Robinsoni Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w x/0/l/b q/b/5/a g/x/9/u o/s/z/6
Sarahae Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Sarahae Maravol.png Shiny Sarahae Maravol.png Albino Sarahae Maravol.png Melanistic Sarahae Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w q/x/7/i i/j/u/e d/2/o/f s/y/s/8
Skelotorus Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Skelotorus Maravol.png Shiny Skelotorus Maravol.png Albino Skelotorus Maravol.png Melanistic Skelotorus Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w d/3/l/2 l/y/j/x c/m/z/9 b/c/y/p
Sparklemuffin Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Sparklemuffin Maravol.png Shiny Sparklemuffin Maravol.png Albino Sparklemuffin Maravol.png Melanistic Sparklemuffin Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w v/m/1/j t/p/h/o z/p/2/4 4/a/s/c
Spirit Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Spirit Maravol.png Shiny Spirit Maravol.png Albino Spirit Maravol.png Melanistic Spirit Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w b/x/7/r b/q/j/m x/s/k/6 d/9/9/q
Spooky Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Spooky Maravol.png Shiny Spooky Maravol.png Albino Spooky Maravol.png Melanistic Spooky Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w 9/5/a/9 j/p/h/l d/e/8/m r/j/c/f
Vibrant Type Bug.pngType Poison.png Maravol Egg.png Vibrant Maravol.png Shiny Vibrant Maravol.png Albino Vibrant Maravol.png Melanistic Vibrant Maravol.png
IMG Codes t/r/y/w h/m/f/1 w/i/r/b 7/f/o/i i/r/h/x