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The following pages list all of the known Pokémon sprites and their IMG Codes. Most of these pages will include the Eggs, Normal, and Special Pokémon sprites. Special Pokémon are considered as Pokémon of any species that is rarer than a normal Pokémon. These are called Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon.

  • -(F) - Female Sprite Option
    • -Some gender differences may not be shown in the sprites due to their small size.
  • - IMG codes can be used for CSS code or for just the Pokemon's image.
    • - To display the image (for example in an About Me) use [img] Code).png[/img] and replace the (IMG Code) part with one of the Pokemon's IMG codes.
      • - For example: [img][/img].

List of Pokemon sorted by region

List of Pokemon sorted by Miscellaneous