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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the PFQ Megas, also known as, Mega Qs. An overview and an explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the List of Pokémon.

Note: Megas do not have a male/female forme difference.


#012 Butterfree to #151 Sylveon
#164 Dragonite to #380 Froslass
#403 Jirachi to #805 Marshadow

Type Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Butterfree Q
IMG Codes y/5/q/9 h/z/s/v a/e/x/l k/0/n/a
Mega Arbok Q
IMG Codes w/1/7/n 1/7/q/5 v/g/f/c 8/l/9/y
Mega Raichu Q
IMG Codes y/f/o/2 2/0/p/n j/6/e/v 6/x/r/q
Mega Ninetales Q
IMG Codes c/f/r/o d/j/j/5 t/k/0/j x/t/x/w
Mega Persian Q
IMG Codes y/x/8/1 4/j/1/7 o/v/8/2 q/9/c/i
Mega Arcanine Q
IMG Codes d/n/l/j c/l/y/x 9/p/h/g p/2/1/u
Mega Rapidash Q
IMG Codes c/f/6/x a/o/2/d h/4/1/b 4/p/r/t
Mega Farfetch'd Q
IMG Codes q/l/x/j 9/q/j/9 s/x/x/z a/p/u/u
Mega Dewgong Q
IMG Codes 5/4/s/l k/m/1/8 t/s/w/4 w/s/r
Mega Alolan Marowak Q
IMG Codes n/6/v/2 h/g/t/9 v/3/q/n 7/3/8/h
Mega Jynx Q
IMG Codes t/v/w/u c/u/r/d 3/q/m/q j/k/w/s
Mega Lapras Q
IMG Codes x/n/y/c d/6/t/u l/d/d/8 i/k/y/1
Mega Vaporeon Q
IMG Codes 1/m/b/g e/v/z/y u/7/3/b h/w/1/7
Mega Jolteon Q
IMG Codes y/3/c/d y/j/u/n t/c/h/9 8/u/n/8
Mega Flareon Q
IMG Codes f/h/n/e 6/j/d/l g/k/r/p 4/e/w/l
Mega Espeon Q
IMG Codes 4/9/8/h b/t/g/a i/u/y/m j/w/r/0
Mega Umbreon Q
IMG Codes 1/2/s/o e/9/h/3 8/c/a/f f/g/b/w
Mega Leafeon Q
IMG Codes m/j/k/d 9/w/e/5 y/g/r/7 i/g/g/c
Mega Glaceon Q
IMG Codes 6/o/a/n h/b/l/9 n/8/u/r j/s/1/h
Mega Sylveon Q
IMG Codes r/s/m/l 8/v/d/0 f/j/x/j t/w/j/y
Type Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Dragonite Q
IMG Codes q/g/n/e e/o/f/4 b/g/b/u i/d/e/k
Mega Mew Q
IMG Codes 9/3/j/4 8/n/g/3 o/a/f/v y/l/8/r
Mega Furret Q
IMG Codes m/r/f/g 9/z/x/q r/a/m/2 7/4/k/b
Mega Jumpluff Q
IMG Codes o/l/j/j u/1/4/z j/9/b/q c/9/9/a
Mega Sunflora Q
IMG Codes h/l/p/a o/0/t/m h/m/f/l g/z/2/d
Mega Girafarig Q
IMG Codes v/o/v x/o/n/2 p/g/f/2 6/a/a/v
Mega Dunsparce Q
IMG Codes a/q/h/2 c/g/b/t a/0/m/5 y/y/5/t
Mega Shuckle Q
IMG Codes n/r/g/l 3/c/s/s 8/2/j/s 5/j/l/q
Mega Weavile Q
IMG Codes i/0/7/k j/n/b/k 7/q/x/g r/2/s/z
Mega Skarmory Q
IMG Codes e/t/e/o k/c/s/l p/1/c/a q/u/x/h
Mega Lugia Q
IMG Codes h/9/t/t i/g/1/d w/8/0/0 w/g/9/4
Mega Ho-oh Q
IMG Codes f/b/b/2 o/u/z/9 k/k/c/g f/t/f/5
Mega Celebi Q
IMG Codes 2/2/c/d 2/l/x/y m/q/3/d k/i/e/g
Mega Mightyena Q
IMG Codes i/v/n q/8/j k/k/5 7/9/v
Mega Breloom Q
IMG Codes 4/i/m/k t/6/a/o a/d/n/z f/d/e/2
Mega Manectric Q
IMG Codes t/h/8/9 v/5/5/e v/m/z/z 3/c/4/z
Mega Wailord Q
IMG Codes j/m/y/u v/w/w/b a/o/f/5 x/d/3/j
Mega Flygon Q
IMG Codes l/o/x q/v/0/w g/w/n/s y/e/h/d
Mega Zangoose Q
IMG Codes w/1/0 o/7/3/m z/a/s/y m/3/y/7
Mega Seviper Q
IMG Codes p/a/2/t 7/q/v/2 7/g/a/y p/a/p/2
Mega Milotic Q
IMG Codes e/p/g/r r/z/q/0 d/c/x/n a/a/j/e
Mega Froslass Q
IMG Codes u/2/f/e a/m/i/h b/l/q/a 8/v/f/p
Type Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Mega Jirachi Q
IMG Codes 7/3/9/9 5/4/v/h 1/a/e/t b/g/n
Mega Luxray Q
IMG Codes n/l/l/q p/9/j/w c/8/n/l q/3/u/g
Mega Floatzel Q
IMG Codes i/o/k/x v/l/p/d q/i/2/4 q/a/3/n
Mega Carnivine Q
IMG Codes s/2/o/n 2/z/l 8/5/3/0 x/8/g/u
Mega Lumineon Q
IMG Codes i/j/e/m y/w/2 r/0/6/6 s/3/m/s
Mega Giratina Q
IMG Codes w/u/4/8 n/0/h/o h/s/q/v 9/j/e/q
Mega Manaphy Q
IMG Codes g/6/7/t c/v/w/z h/v/d/5 1/m/z/w
Mega Shaymin Q
IMG Codes 3/o/p/k k/u/2/5 v/e/p/c l/x/w/8
Mega Victini Q
IMG Codes n/i/k/7 9/b/3/u x/6/c/y b/d/l/k
Mega Liepard Q
IMG Codes v/e/h/m 2/q/j/r l/3/l/y a/y/b/h
Mega Scolipede Q
IMG Codes c/u/s/o a/p/e/u g/r/z/6 p/i/h/6
Mega Scrafty Q
IMG Codes r/c/e/o x/l/w/p j/z/a/t r/6/r/u
Mega Zoroark Q
IMG Codes d/w/a/v q/7/2/g g/w/j/7 m/4/u/2
Mega Sawsbuck Q
IMG Codes u/n/f/1 s/6/w/s c/i/8/o z/k/7/l
Mega Chandelure Q
IMG Codes b/1/x/x l/c/5/1 7/h/g/j c/8/j/a
Mega Haxorus Q
IMG Codes 8/z/8/o y/1/2/v b/7/g/h n/h/c/l
Mega Beartic Q
IMG Codes c/2/x/j v/4/v/p o/f/3/w z/x/x/m
Mega Druddigon Q
IMG Codes p/u/o/0 9/u/p/z 9/v/e/1 k/0/o/z
Mega Pyroar Q
IMG Codes w/1/7/w 4/j/1/i 1/t/5/2 8/n/g/v
Mega Gogoat Q
IMG Codes 7/1/z/o e/1/b/i k/3/a/5 6/k/4/9
Mega Heliolisk Q
IMG Codes 7/0/l/l c/u/f/w p/m/8/h 5/2/m/t
Mega Hawlucha Q
IMG Codes v/k/e/t p/p/o/s z/a/u/y e/x/8/q
Mega Goodra Q
IMG Codes 9/e/z/q 8/p/t/9 2/f/1/v 8/x/o/e
Mega Noivern Q
IMG Codes 4/n 4/s 4/a 4/m
Mega Tsareena Q
IMG Codes j/p/2/x k/1/s/4 i/q/u/9 q/y/q/d
Mega Marshadow Q
IMG Codes 7/w/0/n 8/s/1/h b/h/g/c u/t/1/p