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Mega Evolution on PokéFarm Q is considerably different from the kind of Mega Evolution introduced in the Canon X and Y games. Mega Evolution on PokéFarm changes the forme of a Pokémon into that of a Mega forme, and is not done through any type of battling. Mega Evolution is permanent (as of February 22, 2015), and must be unlocked through special means.

Mega Stones

A Mega Stone is a special item needed for Mega Evolution. Each Mega Stone is specific and can only be used to Mega Evolve a single Pokémon species. Most Mega Stones contain the name of the Pokémon they can evolve in their name and summary. After Mega Evolving a Pokémon, the Mega Stone used will break and disappear from one's inventory.

For more information, please see the full article on: Mega Stones.

Mega Ring

The Mega Ring is a special accessory that is the second component in unlocking Mega Evolution. It is the default Key Stone accessory, and can be swapped out for other Key Stone accessories in the Trainer Customisation page. In order to unlock the accessory, the user must evolve Pokémon a total of 50 times or more, then visit Professor Holly.

Mega Accessories

The Mega Ring, can be swapped out for other of the Mega Accessories with Doug the Merchant. The Mega Accessories a user can swap for is dependent on how many times they have evolved a Pokémon. A user's active Mega Accessory is displayed on their User Page. The Mega Accessories available are as follows:

Name Icon Description Evolution Requirement
Mega Ring Mega Ring.png A bracelet that allows you to harness the power of Mega Evolution 50
Mega Bracelet Mega Bracelet.png Fashionable in Hoenn, this bracelet holds the Key Stone comfortably. 50
Cool Mega Bracelet Cool Mega Bracelet.png A custom-made bracelet to hold the Key Stone, designed to show off coolness. 100
Cute Mega Bracelet Cute Mega Bracelet.png A special bracelet with the Key Stone on a charm, design to enhance cuteness. 100
Mega Glove Mega Glove.png A glove designed to hold the Key Stone on the back of the wearer's hand. 200
Mega Pendant Mega Pendant.png A large pendant that holds the Key Stone snugly. It is somewhat heavy. 200
Mega Band Mega Band.png A band ring set with the Key Stone, fits best on the middle finger. 500
Mega Tiara Mega Tiara.png A blue tiara holding the Key Stone, made highly popular by Lisia's Contest mastery. 500
Mega Anchor Mega Anchor.png A replica of Archie's Mega Anchor, favoured by lovers of the sea. 1,000
Mega Glasses Mega Glasses.png A replica of Maxie's Mega Glasses, considered stylish among nerds. 1,000
Mega Charm Mega Charm.png A charm featuring the Key Stone at its centre, popularised by Diantha. 2,500
Mega Stickpin Mega Stickpin.png A pin that is usually worn on the lapel of a shirt or coat, but works on any clothes, showcasing the Key Stone. 2,500
Mega Anklet Mega Anklet.png An anklet that is shaped like a serpentine dragon, with the Key Stone set in its head. 5,000

How to Mega-Evolve a Pokémon

The Merchant's Mega Evolution Pop-up.

In order to Mega Evolve a Pokémon a user must have obtained a Mega Ring from Professor Holly.

  1. Give a Pokémon their respective Mega Stone.
  2. Go to the drop down menu for the Pokémon you wish to Mega Evolve.
  3. Select the Mega Evolve option.
  4. Read the Warning, informing you that the Mega Stone will break and become unusable through Mega Evolution.
  5. Choose either the Credit cost or the Gold Poké cost to Mega-Evolve. (The cost for Mega Evolution is not affected by Bonus Counter discounts.)