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PokéFarm (abbreviated as PF or PFQ) is a land located in the Pokémon World and is the centre of the PokéFarm world. It is a place to breed and raise Pokémon peacefully. PokéFarm Q should not to be confused with the old PokéFarm site, which is usually abbreviated as PF1.

Topography and Locations

PokéFarm is located near to the Sinnoh region and has an ideal climate for raising many types of Pokémon.

Some important locations include:

Description and History

PokéFarm was founded by Professor Holly to encourage people to interact with both Pokémon and people alike. Since then, it has grown to be a large community. PokéFarm is considered to be a community Farm and provides a relaxed environment for people to interact with friends and enjoy Pokémon. PokéFarm aims to provide people with a place to settle down and raise and breed Pokémon. PokéFarm's efficiency has increased after the arrival of Niet, who improved the System Salamence to run more efficiently.

PokéFarm is mainly populated by PokéFarm breeders and enthusiasts. It is a peaceful land with a relaxed and friendly air. Members of the Farm can breed and raise their own Pokémon, in contrast to battling as a Pokémon trainer would. PokéDex information is gathered from obtaining Pokémon, and PokéFarm also has its own national PokéDex ordering. PokéFarm has four additional PokéDex types, the Eggdex, ShinyDex, AlbinoDex, and MelanDex. These dexes, in short, are as their names suggest. The EggDex tracks hatched eggs, while the ShinyDex, AlbinoDex, and MelanDex track Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon respectively.