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Date Update
Dec. 19th
  • Updated Egg sprites for Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.


Date Update
Nov. 14th
  • Restricted the Heritage page to only show the first 100 siblings and children.


Date Update
Sep. 20th
  • Reverted the previous update (Sep. 19th) as it broke the Chain Unlock System and reworded the Summon Unlock dialogue box to state the distinction between unlocking and obtaining a Summon Item better.
Sep. 19th
  • Changed the way unlocking Summon Items works. The unlocked Summon Items are now deposited into one's inventory upon being unlocked. See Sep. 20th Update.


Date Update
Aug. 4th


Date Update
Jul. 30th
  • Obtaining über-rare items (Primal Orbs, Korokunite, etc.) is now possible without having unlocked Arceus.
Jul. 17th
Jul. 4th
  • Added artwork for 403, 404 and 418 error pages.
Jul. 2nd
  • Added total Boxes counter to the Boxes page.
  • Adjusted discounts for x10 and x60 DayCare Pass packs.


Date Update
Jun. 25th
Jun. 15th
  • "Nice!" notifications were removed.


Date Update
May 29th
May 28th
May 25th
  • Worlds 2014 Pikachu, Cosplay Pikachu and its costumes can be purchased at the Contest Hall.
May 13th
May 12th
  • It is now possible to attach Credits, Gold Poké, or Zophan Canisters to the trade request.
  • Added Mega Stone Vouchers 5 and 5+. They are available in the Black Market only.
May 11th
  • Increased Egg EXP bonus from having a hatched Pokémon of the same species in the Party.


Date Update
Apr. 29th
  • Added multi-upload support for the File Uploader.
Apr. 25th
  • A new advanced BBCode has been added for more flexibility on the appearance of your posts.
Apr. 11th
  • Boxes can now be traded in for a Box Box, with a small fee of ₢5,000 at the Merchant.
Apr. 7th
  • The PokéRadar+ is available to be purchased in the shop for ₢250,000.


Date Update
Mar. 10th
  • Rayvne now exchanges Gems for Medium and Large gems to reduce trading needs.
Mar. 2nd
  • Delphox now have a 1 in 10 chance of being left handed. Only Fennekin eggs laid after 5PM on March 2, 2015 have a chance of becoming a lefty-Delphox when evolved.


Date Update
Feb. 23rd
Feb. 22nd
  • Option for Temporary Mega Evolution removed. Instead, Credits may be used for Permanent Mega Evolution, but at a much higher cost.
  • [M] Egg Supplier was implemented.
Feb. 15th
  • Summon Items now share the same chance to be found.
  • Lucky Seals are no longer restricted to only unlocked Summon Items.
Feb. 12th
  • PokéDex updated to new format: Now includes entries for Exclusive Pokémon and filters.
  • Base Price of Lucky Seals in the Black Market has been reduced.
  • Bulk rates for Lucky Seals and Egg Passes are now offered in the Black Market.
Feb. 10th
  • All Bonus Counter targets receive an update to better scale to the rate the Community was filling them.
Feb. 9th
Feb. 6th
  • Birthday Custom Sprite event added.
  • Birthday Event 2015-2016 cycle begins.


Date Update
Jan. 28th
  • Trade and Battle requests no longer send a SYSTEM PM; instead, the requests create Notifications.
Jan. 27th
  • New BBCode for Species and Item icons, as well as Inventory counting are implemented.
Jan. 26th
  • Grab Bags are removed.
  • Premium Boxes are made able to open.
  • Notifications are made view-able on every page.
Jan. 25th
Jan. 23rd
  • Previously hidden [readername] BBCode restricted to usage only by Staff members.
Jan. 21st
  • [M] Baby Pokémon that require Incenses are now unobtainable in the Lab. Instead, their evolutions' Eggs can be found in the Lab. To breed these Baby Pokémon, a parent must be holding one of the Incenses, which are now available in the Shop.
Jan. 20th
  • A notice prompting the user to update their browser will now appear at the top of any page if the user is using an outdated browser.
Jan. 19th
  • [M] PokéFarm Q Exclusives are now registered under a seperate "PokéFarm Q" region.
Jan. 16th
  • Statistics for Battling are made available.
  • Battling will now reward an L-sized Stat Training Bag or a Special Training Bag upon winning.
  • Levels are now displayed on the Battle Challenge screen.
Jan. 15th
  • [M] Acree's Bonus Counter target adjusted to match higher Credit spending rate from new features.
Jan. 14th
  • Tooltips containing Pokémon details in the Fields page now includes icons to indicated Mega Forme and Albino status.
Jan. 7th
  • Ctrl + Clicking a Pokémon in the Fields page will open that Pokémon's Summary Page in a new tab.
Jan. 4th
  • User registration now asks for a Referrer.
  • Referrals grant rewards to users.
Jan. 3rd
  • The Matchup Checker will now inform you if the pair may produce something unexpected. (an exclusive or otherwise)
  • Legendary Pokémon can now change their formes, excluding Arceus.
Jan. 2nd
Jan. 1st [M] The New Years Update: [2]


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  2. New Years Announcement