Zophan Canisters

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A Zophan Canister
Zophan Canisters (often abbreviated as ZC or Zophan) are a type of premium currency that can be used to buy Account Upgrades, such as Hypermode, or a myriad of other unique items.

For the substance that makes up Zophan Canisters, see Zophan.

Obtaining Zophan Canisters

Zophan Canisters can be purchased with real-life money, received as a prize from official contests, or traded between users. When purchasing Zophan Canisters, there is a minimum requirement of Zophan Canister 16x16.png100 and a maximum limit of Zophan Canister 16x16.png50,000 per transaction.

Purchasing Zophan Canisters

  • Transactions are only available through the online payment service PayPal, via the Zophan Canister page.
  • The exchange rate is £1 (GBP) for Zophan Canister 16x16.png100, with equivalent exchanges from (GBP) to other currencies.
  • Occasional promotions may be given for Zophan Canisters, increasing the amount received when purchasing them.

Use of Zophan Canisters

While primarily used for purchasing Hypermode and certain Account Upgrades, Zophan Canisters have additional uses.

  • Account Upgrades: This includes Account Upgrades such as Hypermode Vouchers, Lucky Seals, and large amounts of Boxes. These are sold in different quantities, and can be found on the Treasure Boxes page.
  • Money Safe: Zophan Canisters can be spent to purchase a Money Safe. This can be found on this ([1]) page
  • Charms: Shiny Charms and Übercharms can be purchased with Zophan Canisters to aid in Shiny Hunting.
  • Other Currencies: Zophan Canisters may be converted into Gold Poké or Credits. Gold Poké Vouchers of varying amounts can be bought from the Gold Poké page. Credits can be bought indirectly by purchasing Treasure from the Credits Page and selling them from the Inventory or on the Market.
  • Promotions: Certain items or Custom Sprites will be sold for various promotions or fundraisers for a limited time. When announced, they can be found on their own respective pages.
  • Premium Boxes: Users can partake in the Loyalty Bonus, where purchasing Zophan Canisters over time will fill in a progress bar. Once the bar is filled the user can claim a free Premium Box - "a special kind of Treasure Box that is guaranteed to contain something awesome!"
  • Pokémon Costumes: Different Pokémon may receive a special Costume, which can be bought with Zophan Canisters, on the Dressing Room page.