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The PFQ Chat, simply known as Chat, is a network on PokéFarm that allows users to communicate with each other. In Chat, the Site Rules, with addition of Chat Rules, are enforced. It can be accessed through the link in the top right of the website, labeled "Chat." The Chat is now located on Discord, but it can be accessed through the link.

New users must complete the Tutorial to gain access to the Site Chat.

Chat Rules

The latest version is available here.

  1. This site is child-friendly. Please behave appropriately with this in mind.
  2. No off-site links are to be posted without permission being given first - only from a member of staff.
  3. The chat is not a trade area - please use the trade forums for this.
    1. --This includes asking questions pertaining to the price of items.
  4. Please do not flood the chat with consistent messages nor spam. This includes click begging. Avoid elongating your letters, and please do not use excessive caps.
    1. Please try to avoid posts with less than three words consistently. This spams up the chatroom.
  5. Please don't turn the chat into a roleplay room. This is not its intended design.
  6. Please avoid posting any spoilers in the chat. Hide tags do not work there.
  7. While generic chatspeak such as "lol" and "omg" is allowed, using entirely chatspeak is not allowed.


The Settings Tab is a toggle-able tab found on the upper-right hand side of the Chat page. When toggled, the user can enable the Chat ping that will go off whenever a 'Keyword' is entered into the Chat; as well as set its' volume. By default, the username is the first 'Keyword', the user can add more on a new line and/or by separating them by commas.

Users Present

The Users Present Tab states the total number of users next to its' header. SYSTEM always appears as the first user in it, and is always present; underneath, any staff members present can be found in order of the positions, similarly to the Staff Roster. After that, any and all users present can be found in alphabetical order.