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PokéFarm Next, also known as PFNext or PFN, is a brand new game sharing the same setting of PFQ but with different mechanics. PokéFarm Next does not have an official name since Niet did not want to imply that PFQ was being replaced.

Note: Beta testing time is not here yet. This site is still in very early alpha.

Below are highlighted updates from the Dev Logs or on Discord. A lot of this information is tentative and details may be revised, changed, or scrapped at any time.

 "I would just note that - while the page on the Wiki does have a lot of info - a lot of it is out of date because it comes from the previous prototype. The current version, for instance, doesn't have any UI at all yet, so things like how the Party will look, how the Inventory and Fields will work, all of that is up in the air right now. So while there is a disclaimer on the Wiki page about how things might be changed, I'm gonna broaden that to everything being nebulous ." ~ Quote from Niet[1]
Note: This page will be updated as we get updates from Niet.

Getting Started

  • The registration form allows users to select from male, female or neutral pronouns, or fill in their own.
    • The pronoun will be used in the game's story cutscenes when referring to a user's character.
    • The pronoun can be changed freely from the Settings page, and there is an option to have it match the user's trainer specifically.
      • Users can be a male-presenting trainer with female pronouns, or vice versa, if they wish.
  • Users will be allowed to appear offline.
    • This option is also available on the login screen, so users may log in invisibly.
    • When appearing offline, the user will show in the Offline VIPs list for anyone who has them as a VIP.
    • When appearing offline, users do not show in the Online Users list, but they do count towards the "Total users online" stats.
    • When appearing as Busy, if someone tries to PM, Spar, Trade etc. with a user they will receive a notification that the user is Busy.
  • All features will not be available from the start.
  • A shaking egg will be an indicator of when something is loading.


  • There is now a combination of username and number in User:#### format.
    • This will create a unique identifier.
      • This allows there to be two Niets, but there may be only one Niet:9801. The other Niet will have to use a different number.
    • Hypermode allows a user to customize their number.
  • Staff members are identifiable due to a circled yellow star in front of their username.
  • Username changes are to be automated, and come with a shorter cooldown.
    • A user's old username will link to their new page for a set duration of time so that other users have a chance to update this information on their clicklists.
      • This temporary preservation of information can be circumvented by requesting a manual username change via the Support Centre.


  • Tasks have been replaced with Quests.
  • Quests will be used to introduce the user to the game.
    • Quests will follow the visual story type of format.
      • This will allow users to learn about the lore and life of PokéFarm on a more personal level, and there is a good chance that there will be background stories of Staff members and NPCs as well.}
  • When unlocking a new feature, it will be via a Quest where an NPC will tell you about it, and then you may be asked to use that feature in order to complete that Quest.
  • Some Quests will be repeatable, such as on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Quests will be togglable to be silent via the Quests page.


  • Removal of berries from the interaction process, and replace it with "Pet the Pokémon" or "Hold the Egg".
    • No needing to sort Fields by flavour since every interaction is equal.
  • There's a "Pet/Hold All" button that lets users interact with the entire party in a single click.
    • Manual interactions can be done in the Pokémon's Summary Page.
      • Interacting with an individual Pokémon will give more EXP to the Pokémon than the Pet/Hold All button would.
  • The Pokémon Panel BBCode will most likely not make a return.


  • Berries in the inventory would be usable as consumable items.
  • When eaten it will grant an amount of EXP depending on how well-liked the flavour is and how rare/strong the berry itself is.
    • The berries grown in the Berry Garden can be fed them to a user's Pokémon for more EXP!


  • The Party page is now the user's Profile.
  • In the mobile view, the party is staggered so that Pokémon like Shellos that have left/right requirements are still apparent.
  • Avatars will be shown on the Trainer Card.
  • Users will be allowed to have a Title.
    • Titles start with Farmer but users can unlock more through gameplay, achievements, etc.
    • Staff will have a custom Title.


  • Renaming VIP groups.
  • The Personal Messages system has the addition of conversation tags that can customised.
    • This is for organising conversations and there are 12 tag slots.
  • Built-in Site Skins- the Light skin, Dark skin, and a Garthic-themed skin.
    • There is a re-addition of brown to the colour scheme.
  • There are set CSS variables for links, hovered links, and visited links.
  • Buttons now respond to skin colours.
  • Tabs now have a BBCode instead of needing to use CSS.
    • The tabs will be on the left side on a desktop.
    • The tabs will be across the top on mobile or for a user's About Me.
    • Styling can still be done for customisation.


  • The NavBar has bigger buttons with text labels clearly visible.
  • The navigation is folded into six neat sections.
    • Profile menu: shows currencies, the log out button, etc.
    • Pokémon menu: shows the party, fields, lab, and dojo links.
    • Items menu: shows the inventory and Pokédex links.
    • Events menu: shows the Quests link.
    • Social menu: shows PMs, VIP list, the Public Forums, and a user's subscribed threads.
    • Notices menu: shows notifications and server time.
      • More links will be added under the NavBar icons as users unlock their respective features.


  • All Pokémon will have a minimum level requirement to evolve.
    • For example, Weepinbell evolves into Victreebel at Level 35 and with a Leaf Stone.
    • There's a level and affection requirement for the Mega Evolution.
  • Some Exclusive Pokémon will have a name change.
  • The minisprites have gone from not having platforms to actually having platforms.
    • This includes the pkmn BBCode.

Summary Page

  • The Pokémon's Summary Page has tabs called Summary, Details, Stats, Sharing, and Options.
    • Summary: Lists the Species, Level/Exp%, Created, Hatched, and Description.
      • The OT will be clearly defined here.
    • Details: Lists the Happiness, Affection, Nature, Location, Held Item, and users can track its evolution requirements, including that of alternative evolutionary paths.
    • Stats: Lists all of the battle/beauty statistics.
      • Users will also be able to check on the Level Stats for each Dojo Challenge Level along with the current Level.
    • Sharing: Lists the Display Codes for the Pokemon.
      • It also allows a user to click on the "Share..." button and depending on the native sharing the browser has it will instantly share to Discord or other places.
  • Users can change your Pokémon's Description.
  • Users can also track evolutions (up to 50) and be notified when the requirements are met.
  • Formes in general are simplified into just one entry.
    • For example, Alolan Rattata is considered an alternative forme of Rattata, with its breeding conditions declared and handled appropriately.
    • All alternative forms count as a single Dex entry, but are still registered independently so that you can be as completionist as the user wants without needing every single forme to complete the game.
  • "Custom Sprites" can just be event-reward alternate forms as well!
  • Unown will be a single Dex entry. As will Silvally, Arceus, and even Saiyan Rattata!


  • PokéFarm now has its own Region named Rento.
  • Forme names are now written out for ease.
  • The 100% completion circle has been adjusted to be more intuitively read.
  • Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic icons will not be shown at the beginning of the game.
    • Once users unlock the ability to obtain them, the respective icons will show up in the Pokédex.
  • Delta Pokémon will also be a part of PFNext.
  • Pokémon that have gender differences will now alternate minisprites to show said differences.
    • The Pokémon will fade one out and the other in every couple of seconds on its own.
  • The mobile version of the Pokédex has a sliding transition that moves the Region/Rarity/Entries selection panels in and out of view from the left/right like little cards.
  • When a user starts the game, they will be limited to the Swarm and Very Common Pokémon rarities from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.
    • Completing the story Quests will allow a user to gain access to more rarities and even go to different regions.
  • The Pokédex is sorted by region, then again by rarity, then Pokémon.
  • The base forme of a species gives information on how to obtain the variant forme.
  • Gender differences are viewable on their Pokédex entry.
  • Region Forme Pokémon are now a part of their actual region.
    • For example, Alolan Forme Rattata will be found in the Alola Region instead of in the Kanto Region.
    • This helps with the Legendary Pokémon Dex requirements so that users are no longer confused about which Region the forme counts towards.
  • Unown have their own section in the pokedex. They no longer count towards the Johto Dex.
  • The Pokédex is now searchable!


  • Fields are arranged in a grid format.
    • Mass select and mass drag has made its way to PFNext.
    • A change in glow colour shows a user if they can place a Pokémon in a space or not.

Pokémon Lab

  • The Lab now has tabs named About, Eggs, and Progression.
    • The Progression tab shows users the groups of Pokémon that are available to them in the Lab based on their Quest completion.



  • Users will be able to adopt every single egg that they breed in the DayCare.
  • Vivillon patterns can be made hereditary.


  • Shelter and DayCare Passes will not be added.
    • Users will be allowed to adopt more from their DayCare.
    • Added a grace period in which a user can reclaim/buy back an accidentally released/turned in Pokémon.

Trade Centre

  • The plan is for users to be able to create a trade session with one another, and use an integrated "chat" area within that session in order to post their offers and counteroffers to one another.
  • Users will no longer be obligated to send a Pokémon at all.
  • Users will be able to send items en masse.
  • Trading will cost Interaction Points.
    • The intent is to add a cost to skipping the bulk of the game.
    • If users are trying to acquire a Pokémon that they have not obtained yet, then the associated IP cost will be increased.
  • There is going to be a place to make requests for Pokémon.


  • The Sparring section is tabbed as well.
    • The tabs are named Information, New Challenge, Incoming, and History.
  • When users set up a challenge they will be able to choose the Challenge Level.
    • The Levels to choose from are as low as 10 and as high as 100.
    • If the Pokémon are above the chosen level they will be temporarily adjusted.
      • If the Pokémon are below the chosen level they will not be temporarily adjusted.
  • Both users will wager the amount of credits equal to the level.
    • For example, Challenge Level is at Level 50 so both users wager 50.
  • The winner of the challenge will receive a Prize of almost double the wager amount.
    • For example, the Wager is 50 so the prize is 90.
    • The dojo takes about 10% as a fee.
  • The battles are now animated.
  • After a battle, users will have the option to get a replay link of the battle.
    • The replay link is only valid for a week after the battle.
  • Genesect will be able to use its held Drive as an alternative attack type in Spars

Releasing Pokémon

  • Releasing Pokémon gives users Credits.
  • NPC Trainers will ask for certain Pokémon to be provided.
    • Meeting that request will yield an additional reward than just releasing anything would.
  • There will be a one week buy-back period for turned in or released Pokémon.


  • Users will be able to transfer their specials once a criteria is met.
    • The thought is that users will need the Pokédex entry of the normal of that Pokémon on PFNext.
  • Users will be able to trade their transferred Pokémon.


  • There will no longer be long chains like 6,300 Weedle chain.
  • Chains will reset after hatching a shiny.
  • Hatching a shiny will then count towards another counter which would make it easier to hatch an albino/melan the next time around.


  • The Public Forums are now tabbed.
    • The tabs are named Core, PokéFarm Q, Pokémon, and Other.
      • These are the same sections as the PFQ Public Forums but this will make it easier to find the section/thread users are looking for.


  • The name of the development server is suicune.pokefarm.com.
    • There will be no "dirty hacks" on PFNext, Suicune will make sure of it!
  • Badges will return but hoarding RTEs will not.
  • Bonus Counters do not exist.
    • If bonuses are added they will more likely be earned on an individual basis, and may even be tradable.
  • A search bar in the Inventory.
  • Sprites, code, and the web pages are compressed to save as much data and space as possible while maintaining the visual quality of the sprites and readability of the code.
    • Meaning things will run a lot faster, smoother, and more responsive.
  • On most of the pages, the last tab that a user is on will be remembered. Niet called this a Tab Memory.
    • Meaning if a user was on the Eggs tab in the Lab then when they go back to the Lab page it will take them directly to the Eggs tab.

Plugin System

  • The Block User and the QoL will be expanded into an actual plugin system.
  • Interested developers will be able to build a plugin, there will be a system in place for registering plugins and publishing them for others to use.
  • Site Skins will be a type of plugin - a very simple one that just has a colour definition file.
  • Plugins can be as complex as desired, like the QoL one.
  • This will make customising the game experience much easier.


  • Before the 30th of January 2024, PFNext was known as PokéFarm New or PFNew.[2]