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Garthic appears as a Riolu with hazel eyes, standing at a height of 4'2" and weighing 40kg.[1] The collar portion of his neck is also a greenish colour, and he has a white mark on his chest. Additionally, Garthic's fur is also more ruffled than a standard Riolu.

Background via. SYSTEM

The following is taken from SYSTEM's 'Garthic'[2]

"Coming from an adoptive family, this Riolu was rather slow to learn that you didn't necessarily need blood-ties to have a family, as he now calls a Zangoose, who is completely unrelated to him, his 'Brother'. Growing up in such an environment led this snarky canine to being (in the end), as well as sarcastic and cynical, rather accepting of others.

After quite an adventure, he chose to settle down somewhere - it took some time, but he finally came upon PokeFarm whilst Kolink was running things. After settling in for a while, and making friends with Kolink, other staff members, and a number of people that he met from the community, he decided he wanted to give back to the people who had given him, and his extended family, a place to stay."

Placeholder Background via. main page introduction

The following is a joke - and a reference to Eddie Izzard - the actual content has yet to be written and placed in the character bio/background.

Garthic was an adventurer from the Sinnoh region. One day he was sailing around the world, landed on PokéFarm's beach and stuck a flag in it.

"I claim PokéFarm for the Empire of Garthic!" he said.

"You can't claim us, we live here..."

Sorry, the backstory writer has been shot.

Roles in PFQ

(Still a placeholder)

Garthic functions as a Pokésona for one of the site's actual administrators, Garthic and is the mascot of a Bonus Counter.


  • Garthic's full name is Garthic Radenfel
  • Garthic has occasionally been called 'Garth'.
  • The character Garthic belongs to and is the Pokésona of the staff member Garthic.
  • The head of a Riolu can be seen on the card that represents Interaction Points.


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