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The User Page is a user-editable page accessed mainly from your Party. It displays a user's Trainer Card, a user's Party, and an about tab that can be personalized by the owner of the page.


Main Article: Party

This section displays any eggs or Pokémon the user has in their party. These eggs and Pokémon can be interacted with or have their summaries viewed.

Trainer Card

Main Article: Trainer Card

Trainer Card of a Moderator.

Trainer Cards provide identification information on each individual member of PokéFarm. They are found on the public profiles of users and contain various information sections. The trainer card depicts a trainer sprite, username, the user's Starter Pokémon species, Rank and Class of the user and the date the user joined PokéFarm. Beneath this information there are the Gemwish Badges and the trainer's status.

About Me

This text-heavy space contains user-written information (written by the user owning the page). It can be edited to the owner's liking. The About Me section on the User-Page supports the BBCode offered on Pokéfarm Q. The maximum width of this space is 310px and the height is restricted to 1000px.