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The User Page, also known as a User's Profile Page, is the page that is seen by other users. It displays the user's Trainer Card, Party, About Me, and Trainer Avatar. This page can be personalized by the owner of the page. The owner of the page can access their Profile by either the link at the top of their Party Page, by clicking their own username at the top of each page, or by clicking on their Avatar at the top of each page and then clicking Profile.


Main Article: Party

This section displays any Eggs or Pokémon the user has in their party. These eggs and Pokémon can be interacted with or have their summary pages viewed.

Profile owners can edit or rearrange their Pokémon or Eggs from either their Party page or their Profile page.

Trainer Card

Main Article: Trainer Card

Trainer Card of a generic user.

Trainer Cards provide identification information on each individual member of PokéFarm. They are found on users' public profiles and contain various information sections. The trainer card depicts a trainer sprite, username, the user's Starter Pokémon species, Rank and Class of the user and the date the user joined PokéFarm. Beneath this information, there are the Gemwish Badges and the trainer's status.

The trainer Status can be customized by the owner of the page through the Menu of the About Me and by selecting "Edit Trainer Card". It does not allow BBCode; however, users can copy and paste a Shortlink. Users can obtain shortlinks by clicking the "Get shortlink for this page" link at the bottom of every page. Pasting the shortlink URL will change its appearance to a clickable [link] as shown in the example. The maximum number of characters allowed is 400.

About Me

This text-heavy space contains user-written information (written by the user owning the page). It can be edited to the owner's liking. The About Me section on the User-Page supports the BBCode offered on Pokéfarm Q. The maximum width of this space is 310px, the height is restricted to 1000px, and the maximum number of characters is 25,000.

Other users can click on the About Me Menu to do any of the following:

  • Send Message: Allows users to create a conversation with that user.
  • Send Trade/Gift: Allows users to trade with that user.
  • Send Spar Request: Allows users to challenge that user to a Spar.
  • VIP Settings: Allows users to add that user to their VIP List.
  • Send Nice!: Allows users to send a quick Nice! notification to that user.
  • Report User: Allows users to report that user if they have broken a site rule. Before reporting, users should read the Warning and the Reporting Users Guide.

Public Profile Note

If a user is on their own Public Profile page a note will be seen under their party. This note explains that this is their Public Profile and more personal details are located on the Party Page.

If a user does not want to see this message they may add #thisisyourprofile {display:none} to their site skin.


  • Before the 24th of June 2023:
    • The maximum number of characters allowed in the About Me was 65,536.
    • The maximum number of characters allowed in the Trainer Card was 16,777,215.
  • By the 25th of June 2023, it was determined that 10,000 characters in the About Me was a bit too restrictive.