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Niet is an NPC on Pokéfarm Q. He is the main Administrator, and the programmer of System Salamence.


Niet tends to be quite distant, taking little interest in social goings-on in favour of his work. To him, there is nothing more satisfying than a successful project. Niet is very wary of humans but may eventually warm up to them, as in the case of first arriving at PokéFarm. Niet often has a generally angry personality.

Niet takes on the forme of a Dark Absol with dark colouration and icy blue eyes, as well as a hooked tail. His Hypermode/HyperNiet forme includes darker and thicker fur, a twisted Absol horn, and large, draconic wings. In this forme he is surrounded by a blue and violet glowing aura. Niet cannot fully control his Hypermode transformation, but will usually transform when angered or influenced by another strong emotion. Niet is 29 years of age.

When in Absol forme, Niet has the ability Pressure, which he will jokingly refer to as "Super Unluck" to reference not having the ability Super Luck, and also having bad luck in general. In Hypermode, his ability is changed to Schadenfreude, in which Niet recovers 1/8th HP of the damage dealt to his opponent. Niet becames a Dark/Zophan-type Pokémon in Hypermode. One of Niet's documented moves is Zophan Shield, a Zophan-type status move in which the user sacrifices a small amount of HP to create a shield that can lower the SpAtk of opponents. This move may be used repeatedly unlike other protection moves, though not indefinitely as it does require HP.


Niet originally lived in the Dark World, a parallel dimension to our own. On the day of the Dark World's destruction, Niet survived just long enough. He was struck by falling Zophan right as Time itself froze, granting him his Hypermode transformation. (Much of Niet's backstory at this point actually has nothing to do with him - he was just affected by events elsewhere.) With nothing left in the Dark World, Niet found a portal and travelled to the Light World.

Niet was quick to pick up on human technology, and he also learned the human language to communicate better with the Scientists who took interest in him. Of course, they wanted to use him for their personal gain, and suffered the wrath of his Hypermode as punishment.

Seeking somewhere peaceful to live, Niet found PokéFarm. He was wary of Holly and Laurel at first, but eventually warmed to them. He reprogrammed their System Salamence from scratch, resulting in much higher performance and efficiency.

Roles in PFQ

Niet is in charge of programming System Salamence and helping with the general administration of PokéFarm. Niet also functions as a Pokésona for the site's actual administrator and is the mascot of the Interactions Counter.


  • 'Niet' means 'not' in the Dutch language.
  • The character Niet belongs to and is the Pokésona of the site's administrator and creator, Niet.
  • A Niet sprite is present on the Hypermode userbar.
  • A picture of an Absol is shown on Niet's "Programmer" userbar.
  • Credits have an Absol head printed on them, as seen on the Credits page.