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Sei is an NPC on Pokéfarm Q. She is an Administrator, and the Art Director for PFQ.


Sei is very social, often found interacting with others. She's the head of art staff and assists with finding missing Pokémon due to her abilities. Things don't always work according to plan, but she's always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. She can best be described as enthusiastic, persistent and realistic.

Sei is half Zorua and half Poochyena. Her base coloration is grey and her secondary color is best described as a dark steel blue. She has striking purple eyes and wears a purple bow around her neck. She has a Zorua fluff collar and has the Zorua eye brows. Her tail is very long and is patterned at the tips. She is currently learning how to control her illusory abilities, and is determined to learn how to fully control them. She can currently do small party tricks and glamour herself to appear as a different Pokémon, though the latter takes a lot of concentration and she cannot yet move with her illusion. Sei is 20 years old.


Roles in PFQ

Sei is a part of the Graphics team as an Art Director. She is also a mascot on the Shinies Counter, and can also be seen on one of the Administrator userbars.


  • Sei's full name is Seiyena Riel.
  • Sei is the Pokésona of the Art Director Sei