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Regional Forme Pokémon, also known as regional variants, are an alternate forme of a Pokémon species that are found in the Alola, Galar, and Hisui regions. These Pokémon have adapted to the environment change of a different region than their region of origin.

Regional formes are named by having their region in front of their name; for example, Sandshrew in its Alolan Form is known as Alolan Sandshrew. All regional formes are found in their Origin Forme's region of the PokeDex; e.g. Alolan Sandshrew would be found in the Kanto Region PokeDex.

Regional Variants have a unique egg than their origin formes. They can be bred with a specific method. Legendary regional variants can not be bred but they do have their own Summon Items.

Some Pokémon evolve into their Regional Forme through special conditions. For example, Pikachu evolves into an Alolan Raichu via a Thunderstone while it is near a Tapu Koko.

List of Alolan Formes

Here is a list of the Alolan Formes.

Dex No. Pokémon Origin Forme Alolan Forme
019 Rattata (Kanto) Rattata.png Alolan Rattata.png
020 Raticate (Kanto) Raticate.png Alolan Raticate.png
027 Raichu (Kanto) Raichu.png Alolan Raichu.png
028 Sandshrew (Kanto) Sandshrew.png Alolan Sandshrew.png
029 Sandslash (Kanto) Sandslash.png Alolan Sandslash.png
038 Vulpix (Kanto) Vulpix.png Alolan Vulpix.png
039 Ninetales (Kanto) Ninetales.png Alolan Ninetales.png
054 Diglett (Kanto) Diglett.png Alolan Diglett.png
055 Dugtrio (Kanto) Dugtrio.png Alolan Dugtrio.png
056 Meowth (Kanto) Meowth.png Alolan Meowth.png
057 Persian (Kanto) Persian.png Alolan Persian.png
079 Geodude (Kanto) Geodude.png Alolan Geodude.png
080 Graveler (Kanto) Graveler.png Alolan Graveler.png
081 Golem (Kanto) Golem.png Alolan Golem.png
095 Grimer (Kanto) Grimer.png Alolan Grimer.png
096 Muk (Kanto) Muk.png Alolan Muk.png
111 Exeggutor (Kanto) Exeggutor.png Alolan Exeggutor.png
113 Marowak (Kanto) Marowak.png Alolan Marowak.png

List of Galarian Formes

Here is a list of the Galarian Formes. Some of the Galarian Formes may also evolve into a new evolution; for example, Galarian Meowth evolves into Perrserker. These new evolutions can be found in the Galar Region in the PokeDex.

Dex No. Pokémon Origin Forme Galarian Forme
056 Meowth (Kanto) Meowth.png Galarian Meowth.png
082 Ponyta (Kanto) Ponyta.png Galarian Ponyta.png
083 Rapidash (Kanto) Rapidash.png Galarian Rapidash.png
084 Slowpoke (Kanto) Slowpoke.png Galarian Slowpoke.png
085 Slowbro (Kanto) Slowbro.png Galarian Slowbro.png
086 Slowking (Kanto) Slowking.png Galarian Slowking.png
090 Farfetch'd (Kanto) Farfetch'd.png Galarian Farfetch'd.png
117 Weezing (Kanto) Weezing.png Galarian Weezing.png
132 Mr. Mime (Kanto) Mr. Mime.png Galarian Mr. Mime.png
159 Articuno (Kanto) Articuno.png Galarian Articuno.png
160 Zapdos (Kanto) Zapdos.png Galarian Zapdos.png
161 Moltres (Kanto) Moltres.png Galarian Moltres.png
235 Corsola (Johto) Corsola.png Galarian Corsola.png
277 Zigzagoon (Hoenn) Zigzagoon.png Galarian Zigzagoon.png
278 Linoone (Hoenn) Linoone.png Galarian Linoone.png
554 Darumaka (Unova) Darumaka.png Galarian Darumaka.png
555 Darmanitan (Unova) Darmanitan.png Galarian Darmanitan.png
555 Darmanitan Zen Mode (Unova) Darmanitan Zen Mode.png Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode.png
562 Yamask (Unova) Yamask.png Galarian Yamask.png
618 Stunfisk (Unova) Stunfisk.png Galarian Stunfisk.png

List of Hisuian Formes

Here is a list of the Hisuian Formes. Some of the Hisuian Formes may also evolve into a new evolution; for example, Hisuian Qwilfish evolves into Overqwil. These new evolutions can be found in the Sinnoh Region in the PokeDex.

Dex No. Pokémon Origin Forme Hisuian Forme
062 Growlithe (Kanto) Growlithe.png Hisuian Growlithe.png
063 Arcanine (Kanto) Arcanine.png Hisuian Arcanine.png
108 Voltorb (Kanto) Voltorb.png Hisuian Voltorb.png
172 Typhlosion (Johto) Typhlosion.png Hisuian Typhlosion.png
223 Qwilfish (Johto) Qwilfish.png Hisuian Qwilfish.png
226 Sneasel (Johto) Sneasel.png Hisuian Sneasel.png
503 Samurott (Unova) Samurott.png Hisuian Samurott.png
549 Lilligant (Unova) Lilligant.png Hisuian Lilligant.png
550 Basculin (Unova) Red Stripe Basculin.pngBlue Stripe Basculin.png White Stripe Basculin.png
570 Zorua (Unova) Zorua.png Hisuian Zorua.png
571 Zoroark (Unova) Zoroark.png Hisuian Zoroark.png
628 Braviary (Unova) Braviary.png Hisuian Braviary.png
704 Sliggoo (Kalos) Sliggoo.png Hisuian Sliggoo.png
705 Goodra (Kalos) Goodra.png Hisuian Goodra.png
712 Avalugg (Kalos) Avalugg.png Hisuian Avalugg.png
723 Decidueye (Alola) Decidueye.png Hisuian Decidueye.png