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A user's Rank or User Rank is a special title determined by how many PokéDex and EggDex entries they have registered on PokéFarm Q. Special Community Helper Ranks also exist, to mark users who work to help the community in some form. In addition to their rank, users have a Class which is determined by the number of entries in their ShinyDex.

Note: Staff and Hypermode Userbars are not displayed here and can be found on their respective pages.

Where to View

A user's Rank may be viewed in the following areas:

  • Trainer Card: Located on the User Page.
  • Public Forums: Shown on their userbar, displayed alongside a user's name and avatar (on the left-hand side of the post).
  • Personal Messages
  • Party Page: Under the user's party and this area is where a user may collect their Rank rewards. This area is not viewable by the public.

Types of Ranks

Game Progression Ranks

These Ranks apply to every User of PokéFarm Q. This Rank will improve as a User makes progress towards completing the PokéDex.

Note: When a new Pokémon is added users will lose the Arceus Rank if their EggDex and PokéDex dip below the required amounts until their EggDex and PokéDex are once again brought above the rank's percentage threshold.

Rank Percentage of completion PokéDex and EggDex completion Reward for reaching

0% N/A

1% Lab Reloader x50

3% Scour Slot Prime

6% Lab Speed Boost Prime

10% Daycare Adoption Increase

15% Key Stone + Mega Stone Voucher
Note: If If the Key Stone was already obtained from the Lab under the old system, it is replaced with a Data Volume Voucher

21% Scour Boost Prime

28% Gold Amulet

36% Daycare Breeding Boost
Note: This is a placeholder until the 2024 breeding update.

45% Ditto Egg Voucher x1

55% Silver Amulet

67% Supplier Expansion

81% Shelter Budget Boost
Note: This is a placeholder until the 2024 shelter update

99% Cobalt Amulet

100% Trainer Card Star (cosmetic only)

Community Helper Ranks

A Community Helper is a user who has been recognized by the PokéFarm Q Staff for contributing to the site in any way. A different Rank will be administered depending on where or how the user is helping. These Ranks symbolise volunteered time and effort in helping the PokéFarm Q community as a whole and gives users a 10% and 50% boost to their Egg hatching speed respectively. However, users with these Ranks are not considered members of the PokéFarm Q Staff. As such, users holding these ranks are not listed on the staff page. The ranks are simply awarded to those who are recognized by the staff due to their efforts to improve the site as a whole.

Note: These Ranks are distributed solely at the discretion of the Staff, and will NOT be given out upon request.
Rank Description

Helping Hand
The Moderators have recognised these Users as being generally helpful and trustworthy on-site. Usually well-versed in PokéFarm Q mechanics, these Users seldom need to be corrected by Staff.

Wiki Editor
This Rank is held by users who work to maintain the PokéFarm Q Wiki for the use of the community. The Rank is given to users who contribute quality edits to the Wiki. Users with this rank moderate any edits made to the Wiki by all editors.

Nitro Booster
This Rank is held by users who nitro boost the PFQ Discord Server. This Rank is present as long as the user is currently boosting the discord server.


A user's Class is determined by the percentage of ShinyDex entries they have registered on their PokéDex. The Class prefixes the Rank on a user's Trainer Card; for example, a Master-rank user with 21% ShinyDex completion will be shown as "C+ Master".

A Class Banner is shown as directly underneath the user's Rank userbar, on both the Forums and inside Personal Messages. As the minimum requirement for the lowest Class is at 1% ShinyDex completion, a user with not enough ShinyDex entries will not have a Class or its corresponding Class Banner.

List of Classes

Banner Class ShinyDex Percentage
(none) (none) 0
E 1%
E+ 3%
D 6%
D+ 10%
C 15%
C+ 21%
B 28%
B+ 36%
A 45%
A+ 55%
S 67%
SS 81%
SSS 99%
SHINY 100%