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The Mega Lookback event was an Event used to celebrate past Exclusive Mega Stones, previously released after Mass-Click Weekends. For each Mega Stone, custom artwork was posted with a special code that could be redeemed for one free Mega Stone when entered here. The event ran from the 27th of March 2017 to the 31st of Jan 2018 with one special code announced every week at around noon (UTC). The week's Mega Evolution was called the Mega of the Week and was featured at the bottom of the event page.

Unlike most other events, nothing was announced in the Forums, but instead was announced on the official Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Both the Facebook and Twitter page are linked in the header on the right-hand side, underneath the NavBar.


Special codes could be found on either the official Facebook Page or Twitter Page, and both websites posted the same special code and the same Mega Stone. All special codes worked until the end of the Event and could be used in any order. The special codes are different from Cheat Codes. When attempting to enter them as a Cheat Code, the user will get a pop-up stating that the code does not exist.

You could only obtain three free Mega Stones from the event.[1] Unlike Mass-Click Weekend's rewards, the Key Stone was required to redeem a special code.

For more information, please see the full article on: How to Mega Evolve a Pokémon.

List of Mega Stones

Date Announced Mega of the Week Reward Images Link to Special Code
27th March 2017 27th Mar - 3rd Apr Mega Mightyena Q

(Mightyenite Q)

Mega Stone Mightyenite Q.png Mega Mightyena Q.png Shiny Mega Mightyena Q.png Facebook Twitter
3rd April 2017 3rd Apr - 10th Apr Mega Floatzel Q

(Floatzelite Q)

Mega Stone Floatzelite Q.png Mega Floatzel Q.png Shiny Mega Floatzel Q.png Facebook Twitter
10th April 2017 10th Apr - 17th Apr Mega Jumpluff Q

(Jumpluffite Q)

Mega Stone Jumpluffite Q.png Mega Jumpluff Q.png Shiny Mega Jumpluff Q.png Facebook Twitter
17th April 2017 17th Apr - 24th Apr Mega Skarmory Q

(Skarmorite Q)

Mega Stone Skarmorite Q.png Mega Skarmory Q.png Shiny Mega Skarmory Q.png Facebook Twitter
24th April 2017 24th Apr - 1st May Mega Ninetales Q

(Ninetaleite Q)

Mega Stone Ninetaleite Q.png Mega Ninetales Q.png Shiny Mega Ninetales Q.png Facebook Twitter
1st May 2017 1st May - 8th May Mega Jynx Q

(Jynxite Q)

Mega Stone Jynxite Q.png Mega Jynx Q.png Shiny Mega Jynx Q.png Facebook Twitter
8th May 2017 8th May - 15th May Mega Luxray Q

(Luxraynite Q)

Mega Stone Luxraynite Q.png Mega Luxray Q.png Shiny Mega Luxray Q.png Facebook Twitter
15th May 2017 15th May - 22nd May Mega Flygon Q

(Flygonite Q)

Mega Stone Flygonite Q.png Mega Flygon Q.png Shiny Mega Flygon Q.png Facebook Twitter
22nd May 2017 22nd May - 29th May Mega Rapidash Q

(Rapidite Q)

Mega Stone Rapidite Q.png Mega Rapidash Q.png Shiny Mega Rapidash Q.png Facebook Twitter
29th May 2017 29th May - 5th June Mega Furret Q

(Furretite Q)

Mega Stone Furretite Q.png Mega Furret Q.png Shiny Mega Furret Q.png Facebook Twitter
5th June 2017 5th June - 12th June Mega Zangoose Q

(Zangoosite Q)

Mega Stone Zangoosite Q.png Mega Zangoose Q.png Shiny Mega Zangoose Q.png Facebook Twitter
12th June 2017 12th June - 19th June Mega Seviper Q

(Sevipernite Q)

Mega Stone Sevipernite Q.png Mega Seviper Q.png Shiny Mega Seviper Q.png Facebook Twitter
19th June 2017 19th June - 26th June Mega Arcanine Q

(Arcanite Q)

Mega Stone Arcanite Q.png Mega Arcanine Q.png Shiny Mega Arcanine Q.png Facebook Twitter
26th June 2017 26th June - 3rd July Mega Giratina Q


Mega Stone Adamantite.png Mega Giratina Q.png Shiny Mega Giratina Q.png Facebook Twitter
3rd July 2017 3rd July - 10th July Mega Arbok Q

(Arbokite Q)

Mega Stone Arbokite Q.png Mega Arbok Q.png Shiny Mega Arbok Q.png Facebook Twitter
10th July 2017 10th July - 17th July Mega Raichu Q

(Raichunite Q)

Mega Stone Raichunite Q.png Mega Raichu Q.png Shiny Mega Raichu Q.png Facebook Twitter
17th July 2017 17th July - 24th July Mega Lunupine Q

(Lunupinite Q)

Mega Stone Lunupinite Q.png Mega Lunupine.png Shiny Mega Lunupine.png Facebook Twitter
24th July 2017 24th July - 31st July Mega Zoroark Q

(Zoroarkite Q)

Mega Stone Zoroarkite Q.png Mega Zoroark Q.png Shiny Mega Zoroark Q.png Facebook Twitter
1st Aug 2017 31st July - 7th Aug Mega Ho-oh Q

(Ho-oh-nite Q)

Mega Stone Ho-oh-nite Q.png Mega Ho-oh Q.png Shiny Mega Ho-oh Q.png Facebook Twitter
7th August 2017 7th Aug - 14th Aug Mega Lugia Q

(Lugianite Q)

Mega Stone Lugianite Q.png Mega Lugia Q.png Shiny Mega Lugia Q.png Facebook Twitter
14th August 2017 14th Aug - 21st Aug Mega Noivern Q

(Noivernite Q)

Mega Stone Noivernite Q.png Mega Noivern Q.png Shiny Mega Noivern Q.png Facebook Twitter
21st August 2017 21st Aug - 28th Aug Mega Manectric Q

(Manectite Q)

Mega Stone Manectite Q.png Mega Manectric Q.png Shiny Mega Manectric Q.png Facebook Twitter
29th August 2017 28th Aug - 4th Sept Mega Butterfree Q

(Butterfrite Q)

Mega Stone Butterfrite Q.png Mega Butterfree Q.png Shiny Mega Butterfree Q.png Facebook Twitter
5th September 2017 4th Sept - 11th Sept Mega Leafeon Q

(Leafeonite Q)

Mega Stone Leafeonite Q.png Mega Leafeon Q.png Shiny Mega Leafeon Q.png Facebook Twitter
12th September 2017 11th Sept - 18th Sept Mega Wailord Q

(Wailordite Q)

Mega Stone Wailordite Q.png Mega Wailord Q.png Shiny Mega Wailord Q.png Facebook Twitter
18th September 2017 18th Sept - 25th Sept Mega Umbreon Q

(Umbreonite Q)

Mega Stone Umbreonite Q.png Mega Umbreon Q.png Shiny Mega Umbreon Q.png Facebook Twitter
25th September 2017 25th Sept - 2nd Oct Mega Jirachi Q

(Jirachinite Q)

Mega Stone Jirachinite Q.png Mega Jirachi Q.png Shiny Mega Jirachi Q.png Facebook Twitter
3rd October 2017 2nd Oct - 9th Oct Mega Lapras Q

(Laprasite Q)

Mega Stone Laprasite Q.png Mega Lapras Q.png Shiny Mega Lapras Q.png Facebook Twitter
9th October 2017 9th Oct - 16th Oct Mega Flareon Q

(Flareonite Q)

Mega Stone Flareonite Q.png Mega Flareon Q.png Shiny Mega Flareon Q.png Facebook Twitter
16th October 2017 16th Oct - 23rd Oct Mega Breloom Q

(Breloomite Q)

Mega Stone Breloomite Q.png Mega Breloom Q.png Shiny Mega Breloom Q.png Facebook Twitter
23rd October 2017 23rd Oct - 30th Oct Mega Froslass Q

(Froslassite Q)

Mega Stone Froslassite Q.png Mega Froslass Q.png Shiny Mega Froslass Q.png Facebook Twitter
30th October 2017 30th Oct - 6th Nov Mega Dragonite Q

(Dragonitenite Q)

Mega Stone Dragonitenite Q.png Mega Dragonite Q.png Shiny Mega Dragonite Q.png Facebook Twitter
6th November 2017 6th Nov - 13th Nov Mega Jolteon Q

(Jolteonite Q)

Mega Stone Jolteonite Q.png Mega Jolteon Q.png Shiny Mega Jolteon Q.png Facebook Twitter
14th November 2017 13th Nov - 20th Nov Mega Persian Q

(Persianite Q)

Mega Stone Persianite Q.png Mega Persian Q.png Shiny Mega Persian Q.png Facebook Twitter
20th November 2017 20th Nov - 27th Nov Mega Solynx Q

(Solynxite Q)

Mega Stone Solynxite Q.png Mega Solynx.png Shiny Mega Solynx.png Facebook Twitter
27th November 2017 27th Nov - 4th Dec Mega Milotic Q

(Milotite Q)

Mega Stone Milotite Q.png Mega Milotic Q.png Shiny Mega Milotic Q.png Facebook Twitter
4th December 2017 4th Dec - 11th Dec Mega Weavile Q

(Weavilite Q)

Mega Stone Weavilite Q.png Mega Weavile Q.png Shiny Mega Weavile Q.png Facebook Twitter
11th December 2017 11th Dec - 18th Dec Mega Espeon Q

(Espeonite Q)

Mega Stone Espeonite Q.png Mega Espeon Q.png Shiny Mega Espeon Q.png Facebook Twitter
18th December 2017 18th Dec - 25th Dec Mega Haxorus Q

(Haxorite Q)

Mega Stone Haxorite Q.png Mega Haxorus Q.png Shiny Mega Haxorus Q.png Facebook Twitter
25th December 2017 25th Dec - 1st Jan 2018 Mega Pyroar Q

(Pyrite Q)

Mega Stone Pyrite Q.png Mega Pyroar Q.png Shiny Mega Pyroar Q.png Facebook Twitter
1st January 2018 1st Jan - 8th Jan Mega Dunsparce Q

(Dunsparcite Q)

Mega Stone Dunsparcite Q.png Mega Dunsparce Q.png Shiny Mega Dunsparce Q.png Facebook Twitter
8th January 2018 8th Jan - 15th Jan Mega Vaporeon Q

(Vaporeonite Q)

Mega Stone Vaporeonite Q.png Mega Vaporeon Q.png Shiny Mega Vaporeon Q.png Facebook Twitter
15th January 2018 15th Jan - 22nd Jan Mega Farfetch'd Q

(Farfetchite Q)

Mega Stone Farfetchite Q.png Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Shiny Mega Farfetch'd Q.png Facebook Twitter
23rd January 2018 15th Jan - 23rd Jan Mega Mew Q

(Mewnite Q)

Mega Stone Mewnite Q.png Mega Mew Q.png Shiny Mega Mew Q.png Facebook Twitter


  • Each Mega of the Week was introduced with an updated sprite of its Mega Forme, while its evolutionary family receives new color palettes on their Albino and Melanistic sprites.
    • Several Mega Pokémon did not receive updated sprites, though their Albino and Melanistic colour palettes were updated. These include Mega Ho-oh, Mega Zangoose, Mega Jirachi, and Mega Lapras.
  • Special codes for the Ho-oh-nite Q, Butterfrite Q, Leafeonite Q, Wailordite Q, Laprasite Q, and Persianite Q were released one day late, so the two dates are different in the above table.


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