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Date Update
November 24th[1]
  • The PokéDex now shows the height and weight of a Pokémon.
November 6th[2]
  • Pokérus notification
    • Added a Notification for when a user receives Pokérus.
    • The notification won't disappear until the user clicks "Go!" on the notification, allowing the user to see it even if they missed it.
November 3rd[3]
  • Added a note to the EXP Booster section of the DayCare explaining that the passive gain is not affected by the EXP Lock.


Date Update
July 30th
July 22nd[6]
  • There is now a button to directly wipe your PokéRadar chain.
    • It's on the Shiny Hunting page, in the PokéRadar tab, underneath the PR Memory Stick section in its own "Danger Zone" to help prevent accidental use.
  • The Interactions graph on the Farm Page is now grouped by year first, then the month, and finally the day.
    • Instead of just month then day.
July 10th[7]
  • PokéDex's filters have had an accessibility update for blind users.
    • The filters now have aria-role="button" and aria-label="Description here", as well as, a tabIndex to make them properly reachable using screen-reading software.


Date Update
June 25th[8]
  • About Me character limit changed to 25,000 characters.
June 24th[9]
  • Adjustment to profile page character limits:
    • About Me: was 65,536 characters, now 10,000 characters
    • Trainer Card: was 16,777,215 characters, now 400 characters
June 21st[10]
  • Falinks can breed with compatible partners of either gender, including other Falinks.


Date Update
May 29th[11]
  • In an effort to reduce instances of "Shelter adoption limit not resetting", the Shelter will not allow adoptions between 23:58 and 00:02.
May 10th[12]
  • PR Memory Stick Updates
    • If a user has a current chain of 100+ when they try to restore a saved chain, there will be an additional checkbox to help prevent accidentally wiping a long chain.
    • If a saved chain is the same egg as the current chain, the user can restore the saved chain to add to their current chain, rather than resetting it.
May 1st[13]
  • Users can no longer login via the PokéWalker.
    • It presents users with a direct button to the main site to login.


Date Update
April 30th[14] PokéWalker Adjustments:
  • Distance walked is internally tracked with each Pokémon.
  • "GPS Signal Lost" error text has been replaced with "Poor GPS Signal (~###m)"
  • Interaction Points can now be "cashed in" for steps in the Walker.
  • Pokémon now receive Affection while using the Walker.
April 10th[15]


Date Update
March 12th[16]
  • The [youtube] BBCode has been removed.


Date Update
February 22nd[17]

The following updates were posted to a user-made thread in the Bugs forum:

  • Site stats will now update once per day and the set time is around the lowest activity of the day.
  • The Shelter contents database now works with pages of 10k instead of 700k.
  • The hidden shelter chain bonus has been boosted from 25% to 50%.
  • A one-second cooldown was added to the shelter buttons.
    • This helps with lag and reduces the instances of clicking too fast.
February 19th
February 9th[20]
  • Implemented the ability to choose which nature a Holiday Custom Sprite is upon buying the Sprite.


Date Update
January 29th[21]
January 16th[22]
January 2nd[23]
  • Egg Supplier quantity input is now capped at 250.
January 1st[24]
  • Added the ability to be notified if a Pokémon's Happiness falls below a specified number.
    • This happiness can be specified as a percentage ("Happy%"). However, internally this is converted to the exact value.
      • Example, if 25% is selected, subsequent editing will reveal the exact value 64/255.
  • Upvoted posts will now show when they have been upvoted.
  • The Egg Supplier's bulk discount for buying Eggs in quick succession has been replaced.
    • Users can now enter a Quantity on the order form itself which then adds the bulk discount to the entire order.
    • Buying two eggs used to cost 100% + 90% = 190%, whereas now it costs 2 x 90% = 180%. The bulk discount is more powerful!
    • The bulk discount also applies to the Priority Shipping option!
    • All eggs that are ordered in a single order will arrive as one package.
      • Users can still claim them one by one.
  • Image Uploader allows users to rename files and move them between folders.
    • The links given by the Uploader now use the user's internal user ID instead of their username. Meaning no more breakage when a user changes their username.
  • Tournaments now shows the full Leaderboard while a tournament is in progress.
  • Type Race adjustments:
    • Full team rotation order is displayed.
    • History is now grouped by year if the user has participated for more than one year.
    • History no longer shows months without participation.
    • The elected Team Leader will be visibly designated as such with an icon by their username, wherever it appears - users online, interaction page, forums, PMs, wherever.
    • When the Type Race ends, players will be able to provide feedback by rating their team leader's performance.
      • These ratings will result in the leader receiving bonus Z-Fragments - between 2 and 16 of them.
      • Players will receive 2 Z-Fragments just for voting, even if they abstain.
    • Individual Goals have been adjusted:
      • The 10th is now earned at 1,300 points.
      • 5 additional targets have been added going up to 3,000 points.
    • 2nd place team will receive 2 Z-Fragments.
    • 3rd place team will receive 1 Z-Fragment.
    • Albino chances are boosted by +20% for the Eggs of the team.
      • This stacks with Z-Crystals.