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The Trainer Card is a Key Item that identifies one as a Pokémon Trainer. It is publicly available to all via the User Page.

Information Displayed

A silver rank Trainer Card of an ordinary user.

The Trainer Card is used to display information about a PokéFarm user and their farm.

The following information of the user is displayed on the Trainer Card:

Trainer Status

The status can be changed by the user through the menu of the About Me and selecting "Edit Trainer Card". It does not allow BBCode, but it is possible to get a link by copy and pasting the page URL into the Shortlink Creation. Pasting the URL will change its appearance to a clickable [link] as shown in the example.

Trainer Avatar

A bust of the user's customized avatar is found on the front of the Trainer Card. It can be changed by the user by opening the About Me menu on their profile and selecting "Edit Trainer". If a user has obtained the Mega Ring from Professor Holly, their trainer images may show what Mega Accessory they have active if it's an accessory worn near the head or on the left wrist.

For more information on editing custom avatars visit Trainer Customisation.

Basic Trainer Images
Female Male Neutral
Trainer Card Gender Female.png Trainer Card Gender Male.png Trainer Card Gender Neutral.png

Card Level

As of April 28th, 2018, a Trainer Card comes in four different colours: purple (referred to as "normal"), bronze, silver, and gold. Additionally, they feature one to three stars below the trainer image, which tell what rank it is. No stars means normal rank, one star means bronze, two means silver, and three means gold.

Colours are gained one after the other, meaning that until a user gains bronze colour, they can't gain silver. Requirement completion is determined by a list of objectives. If the user has completed one of the objectives, they gain bronze rank. For two completed, they gain silver. For all three, they gain gold. Once a colour is gained, it is not lost.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Claim the Arceus rank reward at least once.
  • Hatch a Melanistic Pokémon.
  • Have all 18 Wishforge badges be Wishalloy or higher.

The first two must have been after November 2016. However, these objectives can be completed in any order. Each one will give a star regardless of the status of the others. If a user hatches a Melanistic Pokémon but have not achieved Arceus rank or obtained all Wishalloy badges, they will become Bronze rank, since they have completed one of the objectives.

Normal Frameless
Bronze Frameless
Silver Frameless
Gold Frameless