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Interaction Points, also known as IP, are points that are earned while a user is Interacting. Users may find out how many interaction points they currently have by going to the Lab's Upgrade Section, the Albino Hunting page and clicking on the Albino Radar tab, or by clicking on the down arrow next to their currencies at the top of the page.


For more information, please see the full article on: Interactions.

Interaction Points are earned through Interactions. The amount of points earned depends on whether the berry that the Pokémon is fed is its preferred, neutral, or disliked berry. Feeding a Pokémon a berry it prefers gives 7 interaction points, neutral gives 4 interaction points, and disliked gives 1 interaction point. Holding an egg gives 6 interaction points and Pokémon that like "Any" berry will give 4 interaction points. The points given can be increased on Garthic bonus days. Interacting with a New Farmer, users with a icon by their username, gives a 50% boost to Interaction Points and stacks with any other bonuses.


These points are used for the following:

  • Albino Radar: Used to Albino Hunt and can be bought for 750,000.
    • Interaction Points are also necessary to charge the Albino Radar depending on which Radar Level a user wishes to charge it to.
  • Lab Reloader: Used to reload the lab before the time limit and can be bought for 10,000 for 10, 30,000 for 40, or 60,000 for 100.
  • Shelter Budget Vouchers: Used to increase the daily adoption limit and can be bought for 50,000.
  • Pokéwalker: Used to buy steps on the Pokéwalker at rates of 1000 per 100 steps/5 Watts.