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Date Update
December 12th[1]
  • Type Race Team Thread's leader selection is no longer "first person to post". Here's how the preparation of the first week of the month will be utilised:
    • On the 1st: Type Race teams are assigned.
    • From the 1st to 4th: The subforum will open, allowing any user to post their proposed Type Race Team thread.
      • Only a single post may be made. Editing is of course permitted.
    • From the 5th to 6th: All threads will be locked. A new thread will be made by SYSTEM listing the candidates for each team, along with a poll for each.
      • Users may only vote for their own team's poll.
    • On the 7th: Polls close. The most highly-voted thread for each team becomes the Type Race Team thread and will be moved to the main forum and unlocked.
      • Ties will be broken by choosing at random.


Date Update
November 11th[2]
  • System Salamence now has the responsibility of auto-deleting threads based on inactivity.
    • Suggestions forums will not be auto-deleted by Sally without manual intervention by mods.
  • A thread is deemed to be inactive if BOTH
    • Its most recent post is too old, AND
    • Any of its posts has not been edited in a long time
November 7th[3]
  • Mime Jr. can now evolve into Galarian Mr. Mime. Galarian Mr. Mime and Mr. Rime can now breed Mime Jr. using the Odd Incense.


Date Update
October 30th[4]
  • A note has been added to the Party Page explaining that the egg timer indicates the max time an Egg takes to hatch and to interact to make them hatch faster.
    • If a user is a veteran who does not want to see this message, the CSS to add to their skin is #eggtimeinfo {display:none}.
  • A message to help new users realise there are two versions of the party page has been added.
    • If a user is a veteran who does not want to see this message, the CSS to add to their skin is #thisisyourprofile {display:none}.
  • New users will receive a passive EXP Boost to Eggs.
    • Users receive boosted EXP to Eggs depending on how many they have hatched so far, starting at ×4 for their first Egg, gradually scaling down to ×1 after they've hatched 100 Eggs.
  • For not-so-new users, they can now click "Find missing entries" on the Summons page to get information on what entries they are missing from a given region.
October 9th[5]
  • Type Race Rule #3: Players may now make congratulatory posts in TR threads without the posts being deleted as spam. Use of the upvote/thumbs-up is still encouraged.
  • Type Race Rule #4: Players who wish to give away Pokémon to their team members may post about this once in the TR thread; however, team members who want to take them up on their offer need to PM them instead of posting in the thread.
  • Type Race Rule #6: The TR thread host OR the TR raffle host may post once in the TR thread every 24 hours to advertise a team raffle.


Date Update
August 19th[6]
  • Users can now change a Field's type.
    • This costs the same as selling and re-buying the Field, but skips the need to move the Pokémon out of the way first.
August 1st[7]


Date Update
June 11th[8]
  • Added an "interstitial" page when linking to off-site places.
Note: This is a page that lets users know they are leaving PFQ and that PFQ is not responsible for the content.
  • The Market Board now reveals the name of the buyers on the History list. Sellers remain anonymous.


Date Update
May 22nd[9]
  • Sallybot will automatically post Mass-Click Weekend announcements in PFQ's Discord server.


Date Update
April 17th[10]
  • Minior now have different-coloured Shinies/Albinos/Melans.
April 14th[11]
Note: For a full explanation of everything this Userscript does click here.
April 9th[12]
  • Stripe payments will now show as "POKEFARM.COM" on all future card statements.
    • This is to make the payments made to PFQ more recognisable.


Date Update
March 12th[13]
  • Implemented a catcher for email errors which can be used to notify users of problems with their email address.
    • If a PFQ email fails to send then users will instead get a SYSTEM PM on-site informing them of the problem.
      • Reasons could be that the email no longer exists, never existed (ie. it was typed wrong), a school email address that doesn't allow external emails, or something completely different.
    • This PM will include details such as the subject line, the email address it was sent to, and the reason for failure, but it will not include the contents of the message itself.
Note: For more in depth information users should read the 'Better email handling' post.


Date Update
February 25th[14]
February 10th[15]
  • Rule Updates
    • Users will no longer be able to post in a journal that does not belong to them.
February 4th[16]


Date Update
January 9th[17]
  • Eevee has been updated to have the female gender difference.


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