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System Salamence (Sally) is the NPC program that makes up PokéFarm Q. She is an advanced version of the Porygon program that was programmed by Niet (NPC).

System Userbar



System Salamence is an advanced version of the Porygon program, labelled Version 9.3, uploaded into a Salamence Clone body by Niet (NPC). This gives her both a physical presence (great for scaring people who break rules) and a virtual one. She has eyes everywhere on the Farm, and constantly monitors PFQ to ensure that everyone who makes an effort in raising their Pokémon and Eggs is rewarded accordingly. She is also in charge of contacting Farmers when certain events happen.

Her central programming runs on a powerful server in a heavily-fortified and guarded building. Only Niet has unconstrained access to Sally's central processing systems. Staff members have limited access to certain control panels, in order to help enforce the Farm's rules.

Being uploaded into a living body has given Sally certain emotional capabilities. She recognizes both positive and negative emotions, they are completely isolated from her actual work. She is very satisfied with her position, and always happy to receive updates from Niet.

Roles in PFQ

Monitoring the Website

Sally has her own account on the site, under the name SYSTEM. It is a bot account, meaning that it performs actions automatically. Her account has preset details and Pokémon on it.

Cleaning the Forums

As per site rules, most of the forum threads are deleted based on inactivity.

A thread is deemed to be inactive if BOTH

  • Its most recent post is too old, AND
  • Any of its posts have not been edited in a long time

"Too old" is defined on a per-forum basis. These time limits can be found on the Public Forums page and in each Forum's Rules.

Showing the record badges

Sally has the highest Wishforge badges. They match with the current record holding badge.

Sending PMs

One of Sally's functions is to send Private Messages to users. These messages are usually sent to notify the user of something. Reasons for sending these notifications are:

  • When someone denies a trade.
  • When a new user has marked the user as their referrer.
  • When a Pokémon entered in a Contest has been disqualified.
  • Certain Events like Valentine's Day 2017 and Astral Disruption are also included in Sally messaging users.

Users should not attempt to PM Sally. Sally will NOT respond to PMs.


  • Starting the 2nd of February 2018[1], Sally automatically deletes all threads that have expired in the Trade Forum.
    • Previously, this was done manually by a Forum Manager.
    • On the 11th of November 2021[2] the auto-cleaning of the forums was expanded to most of the forums.