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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Kanto region. An overview and an explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the List of Pokémon.


#001 Bulbasaur to #024 Arbok
#025 Pichu to #049 Bellossom
#050 Paras to #074 Bellsprout
#075 Weepinbell to #099 Gastly
#100 Haunter to #124 Horsea
#125 Seadra to #149 Leafeon
#150 Glaceon to #166 Mew

Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Egg.png Bulbasaur.png Shiny Bulbasaur.png Albino Bulbasaur.png Melanistic Bulbasaur.png
IMG Codes c/0/7 1/g/g c/p/i s/c/4 f/t/d
Ivysaur Ivysaur.png Shiny Ivysaur.png Albino Ivysaur.png Melanistic Ivysaur.png
IMG Codes 9/6/r 3/6/a z/c/a m/c/v
Venusaur Venusaur.pngFemale Venusaur.png Shiny Venusaur.pngShiny Female Venusaur.png Albino Venusaur.pngAlbino Female Venusaur.png Melanistic Venusaur.pngMelanistic Female Venusaur.png
IMG Codes c/1/5 Female 2/u/a l/5/b Female c/r/t m/9/p Female h/h/y v/j/a Female p/6/k
Mega Venusaur Mega Venusaur.png Shiny Mega Venusaur.png Albino Mega Venusaur.png Melanistic Mega Venusaur.png
IMG Codes 7/5/z 9/4/w/4 y/2/7 r/m/i
Charmander Charmander Egg.png Charmander.png Shiny Charmander.png Albino Charmander.png Melanistic Charmander.png
IMG Codes f/d/w 5/l/t 7/6/l 3/q/d q/7/1
Charmeleon Charmeleon.png Shiny Charmeleon.png Albino Charmeleon.png Melanistic Charmeleon.png
IMG Codes o/i/v d/t/1 y/4/3 7/p/u
Charizard Charizard.png Shiny Charizard.png Albino Charizard.png Melanistic Charizard.png
IMG Codes j/j/t g/p/y l/i/l 6/k/t
Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard X.png Shiny Mega Charizard X.png Albino Mega Charizard X.png Melanistic Mega Charizard X.png
IMG Codes g/i/k 7/j z/6/6 s/0/q
Mega Charizard Y Mega Charizard Y.png Shiny Mega Charizard Y.png Albino Mega Charizard Y.png Melanistic Mega Charizard Y.png
IMG Codes l/a f/c/a f/u/t k/v/1
Squirtle Squirtle Egg.png Squirtle.png Shiny Squirtle.png Albino Squirtle.png Melanistic Squirtle.png
IMG Codes l/w/s h/h/e o/k/2 m/y/w q/1/s
Wartortle Wartortle.png Shiny Wartortle.png Albino Wartortle.png Melanistic Wartortle.png
IMG Codes j/n c/7/w f/6/o 6/i/m
Blastoise Blastoise.png Shiny Blastoise.png Albino Blastoise.png Melanistic Blastoise.png
IMG Codes 2/4/p m/e/t m/1/w h/d/2
Mega Blastoise Mega Blastoise.png Shiny Mega Blastoise.png Albino Mega Blastoise.png Melanistic Mega Blastoise.png
IMG Codes 9/b/z/l 4/9/y/f p/4/6/7 g/f/l/a
Caterpie Caterpie Egg.png Caterpie.png Shiny Caterpie.png Albino Caterpie.png Melanistic Caterpie.png
IMG Codes j/n/z 8/i/9 e/b/r 8/r/3 e/3/7
Metapod Metapod.png Shiny Metapod.png Albino Metapod.png Melanistic Metapod.png
IMG Codes o/o/m 6/4/7 a/c/l d/s/l
Butterfree Butterfree.pngFemale Butterfree.png Shiny Butterfree.pngShiny Female Butterfree.png Albino Butterfree.pngAlbino Female Butterfree.png Melanistic Butterfree.pngMelanistic Female Butterfree.png
IMG Codes e/k/d Female 5/2/p j/p/6 Female a/h/a o/g/9 Female c/3/6 9/u/b Female e/q/t
Weedle Weedle Egg.png Weedle.png Shiny Weedle.png Albino Weedle.png Melanistic Weedle.png
IMG Codes a/1 9/6/y 2/p/1 6/l/2 6/2/m
Kakuna Kakuna.png Shiny Kakuna.png Albino Kakuna.png Melanistic Kakuna.png
IMG Codes f/1/q 3/o/h f/n/1 y/w/6
Beedrill Beedrill.png Shiny Beedrill.png Albino Beedrill.png Melanistic Beedrill.png
IMG Codes f/c/4 f/l/4 l/u/z e/z/c
Mega Beedrill Mega Beedrill.png Shiny Mega Beedrill.png Albino Mega Beedrill.png Melanistic Mega Beedrill.png
IMG Codes d/1/6/d 6/c/q/g v/h/t/o s/r/h/2
Pidgey Pidgey Egg.png Pidgey.png Shiny Pidgey.png Albino Pidgey.png Melanistic Pidgey.png
IMG Codes b/y c/c/o p/8/v l/9/1 8/4/o
Pidgeotto Pidgeotto.png Shiny Pidgeotto.png Albino Pidgeotto.png Melanistic Pidgeotto.png
IMG Codes c/9/9 6/y/u a/i/m x/a/9
Pidgeot Pidgeot.png Shiny Pidgeot.png Albino Pidgeot.png Melanistic Pidgeot.png
IMG Codes m/r/4 8/6/g e/8/0 s/x/1
Mega Pidgeot Mega Pidgeot.png Shiny Mega Pidgeot.png Albino Mega Pidgeot.png Melanistic Mega Pidgeot.png
IMG Codes i/b/h/e o/n/8/u 6/e/9/x d/6/0/k
Rattata Rattata Egg.png Rattata.pngFemale Rattata.png Shiny Rattata.pngShiny Female Rattata.png Albino Rattata.pngAlbino Female Rattata.png Melanistic Rattata.pngMelanistic Female Rattata.png
IMG Codes 5/j/w l/y/p Female o/1/x g/b/5 Female h/a/3 v/e/c Female e/f/m l/w/v Female 1/z/5
Alolan Rattata Alolan Rattata Egg.png Alolan Rattata.png Shiny Alolan Rattata.png Albino Alolan Rattata.png Melanistic Alolan Rattata.png
IMG Codes s/y/w/b 3/6/m/d 4/x/w/a 5/b/l/w c/2/y/t
Raticate Raticate.pngFemale Raticate.png Shiny Raticate.pngShiny Female Raticate.png Albino Raticate.pngAlbino Female Raticate.png Melanistic Raticate.pngMelanistic Female Raticate.png
IMG Codes 3/j/v Female c/p/z m/r/y Female 8/k/y 8/v/r Female h/4/t 4/h/f Female f/d/d
Alolan Raticate Alolan Raticate.png Shiny Alolan Raticate.png Albino Alolan Raticate.png Melanistic Alolan Raticate.png
IMG Codes o/e/g/u f/4/5/f a/0/k/q 9/b/j/n
Totem Alolan Raticate Totem Alolan Raticate.png Shiny Totem Alolan Raticate.png Albino Totem Alolan Raticate.png Melanistic Totem Alolan Raticate.png
IMG Codes 3/4/y/0 5/r/e/k 2/h/5/1 s/4/8/4
Spearow Spearow Egg.png Spearow.png Shiny Spearow.png Albino Spearow.png Melanistic Spearow.png
IMG Codes i/m/r k/5 g/7/y q/i/b y/g/v
Fearow Fearow.png Shiny Fearow.png Albino Fearow.png Melanistic Fearow.png
IMG Codes 6/v/6 e/9/h o/3/g 4/l/j
Ekans Ekans Egg.png Ekans.png Shiny Ekans.png Albino Ekans.png Melanistic Ekans.png
IMG Codes n/q/8 d/b/d f/1/r 8/t/h 1/w/2
Arbok Arbok.png Shiny Arbok.png Albino Arbok.png Melanistic Arbok.png
IMG Codes 4/p/w n/5/t t/0/s i/m/t
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Pichu Pichu Egg.png Pichu.png Shiny Pichu.png Albino Pichu.png Melanistic Pichu.png
IMG Codes g/s/8 g/j/m o/1/q x/8/m 9/l/y
Pikachu Pikachu.pngPikachu Female.png Shiny Pikachu.pngShiny Female Pikachu.png Albino Pikachu.pngAlbino Female Pikachu.png Melanistic Pikachu.pngMelanistic Female Pikachu.png
IMG Codes e/a/r Female 2/v/f 2/n Female j/o/z d/y/8 Female p/6/v 7/r/m Female j/z/u
Raichu Raichu.pngFemale Raichu.png Shiny Raichu.pngShiny Female Raichu.png Albino Raichu.pngAlbino Female Raichu.png Melanistic Raichu.pngMelanistic Female Raichu.png
IMG Codes 2/d/p Female 3/z/5 o/u/r Female d/c/3 n/d/n Female 5/u/u o/3/2 Female 2/d/0
Alolan Raichu Alolan Raichu.png Shiny Alolan Raichu.png Albino Alolan Raichu.png Melanistic Alolan Raichu.png
IMG Codes e/k/u/7 f/k/q/k j/w/9/g p/z/i/l
Sandshrew Sandshrew Egg.png Sandshrew.png Shiny Sandshrew.png Albino Sandshrew.png Melanistic Sandshrew.png
IMG Codes 1/i/1 o/u/0 4/h/c 9/c/4 h/5/t
Alolan Sandshrew Alolan Sandshrew Egg.png Alolan Sandshrew.png Shiny Alolan Sandshrew.png Albino Alolan Sandshrew.png Melanistic Alolan Sandshrew.png
IMG Codes r/2/t/g 4/v/a/h q/s/w/6 v/q/c/4 z/y/u/5
Sandslash Sandslash.png Shiny Sandslash.png Albino Sandslash.png Melanistic Sandslash.png
IMG Codes 5/n/0 b/8/u d/y/i q/q/n
Alolan Sandslash Alolan Sandslash.png Shiny Alolan Sandslash.png Albino Alolan Sandslash.png Melanistic Alolan Sandslash.png
IMG Codes h/z/z/a o/y/j/9 7/x/n/3 7/1/w/s
Nidoran Nidoran Egg.png Nidoran.pngFemale Nidoran.png Shiny Nidoran.pngShiny Female Nidoran.png Albino Nidoran.pngAlbino Female Nidoran.png Melanistic Nidoran.pngMelanistic Female Nidoran.png
IMG Codes 1/8/7 i/9/u Female6/q/6 7/f/x Female p/9/f 4/z/6 Female c/u/n n/7/o Female r/b/o
Nidorina Nidorina.png Shiny Nidorina.png Albino Nidorina.png Melanistic Nidorina.png
IMG Codes m/m/w l/g/g b/8/s t/w/r
Nidoqueen Nidoqueen.png Shiny Nidoqueen.png Albino Nidoqueen.png Melanistic Nidoqueen.png
IMG Codes 2/4/c i/o/p r/1/n b/7/p
Nidorino Nidorino.png Shiny Nidorino.png Albino Nidorino.png Melanistic Nidorino.png
IMG Codes 9/w/0 7/m/v c/y/i f/8/a
Nidoking Nidoking.png Shiny Nidoking.png Albino Nidoking.png Melanistic Nidoking.png
IMG Codes d/p/g i/2/x j/d/t e/t/d
Cleffa Cleffa Egg.png Cleffa.png Shiny Cleffa.png Albino Cleffa.png Melanistic Cleffa.png
IMG Codes g/i/1 2/i/8 h/q/z b/g/f e/s/p
Clefairy Clefairy.png Shiny Clefairy.png Albino Clefairy.png Melanistic Clefairy.png
IMG Codes 9/i/t 7/r/s 8/l/9 v/g/1
Clefable Clefable.png Shiny Clefable.png Albino Clefable.png Melanistic Clefable.png
IMG Codes 6/b/l 2/q/b l/t/a j/n/d
Vulpix Vulpix Egg.png Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngVulpix 2 Tailed.pngVulpix 3 Tailed.pngVulpix 4 Tailed.pngVulpix 5 Tailed.pngVulpix.png Shiny Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngShiny Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngShiny Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngShiny Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngShiny Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngShiny Vulpix.png Albino Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngAlbino Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngAlbino Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngAlbino Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngAlbino Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngAlbino Vulpix.png Melanistic Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngMelanistic Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngMelanistic Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngMelanistic Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngMelanistic Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngMelanistic Vulpix.png
IMG Codes 7/z/0 1 Tailedn/s/1/9 2 Tailedv/3/m/m 3 Tailede/d/f/3 4 Tailed4/r/b/o 5 Tailed6/s/b/l 6 Tailed7/4/y 1 Tailedq/a/2/4 2 Tailed9/k/j/1 3 Tailedd/0/l/q 4 Tailed8/0/v/5 5 Tailedw/9/c/y 6 Tailed6/i/s 1 Tailedg/t/0/y 2 Tailedw/w/n/3 3 Tailedn/9/l/s 4 Tailedq/8/l/0 5 Tailed8/t/4/t 6 Tailedn/u/8 1 Tailedi/9/2/s 2 Tailedk/c/r/v 3 Tailed2/m/v/o 4 Tailed4/v/q/x 5 Tailedn/k/x/4 6 Tailed8/p/5
Alolan Vulpix Alolan Vulpix Egg.png Alolan Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngAlolan Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngAlolan Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngAlolan Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngAlolan Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngAlolan Vulpix.png Shiny Alolan Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngShiny Alolan Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngShiny Alolan Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngShiny Alolan Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngShiny Alolan Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngShiny Alolan Vulpix.png Albino Alolan Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngAlbino Alolan Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngAlbino Alolan Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngAlbino Alolan Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngAlbino Alolan Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngAlbino Alolan Vulpix.png Melanistic Alolan Vulpix 1 Tailed.pngMelanistic Alolan Vulpix 2 Tailed.pngMelanistic Alolan Vulpix 3 Tailed.pngMelanistic Alolan Vulpix 4 Tailed.pngMelanistic Alolan Vulpix 5 Tailed.pngMelanistic Alolan Vulpix.png
IMG Codes b/y/1/6 1 Tailedd/7/d/h 2 Tailedx/1/a/o 3 Tailed8/d/d/z 4 Tailedt/a/l/n 5 Tailedr/1/e/h 6 Tailedu/7/n/w 1 Tailedi/6/9/1 2 Tailedg/f/d/f 3 Tailedq/m/9/9 4 Tailedd/n/h/p 5 Tailed7/u/q/0 6 Tailed6/z/n/t 1 Tailedt/1/8/u 2 Tailedb/g/8/p 3 Tailedw/p/f/m 4 Tailedv/v/5/i 5 Tailedt/4/v/e 6 Tailedi/d/q/2 1 Tailed8/f/x/z 2 Tailed3/2/5/5 3 Tailedk/1/i/r 4 Tailedv/h/n/s 5 Tailed5/v/u/p 6 Taileds/j/4/x
Ninetales Ninetales.png Shiny Ninetales.png Albino Ninetales.png Melanistic Ninetales.png
IMG Codes 9/s/2 k/n/d p/p/3 v/v/c
Alolan Ninetales Alolan Ninetales.png Shiny Alolan Ninetales.png Albino Alolan Ninetales.png Melanistic Alolan Ninetales.png
IMG Codes k/y/f/9 r/6/a/0 z/5/t/l t/x/l/k
Igglybuff Igglybuff Egg.png Igglybuff.png Shiny Igglybuff.png Albino Igglybuff.png Melanistic Igglybuff.png
IMG Codes m/n/s b/d/i 6/6 i/i/z q/8/6
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff.png Shiny Jigglypuff.png Albino Jigglypuff.png Melanistic Jigglypuff.png
IMG Codes c/i/u f/n/e 1/6/n 3/2/y
Wigglytuff Wigglytuff.png Shiny Wigglytuff.png Albino Wigglytuff.png Melanistic Wigglytuff.png
IMG Codes 8/4/u i/t/m e/c/j m/q/j
Zubat Zubat Egg.png Zubat.pngFemale Zubat.png Shiny Zubat.pngShiny Female Zubat.png Albino Zubat.pngAlbino Female Zubat.png Melanistic Zubat.pngMelanistic Female Zubat.png
IMG Codes 7/s/7 3/9/3 Femalef/v/g 7/s/f Female 9/0/2 o/5/z Female p/9/4 y/k/p Female k/4/w
Golbat Golbat.pngFemale Golbat.png Shiny Golbat.pngShiny Female Golbat.png Albino Golbat.pngAlbino Female Golbat.png Melanistic Golbat.pngMelanistic Female Golbat.png
IMG Codes d/5/k Femaled/r/9 7/c/i Female 8/r/w i/x/2 Female w/y/g t/x/x Female u/9/p
Crobat Crobat.png Shiny Crobat.png Albino Crobat.png Melanistic Crobat.png
IMG Codes 2/8/s 2/7/w l/s/s 8/y/e
Oddish Oddish Egg.png Oddish.png Shiny Oddish.png Albino Oddish.png Melanistic Oddish.png
IMG Codes g/s/n c/l/2 d/p/3 r/4/6 k/e/c
Gloom Gloom.pngFemale Gloom.png Shiny Gloom.pngShiny Female Gloom.png Albino Gloom.pngAlbino Female Gloom.png Melanistic Gloom.pngMelanistic Female Gloom.png
IMG Codes 7/x/g Femalef/j/l 2/e/9 Female 6/e/1 f/l/9 Female 4/s/5 6/c/q Female r/f/k
Vileplume Vileplume.pngFemale Vileplume.png Shiny Vileplume.pngShiny Female Vileplume.png Albino Vileplume.pngAlbino Female Vileplume.png Melanistic Vileplume.pngMelanistic Female Vileplume.png
IMG Codes d/a/0 Femaleo/j/t 2/l/b Female 1/1/s p/1/a Female 7/2/5 f/9/u Female j/9/u
Bellossom Bellossom.png Shiny Bellossom.png Albino Bellossom.png Melanistic Bellossom.png
IMG Codes 4/6/q 5/s/7 o/3/h o/c/q
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Paras Paras Egg.png Paras.png Shiny Paras.png Albino Paras.png Melanistic Paras.png
IMG Codes d/m/w a/h/j j/9/5 s/u/7 v/i/c
Parasect Parasect.png Shiny Parasect.png Albino Parasect.png Melanistic Parasect.png
IMG Codes 4/u/u 2/w/p u/v/4 d/t/3
Venonat Venonat Egg.png Venonat.png Shiny Venonat.png Albino Venonat.png Melanistic Venonat.png
IMG Codes i/i/f i/i/i o/p/g 9/e/5 6/q/q
Venomoth Venomoth.png Shiny Venomoth.png Albino Venomoth.png Melanistic Venomoth.png
IMG Codes 9/b/w 9/e/7 2/6/b g/e/c
Diglett Diglett Egg.png Diglett.png Shiny Diglett.png Albino Diglett.png Melanistic Diglett.png
IMG Codes 6/1/e e/5/m c/l/s m/7/t r/b/f
Alolan Diglett Alolan Diglett Egg.png Alolan Diglett.png Shiny Alolan Diglett.png Albino Alolan Diglett.png Melanistic Alolan Diglett.png
IMG Codes p/p/g/x 8/i/2/f z/k/9/a y/5/l/w 3/e/t/5
Dugtrio Dugtrio.png Shiny Dugtrio.png Albino Dugtrio.png Melanistic Dugtrio.png
IMG Codes e/2/l n/9/c e/7/f z/z/a
Alolan Dugtrio Alolan Dugtrio.png Shiny Alolan Dugtrio.png Albino Alolan Dugtrio.png Melanistic Alolan Dugtrio.png
IMG Codes 5/j/5/n u/v/9/a l/q/1/h f/n/u/v
Meowth Meowth Egg.png Meowth.png Shiny Meowth.png Albino Meowth.png Melanistic Meowth.png
IMG Codes o/r/x i/u/2 b/x/v k/1/f i/s
Alolan Meowth Alolan Meowth Egg.png Alolan Meowth.png Shiny Alolan Meowth.png Albino Alolan Meowth.png Melanistic Alolan Meowth.png
IMG Codes 9/v/c/y c/r/b/o i/z/m/n 3/z/w/n q/o/r/f
Galarian Meowth Galarian Meowth Egg.png Galarian Meowth.png Shiny Galarian Meowth.png Albino Galarian Meowth.png Melanistic Galarian Meowth.png
IMG Codes w/a/h/3 2/s/9/t c/4/l/x n/b/o/k m/4/f/6
Persian Persian.png Shiny Persian.png Albino Persian.png Melanistic Persian.png
IMG Codes c/4/1 2/3/a d/9/g q/u/z
Alolan Persian Alolan Persian.png Shiny Alolan Persian.png Albino Alolan Persian.png Melanistic Alolan Persian.png
IMG Codes g/f/f/l d/8/j 2/4/n/x w/f/y/0
Psyduck Psyduck Egg.png Psyduck.png Shiny Psyduck.png Albino Psyduck.png Melanistic Psyduck.png
IMG Codes 3/z/u 9/f/d 4/v/k j/5/m 4/g/1
Golduck Golduck.png Shiny Golduck.png Albino Golduck.png Melanistic Golduck.png
IMG Codes n/d/s f/x/f q/n/j h/d/t
Mankey Mankey Egg.png Mankey.png Shiny Mankey.png Albino Mankey.png Melanistic Mankey.png
IMG Codes t/j c/v/t i/t/0 q/6/z w/d/p
Primeape Primeape.png Shiny Primeape.png Albino Primeape.png Melanistic Primeape.png
IMG Codes h/q/n a/s/9 2/j/f p/a/0
Growlithe Growlithe Egg.png Growlithe.png Shiny Growlithe.png Albino Growlithe.png Melanistic Growlithe.png
IMG Codes k/n/x j/l/k m/l/a z/7/t 5/a/3
Hisuian Growlithe Hisuian Growlithe Egg.png Hisuian Growlithe.png Shiny Hisuian Growlithe.png Albino Hisuian Growlithe.png Melanistic Hisuian Growlithe.png
IMG Codes p/x/g/c 8/a/8/u n/g/9/5 v/4/8/m x/8/8/y
Arcanine Arcanine.png Shiny Arcanine.png Albino Arcanine.png Melanistic Arcanine.png
IMG Codes g/b/o h/b/8 q/c/n h/b/q
Hisuian Arcanine Hisuian Arcanine.png Shiny Hisuian Arcanine.png Albino Hisuian Arcanine.png Melanistic Hisuian Arcanine.png
IMG Codes v/w/8/0 l/n/0/d h/5/a/q x/p/n/y
Poliwag Poliwag Egg.png Poliwag.png Shiny Poliwag.png Albino Poliwag.png Melanistic Poliwag.png
IMG Codes l/m/7 3/e/d h/a o/w/w d/x/4
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl.png Shiny Poliwhirl.png Albino Poliwhirl.png Melanistic Poliwhirl.png
IMG Codes j/1/q d/m/9 d/5/x 4/d/n
Poliwrath Poliwrath.png Shiny Poliwrath.png Albino Poliwrath.png Melanistic Poliwrath.png
IMG Codes p/5/8 p/5/5 4/p/7 l/4/k
Politoed Politoed.pngFemale Politoed.png Shiny Politoed.pngShiny Female Politoed.png Albino Politoed.pngAlbino Female Politoed.png Melanistic Politoed.pngMelanistic Female Politoed.png
IMG Codes b/d/y Femalee/2/7 9/i/s Female 4/x/y k/7/4 Female 5/4/h t/g/o Female i/2
Abra Abra Egg.png Abra.png Shiny Abra.png Albino Abra.png Melanistic Abra.png
IMG Codes 4/y/r a/e/c 8/i/k d/2/v 9/r/k
Kadabra Kadabra.pngFemale Kadabra.png Shiny Kadabra.pngShiny Female Kadabra.png Albino Kadabra.pngAlbino Female Kadabra.png Melanistic Kadabra.pngMelanistic Female Kadabra.png
IMG Codes 2/e/i Femalen/8/6 k/k/v Female a/0/u 2/f/2 Female n/l/a s/p/a Female 6/g/4
Alakazam Alakazam.pngFemale Alakazam.png Shiny Alakazam.pngShiny Female Alakazam.png Albino Alakazam.pngAlbino Female Alakazam.png Melanistic Alakazam.pngMelanistic Female Alakazam.png
IMG Codes 9/i/q Female1/n/t 5/5/s Female i/3/h a/1/b Female t/i/8 k/z/b Female 3/a/z
Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam.png Shiny Mega Alakazam.png Albino Mega Alakazam.png Melanistic Mega Alakazam.png
IMG Codes u/s/n/2 e/i/5/a f/d/9/k b/i/6/4
Machop Machop Egg.png Machop.png Shiny Machop.png Albino Machop.png Melanistic Machop.png
IMG Codes a/2/d 3/b/5 h/9/6 z/i/5 1/c/r
Machoke Machoke.png Shiny Machoke.png Albino Machoke.png Melanistic Machoke.png
IMG Codes 5/y/0 9/0/d p/l/l 4/k/v
Machamp Machamp.png Shiny Machamp.png Albino Machamp.png Melanistic Machamp.png
IMG Codes v/q h/j/o y/j/o s/8/i
Bellsprout Bellsprout Egg.png Bellsprout.png Shiny Bellsprout.png Albino Bellsprout.png Melanistic Bellsprout.png
IMG Codes l/t/r 4/2/s y/l j/6/m p/l/f
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Weepinbell Weepinbell.png Shiny Weepinbell.png Albino Weepinbell.png Melanistic Weepinbell.png
IMG Codes 2/z/j 3/g/k u/c/q 1/m/k
Victreebell Victreebell.png Shiny Victreebell.png Albino Victreebell.png Melanistic Victreebell.png
IMG Codes 3/8 8/v/h n/k/y p/d/1
Tentacool Tentacool Egg.png Tentacool.png Shiny Tentacool.png Albino Tentacool.png Melanistic Tentacool.png
IMG Codes d/6/h 7/6/u o/r/p q/7/s j/4/f
Tentacruel Tentacruel.png Shiny Tentacruel.png Albino Tentacruel.png Melanistic Tentacruel.png
IMG Codes d/1/t 9/0/e n/6/y 3/s/i
Geodude Geodude Egg.png Geodude.png Shiny Geodude.png Albino Geodude.png Melanistic Geodude.png
IMG Codes 1/y/t b/0/5 h/g/r i/g/2 i/g/u
Alolan Geodude Alolan Geodude Egg.png Alolan Geodude.png Shiny Alolan Geodude.png Albino Alolan Geodude.png Melanistic Alolan Geodude.png
IMG Codes i/y/y/3 v/u/x/z a/b/j/x p/m/m/y l/y/1/9
Graveler Graveler.png Shiny Graveler.png Albino Graveler.png Melanistic Graveler.png
IMG Codes k/g/4 t/n z/k/x t/3/n
Alolan Graveler Alolan Graveler.png Shiny Alolan Graveler.png Albino Alolan Graveler.png Melanistic Alolan Graveler.png
IMG Codes b/s/f/r x/e/c/7 o/c/0/i m/b/n/2
Golem Golem.png Shiny Golem.png Albino Golem.png Melanistic Golem.png
IMG Codes l/w/a 6/v/1 p/c/9 s/s/5
Alolan Golem Alolan Golem.png Shiny Alolan Golem.png Albino Alolan Golem.png Melanistic Alolan Golem.png
IMG Codes s/x/r/3 a/c/4/g q/f/4/8 b/6/9/f
Ponyta Ponyta Egg.png Ponyta.png Shiny Ponyta.png Albino Ponyta.png Melanistic Ponyta.png
IMG Codes 6/6/5 n/s/l 9/e/k r/8/p k/w/b
Galarian Ponyta Galarian Ponyta Egg.png Galarian Ponyta.png Shiny Galarian Ponyta.png Albino Galarian Ponyta.png Melanistic Galarian Ponyta.png
IMG Codes r/o/k/p v/n/4/2 t/5/x/w n/4/i/h z/i/v/f
Rapidash Rapidash.png Shiny Rapidash.png Albino Rapidash.png Melanistic Rapidash.png
IMG Codes 3/2/4 7/m/7 l/s/q 4/r/n
Galarian Rapidash Galarian Rapidash.png Shiny Galarian Rapidash.png Albino Galarian Rapidash.png Melanistic Galarian Rapidash.png
IMG Codes e/8/k/9 e/8/7/t 8/e/6/n a/y/j/n
Slowpoke Slowpoke Egg.png Slowpoke.png Shiny Slowpoke.png Albino Slowpoke.png Melanistic Slowpoke.png
IMG Codes c/1/y a/x/s 6/p/0 3/j/p 5/y/m
Galarian Slowpoke Galarian Slowpoke Egg.png Galarian Slowpoke.png Shiny Galarian Slowpoke.png Albino Galarian Slowpoke.png Melanistic Galarian Slowpoke.png
IMG Codes l/u/i/i b/2/l/m o/p/m/8 c/z/r/i i/l/s/7
Slowbro Slowbro.png Shiny Slowbro.png Albino Slowbro.png Melanistic Slowbro.png
IMG Codes 6/o/4 7/8/s b/a/4 q/h/e
Galarian Slowbro Galarian Slowbro.png Shiny Galarian Slowbro.png Albino Galarian Slowbro.png Melanistic Galarian Slowbro.png
IMG Codes u/c/6/i w/j/t/k r/7/g/l 8/5/4/2
Mega Slowbro Mega Slowbro.png Shiny Mega Slowbro.png Albino Mega Slowbro.png Melanistic Mega Slowbro.png
IMG Codes m/3/o/6 c/i/9/0 q/b/t/v p/v/w/z
Slowking Slowking.png Shiny Slowking.png Albino Slowking.png Melanistic Slowking.png
IMG Codes d/a/1 n/c/p 9/i/8 p/o/g
Galarian Slowking Galarian Slowking.png Shiny Galarian Slowking.png Albino Galarian Slowking.png Melanistic Galarian Slowking.png
IMG Codes q/k/7/k n/i/4/3 z/a/e/y k/m/d/l
Magnemite Magnemite Egg.png Magnemite.png Shiny Magnemite.png Albino Magnemite.png Melanistic Magnemite.png
IMG Codes 9/g/4 p/t c/b/w z/1/7 x/1/o
Magneton Magneton.png Shiny Magneton.png Albino Magneton.png Melanistic Magneton.png
IMG Codes j/x/p e/h/w m/o/b 3/0/l
Magnezone Magnezone.png Shiny Magnezone.png Albino Magnezone.png Melanistic Magnezone.png
IMG Codes g/5/6 g/z/p 9/u/6 7/j/4
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Egg.png Farfetch'd.png Shiny Farfetch'd.png Albino Farfetch'd.png Melanistic Farfetch'd.png
IMG Codes h/d 9/a/h 7/0/c 1/x/o h/i/j
Galarian Farfetch'd Galarian Farfetch'd Egg.png Galarian Farfetch'd.png Shiny Galarian Farfetch'd.png Albino Galarian Farfetch'd.png Melanistic Galarian Farfetch'd.png
IMG Codes z/k/x/9 4/0/a/s 3/7/c/v 8/t/q/m c/8/z/t
Doduo Doduo Egg.png Doduo.pngFemale Doduo.png Shiny Doduo.pngShiny Female Doduo.png Albino Doduo.pngAlbino Female Doduo.png Melanistic Doduo.pngMelanistic Female Doduo.png
IMG Codes 5/b/1 k/h/u Female c/3/n 3/t/3 Female h/h/3 p/8/7 Female p/6/r d/n/v Female 7/w/j
Dodrio Dodrio.pngFemale Dodrio.png Shiny Dodrio.pngShiny Female Dodrio.png Albino Dodrio.pngAlbino Female Dodrio.png Melanistic Dodrio.pngMelanistic Female Dodrio.png
IMG Codes 6/f/u Female h/l/3 e/l/l Female 8/i/z 1/5/h Female 1/8/h t/o/u Female c/z/8
Seel Seel Egg.png Seel.png Shiny Seel.png Albino Seel.png Melanistic Seel.png
IMG Codes 9/5/7 l/s/l c/3/9 f/j/e g/b/k
Dewgong Dewgong.png Shiny Dewgong.png Albino Dewgong.png Melanistic Dewgong.png
IMG Codes n/6/0 8/h/r q/1/d 5/f/e
Grimer Grimer Egg.png Grimer.png Shiny Grimer.png Albino Grimer.png Melanistic Grimer.png
IMG Codes n/a/i a/u/y 7/s/y e/d/f t/1/4
Alolan Grimer Alolan Grimer Egg.png Alolan Grimer.png Shiny Alolan Grimer.png Albino Alolan Grimer.png Melanistic Alolan Grimer.png
IMG Codes 8/s/i/r y/f/9/x x/a/m/z y/r/7/h p/b/a/3
Muk Muk.png Shiny Muk.png Albino Muk.png Melanistic Muk.png
IMG Codes a/z/2 e/p/b k/7/l 8/x/s
Alolan Muk Alolan Muk.png Shiny Alolan Muk.png Albino Alolan Muk.png Melanistic Alolan Muk.png
IMG Codes s/y/v/i p/x/t/5 7/2/2/p s/k/6/k
Shellder Shellder Egg.png Shellder.png Shiny Shellder.png Albino Shellder.png Melanistic Shellder.png
IMG Codes 3/1/u e/q/d 5/7/c 3/4/9 g/f/g
Cloyster Cloyster.png Shiny Cloyster.png Albino Cloyster.png Melanistic Cloyster.png
IMG Codes j/n/j b/f/x g/r/h 9/9/9
Gastly Gastly Egg.png Gastly.png Shiny Gastly.png Albino Gastly.png Melanistic Gastly.png
IMG Codes f/b/0 9/p/r c/v/j 7/s/v q/m
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Haunter Haunter.png Shiny Haunter.png Albino Haunter.png Melanistic Haunter.png
IMG Codes 3/q/c o/v/h d/4/l 4/7/5
Gengar Gengar.png Shiny Gengar.png Albino Gengar.png Melanistic Gengar.png
IMG Codes 3/m/b n/r/p a/9/q t/8/5
Mega Gengar Mega Gengar.png Shiny Mega Gengar.png Albino Mega Gengar.png Melanistic Mega Gengar.png
IMG Codes y/v/g 9/5/u 7/7/l u/3/a
Onix Onix Egg.png Onix.png Shiny Onix.png Albino Onix.png Melanistic Onix.png
IMG Codes 6/d/s h/s/0 e/z/0 7/b/1 i/5/x
Steelix Steelix.pngFemale Steelix.png Shiny Steelix.pngShiny Female Steelix.png Albino Steelix.pngAlbino Female Steelix.png Melanistic Steelix.pngMelanistic Female Steelix.png
IMG Codes i/z/r Female 6/d/r h/z/e Female i/o/x f/c/j Female x/b/d i/d/1 Female p/p/c
Mega Steelix Mega Steelix.png Shiny Mega Steelix.png Albino Mega Steelix.png Melanistic Mega Steelix.png
IMG Codes r/z/h/k v/u/o/b 4/s/j/l l/r/m/d
Drowzee Drowzee Egg.png Drowzee.png Shiny Drowzee.png Albino Drowzee.png Melanistic Drowzee.png
IMG Codes b/v/d h/1/h a/b/d 2/q/6 p/y/2
Hypno Hypno.pngFemale Hypno.png Shiny Hypno.pngShiny Female Hypno.png Albino Hypno.pngAlbino Female Hypno.png Melanistic Hypno.pngMelanistic Female Hypno.png
IMG Codes l/k/y Female a/n/0 8/u/x Female j/l/l 8/t/e Female q/g/n y/9/5 Female d/f/c
Krabby Krabby Egg.png Krabby.png Shiny Krabby.png Albino Krabby.png Melanistic Krabby.png
IMG Codes b/f/k 2/6/p i/h/p x/1/x z/x/a
Kingler Kingler.png Shiny Kingler.png Albino Kingler.png Melanistic Kingler.png
IMG Codes g/9/j 9/0/3 w/d/c 4/j/j
Voltorb Voltorb Egg.png Voltorb.png Shiny Voltorb.png Albino Voltorb.png Melanistic Voltorb.png
IMG Codes j/p/g 4/4/p a/n/i g/o/f 1/8/t
Hisuian Voltorb Hisuian Voltorb Egg.png Hisuian Voltorb.png Shiny Hisuian Voltorb.png Albino Hisuian Voltorb.png Melanistic Hisuian Voltorb.png
IMG Codes q/w/s/9 2/8/2/7 d/r/z/c 6/7/y/s 6/y/0/j
Electrode Electrode.png Shiny Electrode.png Albino Electrode.png Melanistic Electrode.png
IMG Codes g/y/j 4/j/v k/8/v 7/d
Hisuian Electrode Hisuian Electrode.png Shiny Hisuian Electrode.png Albino Hisuian Electrode.png Melanistic Hisuian Electrode.png
IMG Codes 9/i/t/z 3/t/m/b z/1/k/j z/r/f/r
Exeggcute Exeggcute Egg.png Exeggcute.png Shiny Exeggcute.png Albino Exeggcute.png Melanistic Exeggcute.png
IMG Codes n/k/h d/6/g 5/w/x e/t/f 4/n/z
Exeggutor Exeggutor.png Shiny Exeggutor.png Albino Exeggutor.png Melanistic Exeggutor.png
IMG Codes f/u/6 5/g g/9/d 7/d/9
Alolan Exeggutor Alolan Exeggutor.png Shiny Alolan Exeggutor.png Albino Alolan Exeggutor.png Melanistic Alolan Exeggutor.png
IMG Codes j/8/i/b w/p/2/y i/2/4/a s/g/1/o
Cubone Cubone Egg.png Cubone.png Shiny Cubone.png Albino Cubone.png Melanistic Cubone.png
IMG Codes h/6/b c/s/4 f/s/n 9/l/5 y/3/e
Marowak Marowak.png Shiny Marowak.png Albino Marowak.png Melanistic Marowak.png
IMG Codes 7/f/e d/9/q 6/2/5 x/6/8
Alolan Marowak Alolan Marowak.png Shiny Alolan Marowak.png Albino Alolan Marowak.png Melanistic Alolan Marowak.png
IMG Codes a/g/w/2 j/s/4/2 1/d/c/p 2/h/q/f
Totem Alolan Marowak Totem Alolan Marowak.png Shiny Totem Alolan Marowak.png Albino Totem Alolan Marowak.png Melanistic Totem Alolan Marowak.png
IMG Codes p/r/6/7 m/b/w/z w/k/u/5 t/r/j/f
Lickitung Lickitung Egg.png Lickitung.png Shiny Lickitung.png Albino Lickitung.png Melanistic Lickitung.png
IMG Codes c/8/n n/8/2 n/g/k h/b/a p/z/i
Lickilicky Lickilicky.png Shiny Lickilicky.png Albino Lickilicky.png Melanistic Lickilicky.png
IMG Codes b/p 6/7/a s/l/7 8/9/y
Koffing Koffing Egg.png Koffing.png Shiny Koffing.png Albino Koffing.png Melanistic Koffing.png
IMG Codes b/d/m n/t/r h/0/j 1/3/c t/e/r
Weezing Weezing.png Shiny Weezing.png Albino Weezing.png Melanistic Weezing.png
IMG Codes l/7/s l/k/7 2/r/6 j/s/i
Galarian Weezing Galarian Weezing.png Shiny Galarian Weezing.png Albino Galarian Weezing.png Melanistic Galarian Weezing.png
IMG Codes e/e/6/7 c/n/5/2 2/q/v/x r/y/y/k
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Egg.png Rhyhorn.pngFemale Rhyhorn.png Shiny Rhyhorn.pngShiny Female Rhyhorn.png Albino Rhyhorn.pngAlbino Female Rhyhorn.png Melanistic Rhyhorn.pngMelanistic Female Rhyhorn.png
IMG Codes 9/b/0 3/g/l Female7/y m/g/a Female n/4/f j/7/y Female q/a/k l/q/5 Female o/g/v
Rhydon Rhydon.pngFemale Rhydon.png Shiny Rhydon.pngShiny Female Rhydon.png Albino Rhydon.pngAlbino Female Rhydon.png Melanistic Rhydon.pngMelanistic Female Rhydon.png
IMG Codes o/k/8 Femalei/4/p j/5/8 Female 2/h/u o/x/x Female k/c/g x/o/u Female p/q/5
Rhyperior Rhyperior.pngFemale Rhyperior.png Shiny Rhyperior.pngShiny Female Rhyperior.png Albino Rhyperior.pngAlbino Female Rhyperior.png Melanistic Rhyperior.pngMelanistic Female Rhyperior.png
IMG Codes 4/9/3 Female1/o/2 m/7/a Female 3/c/n x/w/s Female e/e/z o/7/3 Female f/c/e
Tangela Tangela Egg.png Tangela.png Shiny Tangela.png Albino Tangela.png Melanistic Tangela.png
IMG Codes k/b/3 a/g/w l/c/f 4/h/b e/l/c
Tangrowth Tangrowth.pngFemale Tangrowth.png Shiny Tangrowth.pngShiny Female Tangrowth.png Albino Tangrowth.pngAlbino Female Tangrowth.png Melanistic Tangrowth.pngMelanistic Female Tangrowth.png
IMG Codes 1/2/f Female 5/l/q 8/w/p Female 6/6/4 z/v/m Female 7/c/l 2/c/x Female g/v/c
Kangaskhan Kangaskhan Egg.png Kangaskhan.png Shiny Kangaskhan.png Albino Kangaskhan.png Melanistic Kangaskhan.png
IMG Codes d/5/0 n/m/p f/v/i a/d/u i/i/s
Mega Kangaskhan Mega Kangaskhan.png Shiny Mega Kangaskhan.png Albino Mega Kangaskhan.png Melanistic Mega Kangaskhan.png
IMG Codes u/m/c y/m t/a/2/z y/h/h/o
Horsea Horsea Egg.png Horsea.png Shiny Horsea.png Albino Horsea.png Melanistic Horsea.png
IMG Codes q/8 k/h/a i/b/x 5/v/g a/i/b
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Seadra Seadra.png Shiny Seadra.png Albino Seadra.png Melanistic Seadra.png
IMG Codes 2/y/6 d/s/h o/n/x w/9/k
Kingdra Kingdra.png Shiny Kingdra.png Albino Kingdra.png Melanistic Kingdra.png
IMG Codes 8/y/9 7/g/t q/7/e k/b/9
Goldeen Goldeen Egg.png Goldeen.pngFemale Goldeen.png Shiny Goldeen.pngShiny Female Goldeen.png Albino Goldeen.pngAlbino Female Goldeen.png Melanistic Goldeen.pngMelanistic Female Goldeen.png
IMG Codes l/k/a 9/c/1 Female 4/2/n e/2/o Female m/d/a d/h/3 Female m/l/y 3/a/p Female z/q/5
Seaking Seaking.pngFemale Seaking.png Shiny Seaking.pngShiny Female Seaking.png Albino Seaking.pngAlbino Female Seaking.png Melanistic Seaking.pngMelanistic Female Seaking.png
IMG Codes i/5/j Female d/i/n g/2/1 Female h/l/s w/f/t Female q/k/o h/v/n Female z/2/a
Staryu Staryu Egg.png Staryu.png Shiny Staryu.png Albino Staryu.png Melanistic Staryu.png
IMG Codes l/r/1 b/v/c j/p/a w/u/o p/p/p
Starmie Starmie.png Shiny Starmie.png Albino Starmie.png Melanistic Starmie.png
IMG Codes j/q/8 l/r/p 3/q/u l/p/k
Mime Jr. Mime Jr. Egg.png Mime Jr.png Shiny Mime Jr.png Albino Mime Jr.png Melanistic Mime Jr.png
IMG Codes m/q/k n/p/6 9/t/c 8/w/2 n/j/5/j
Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Egg.png Mr. Mime.png Shiny Mr. Mime.png Albino Mr. Mime.png Melanistic Mr. Mime.png
IMG Codes q/6/d/0 6/4/j 9/o/u t/9/v 8/u/q
Galarian Mr. Mime Galarian Mr. Mime Egg.png Galarian Mr. Mime.png Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime.png Albino Galarian Mr. Mime.png Melanistic Galarian Mr. Mime.png
IMG Codes y/j/q/z c/g/o/a u/k/2/7 a/u/e/x n/j/5/g
Scyther Scyther Egg.png Scyther.pngFemale Scyther.png Shiny Scyther.pngShiny Female Scyther.png Albino Scyther.pngAlbino Female Scyther.png Melanistic Scyther.pngMelanistic Female Scyther.png
IMG Codes 7/9/t e/m/d Female m/v/d 9/m Female 2/1/h 5/o/2 Female u/6/i 5/1/y Female t/l/l
Scizor Scizor.pngFemale Scizor.png Shiny Scizor.pngShiny Female Scizor.png Albino Scizor.pngAlbino Female Scizor.png Melanistic Scizor.pngMelanistic Female Scizor.png
IMG Codes g/p/c Female6/j/x 3/l/f Female 2/9/c n/g/6 Female 9/v/b 6/z/j Female f/g/7
Mega Scizor Mega Scizor.png Shiny Mega Scizor.png Albino Mega Scizor.png Melanistic Mega Scizor.png
IMG Codes n/i/m/t w/v/e/7 2/n/s/i i/y/p/s
Smoochum Smoochum Egg.png Smoochum.png Shiny Smoochum.png Albino Smoochum.png Melanistic Smoochum.png
IMG Codes o/b/7 f/3 8/w/y i/e/x 6/4/8
Jynx Jynx.png Shiny Jynx.png Albino Jynx.png Melanistic Jynx.png
IMG Codes g/n/b 5/w/6 q/b/s q/i/s
Pinsir Pinsir Egg.png Pinsir.png Shiny Pinsir.png Albino Pinsir.png Melanistic Pinsir.png
IMG Codes b/x/s k/4/h k/j/6 g/t/u y/5/t
Mega Pinsir Mega Pinsir.png Shiny Mega Pinsir.png Albino Mega Pinsir.png Melanistic Mega Pinsir.png
IMG Codes w/c/p/f n/s/q/z b/o/z/e p/r/c/e
Tauros Tauros Egg.png Tauros.png Shiny Tauros.png Albino Tauros.png Melanistic Tauros.png
IMG Codes d/q/n e/e/b 1/y/i r/3/c 5/1/8
Magikarp Magikarp Egg.png Magikarp.pngFemale Magikarp.png Shiny Magikarp.pngShiny Female Magikarp.png Albino Magikarp.pngAlbino Female Magikarp.png Melanistic Magikarp.pngMelanistic Female Magikarp.png
IMG Codes 8/r/q 4/w/b Female 4/y/u k/6/5 Female m/i/u d/4/v Female k/4/t e/c/8 Female k/x/a
Gyarados Gyarados.pngFemale Gyarados.png Shiny Gyarados.pngShiny Female Gyarados.png Albino Gyarados.pngAlbino Female Gyarados.png Melanistic Gyarados.pngMelanistic Female Gyarados.png
IMG Codes n/h Female n/a/7 3/n/8 Female 8/c m/u/z Female t/4/h e/5/6 Female n/7/q
Mega Gyarados Mega Gyarados.png Shiny Mega Gyarados.png Albino Mega Gyarados.png Melanistic Mega Gyarados.png
IMG Codes m/h/f/m l/r/s/s z/1/b/p t/d/6/8
Lapras Lapras Egg.png Lapras.png Shiny Lapras.png Albino Lapras.png Melanistic Lapras.png
IMG Codes h/h/h 9/5 6/i/y x/7/n 6/d/x
Ditto Ditto Egg.png Ditto.png Shiny Ditto.png Albino Ditto.png Melanistic Ditto.png
IMG Codes e/h/x 4/t/8 a/2/1 4/6/9 s/r/8
Eevee Eevee Egg.png Eevee.pngFemale Eevee.png Shiny Eevee.pngShiny Female Eevee.png Albino Eevee.pngAlbino Female Eevee.png Melanistic Eevee.pngMelanistic Female Eevee.png
IMG Codes 3/e/l h/c/7 Female w/8/r/3 n/0/m Female k/s/g/r u/6/t Female u/i/v/g c/z/h Female u/d/k/6
Vaporeon Vaporeon.png Shiny Vaporeon.png Albino Vaporeon.png Melanistic Vaporeon.png
IMG Codes 6/y/e n/p/x w/y/u h/0/1
Jolteon Jolteon.png Shiny Jolteon.png Albino Jolteon.png Melanistic Jolteon.png
IMG Codes 5/c/2 e/4/s n/d/8 7/y/g
Flareon Flareon.png Shiny Flareon.png Albino Flareon.png Melanistic Flareon.png
IMG Codes p/6/g l/y/9 k/h/e w/3/t
Espeon Espeon.png Shiny Espeon.png Albino Espeon.png Melanistic Espeon.png
IMG Codes 7/5/n m/6/k a/v/0 n/e/4
Umbreon Umbreon.png Shiny Umbreon.png Albino Umbreon.png Melanistic Umbreon.png
IMG Codes o/d/t o/o/g n/q/n j/q
Leafeon Leafeon.png Shiny Leafeon.png Albino Leafeon.png Melanistic Leafeon.png
IMG Codes m/8/u 9/r/b v/t/a i/v/y
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Glaceon Glaceon.png Shiny Glaceon.png Albino Glaceon.png Melanistic Glaceon.png
IMG Codes c/m/x j/2/u m/e/2 p/d/d/h
Sylveon Sylveon.png Shiny Sylveon.png Albino Sylveon.png Melanistic Sylveon.png
IMG Codes e/w/t q/s/o f/f/v 4/n/c/r
Omanyte Omanyte Egg.png Omanyte.png Shiny Omanyte.png Albino Omanyte.png Melanistic Omanyte.png
IMG Codes 1/5/l n/e/g e/i/3 7/p/o h/h/2
Omastar Omastar.png Shiny Omastar.png Albino Omastar.png Melanistic Omastar.png
IMG Codes 3/p/z e/m/0 b/z/f v/o/5
Kabuto Kabuto Egg.png Kabuto.png Shiny Kabuto.png Albino Kabuto.png Melanistic Kabuto.png
IMG Codes 6/n/4 e/5/q 2/z q/d/3 3/q/g
Kabutops Kabutops.png Shiny Kabutops.png Albino Kabutops.png Melanistic Kabutops.png
IMG Codes 8/a/0 5/f/g i/2/i 6/v/t
Aerodactyl Aerodactyl Egg.png Aerodactyl.png Shiny Aerodactyl.png Albino Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Aerodactyl.png
IMG Codes 5/d/f k/a/y c/t/i h/t/w n/e/k
Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl.png Shiny Mega Aerodactyl.png Albino Mega Aerodactyl.png Melanistic Mega Aerodactyl.png
IMG Codes i/j/5/x w/k/4/h 9/c/7/t n/2/v/4
Munchlax Munchlax Egg.png Munchlax.png Shiny Munchlax.png Albino Munchlax.png Melanistic Munchlax.png
IMG Codes 4/u/j o/f/e l/6/2 r/h/q f/6/4/o
Snorlax Snorlax Egg.png Snorlax.png Shiny Snorlax.png Albino Snorlax.png Melanistic Snorlax.png
IMG Codes 8/t/3/u 3/q/i g/i/3 f/1/0 a/8/e
Articuno Articuno Egg.png Articuno.png Shiny Articuno.png Albino Articuno.png Melanistic Articuno.png
IMG Codes f/m/u o/u/2 o/j/3 v/i/l 9/2/1
Galarian Articuno Galarian Articuno Egg.png Galarian Articuno.png Shiny Galarian Articuno.png Albino Galarian Articuno.png Melanistic Galarian Articuno.png
IMG Codes s/7/d/t 5/a/a/3 z/p/i/3 6/x/s/v r/2/y/m
Zapdos Zapdos Egg.png Zapdos.png Shiny Zapdos.png Albino Zapdos.png Melanistic Zapdos.png
IMG Codes o/2/t k/p/3 j/p/t 4/f/u q/n/5
Galarian Zapdos Galarian Zapdos Egg.png Galarian Zapdos.png Shiny Galarian Zapdos.png Albino Galarian Zapdos.png Melanistic Galarian Zapdos.png
IMG Codes u/s/y/s k/l/n/c j/j/e 7/b/f/d s/j/x/u
Moltres Moltres Egg.png Moltres.png Shiny Moltres.png Albino Moltres.png Melanistic Moltres.png
IMG Codes k/z/u n/z/7 c/1/s b/g/u c/1/b
Galarian Moltres Galarian Moltres Egg.png Galarian Moltres.png Shiny Galarian Moltres.png Albino Galarian Moltres.png Melanistic Galarian Moltres.png
IMG Codes o/r/b/p w/5/8/a i/a/j/a o/k/e/z 2/c/a/4
Dratini Dratini Egg.png Dratini.png Shiny Dratini.png Albino Dratini.png Melanistic Dratini.png
IMG Codes a/x/w 3/q/l 6/w/8 m/3/9 i/5/z
Dragonair Dragonair.png Shiny Dragonair.png Albino Dragonair.png Melanistic Dragonair.png
IMG Codes j/m/8 o/1/k 1/a/j g/s/e
Dragonite Dragonite.png Shiny Dragonite.png Albino Dragonite.png Melanistic Dragonite.png
IMG Codes i/v/r 1/7/z f/6/p t/5/4
Mewtwo Mewtwo Egg.png Mewtwo.png Shiny Mewtwo.png Albino Mewtwo.png Melanistic Mewtwo.png
IMG Codes j/t/q 4/c/9 l/o/w f/d/4 6/x/l
Mega Mewtwo X Mega Mewtwo X.png Shiny Mega Mewtwo X.png Albino Mega Mewtwo X.png Melanistic Mega Mewtwo X.png
IMG Codes r/i/f/d q/v/m/m c/n/2/6 x/6/t/t
Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Mewtwo Y.png Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y.png Albino Mega Mewtwo Y.png Melanistic Mega Mewtwo Y.png
IMG Codes k/i/u t/b/g/v l/n/z y/r/k
Mew Mew Egg.png Mew.png Shiny Mew.png Albino Mew.png Melanistic Mew.png
IMG Codes 4/3/u g/s/p 3/a/2 9/d/8 j/m/x


  • On PFQ, Victreebel is spelt Victreebell.[1]
    • Victreebell is its intended spelling but there were character limits at the time.
    • Pokémon Species names are trademarked and cannot be changed once registered.
    • PFQ is not bound by that and so Victreebell can enjoy its full, intended spelling.[2]
  • Vulpix is born with only a single, white tail that splits as Vulpix grows. [3]
    • In the official games, this is not reflected and Vulpix is always seen with six tails.
    • As of the 6th of September 2014, PFQ reflects this which is why a Vulpix will have a single tail when it is first hatched and more tails as it levels up.


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