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The Trade Centre is where the user may put their Pokémon up for trade or gift them to other users. The user is able to access it after they have completed the tutorial. It is found in the Nearby Places tab. There are five buttons the user can choose from underneath the title: Active Trades, Collection Area, Wonder Trade, Upgrades, and History.

Note: Eggs may not be traded.

Active Trades

Active Trades Page
This tab allows users to Set up a new trade and view both their sent and incoming trades.

Set up a new trade

This is for trading/gifting Pokémon to a certain user. The form is very straightforward:

  • Recipient: The user the Sender wants to send the trade to. As the Sender types, suggested usernames will automatically appear beneath the textbox, which the Sender can click to fill in as the recipient.
Note: Names are case-insensitive.
  • Pokémon: The Pokémon that the Sender wants to trade. The Sender should click on the "Choose a Pokémon" button to view the Sender's fields. After the Sender clicks the Pokémon, a message box will appear to either confirm the Sender's selection or go to the Pokémon's Summary page.
  • Items: The sender has the option to attach up to 5 items. In order to add items the Sender can click on Inventory and they may choose the items. They may also remove the attached items by clicking the remove button under the item.
  • Currency: The sender has the option to attach Credits, Gold Poké, or Zophan Canisters to the trade.
  • Message:A textbox where the Sender can choose to write a message to the Recipient. Under the message there is a checkbox to toggle gifting.

Once the Sender is ready, they can click the button 'Set up the trade' to send the trade to the other user. A notification will be sent upon receiving a trade, a trade being offered on, or a trade being completed. Up to 5 trades can be sent by a user at a time, Pokémon in the Collection Area count towards this maximum. Unless the user has Trade Centre Expansion.pngTrade Centre Expansions.

Receiving a Trade

When someone makes an offer on a trade, a notification will be sent to the trade owner. It will link them to the Trade Centre, where they may click on the Pokémon in their "Incoming: Offered" section. They may then either accept or reject the trade. If accepted, their Pokémon will be transferred to the Recipient, and vice versa. Both parties will now have the option of placing the traded Pokémon in their fields, visiting the Pokémon, going to PMs with their trade partner, and collecting all items and currency in the Trade Center.

If a trade or trade offer is rejected, a SYSTEM message will let the Recipient know that the trade has been rejected and a notification will appear to let the user know that they have received a trade request.

Options available to the user after accepting a Trade.

Collection Area

Any Pokémon, items, or currency may be found in the Collection Area. A user must accept items/currency and select fields for Pokémon in a pop-up upon accepting the trade in order to remove them from the Collection Area.

Note: Wonder Trade Pokémon are deposited straight to the Collection Area

A user without any Trade Centre Expansion.pngTrade Centre Expansions will be unable to send any trades if they have 5 or more pending Trades. They will also be unable to accept any trades or gifts if there are 11 Pokémon in the Collection Area.

In certain events, special Pokémon are deposited in the Trade Centre for the user to collect.

Wonder Trade

Wonder Trading is an extension of the Trade Centre. Like regular trading, a Pokémon is put up for trade. The Pokémon will be traded at random with another Wonder Trading user. The traded Pokémon will be waiting in the Collection Area.


Like most Nearby Places, the Trade Centre also has Upgrades that may be purchased. Currently, only Trade Centre Expansion.pngTrade Centre Expansions are available at the Trade Centre. They cost 1,000 Gp small.pngGold Poké each, and they increase the number of trades that a user can send by five and the amount of space in the collection area by ten.


History is a feature that allows the user to see the past 25 trades they made. It tracks all trades, including Gifts and Wonder Trades.