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The PokéDex is a Key Item available to all farmers on PokéFarm Q. It is used to record and browse information on all the Pokémon a user has obtained. It is important to note that PokéFarm has its own unique listing of Pokémon that follows Pokémon family lines, not official national PokéDex orderings. For example, Bonsly, a Generation IV Pokémon, is listed before its Generation II evolution, Sudowoodo.

Main Screen

Viewing the PokéDex

The main screen shows which regions can be selected to see 'Dexes for that Region.

Opening the PokéDex shows the following options/regions to look through:

  • Filters: Gives the ability to sort by type, or exclude completed entries from the list.
  • Kanto: includes First Generation Pokémon, from #001 - #166
  • Johto: includes Second Generation Pokémon, from #167 - #265
  • Hoenn: includes Third Generation Pokémon, from #266 - #404
  • Sinnoh: includes Fourth Generation Pokémon, from #405 - #493
  • Unova: includes Fifth Generation Pokémon, from #494 - #649
  • Kalos: includes Sixth Generation Pokémon, from #650 - #720
  • Alola: includes Seventh Generation Pokémon, from #721 - #805
  • Galar: includes Eighth Generation Pokémon, from #809 -
  • PokéFarm Q (Exclusives): List of all Fakemon unique to PFQ.
  • PokéFarm Q (Megas): List of all non-official Mega Evolutions unique to PFQ.
  • PokéFarm Q (Variants): List of all Fakemon based off of official Pokémon unique to PFQ.
  • Total Progress: Shows the completion percentages and numbers of EggDex, PokéDex, ShinyDex, AlbinoDex and MelanDex.
  • Reset: The BFM for resetting your dex progress is available for purchase and use here.

The main screen also shows a user's completion progress for Eggs, Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon, Albino Pokémon, and Melanistic Pokémon, as well as the overall total completion. Filters that can be used to limit which entries are also shown.


Viewing Houndour in the PokéDex

Viewing an entry for a Pokémon displays the following information:

  • Egg: Information on the Egg includes the Egg's description and how much EXP the Egg needs to hatch.
  • Pokémon: Information on the actual Pokémon, including type, gender ratio, EXP group, Egg group, colour, and body style.
  • Evolution: Information on the Pokémon's evolution line, if applicable.
  • Formes / Completion: Shows the completion percentage for the EggDex, PokéDex, ShinyDex, AlbinoDex, and MelanDex, per Forme if applicable.
  • δ-species: Shows the completion for the species's δDex, displaying how many δ Types you've registered out of a possible 18. If a δ-species has not been registered, this section will not appear.

Resetting the PokéDex

On the bottom of the main screen, the BFM.png BFM, or Binary Forcefield Magnet, is purchasable for Cr small.png 100,000. It is a one-time used item that can erase the EggDex and PokéDex only, or the ShinyDex, AlbinoDex, and MelanDex as well.


  • If a user does not have the EggDex entry for a Basic Pokémon, the entry's EggDex section will have X's covering the description.