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The PokéFarm Wiki uses categories to provide an organized system of navigational links to all its pages and files. Categories contain pages and files that can be easily classified by a set of defining characteristics, without having their content limited by them. Using the Wiki’s categories, readers should be able to quickly search and locate the information they need, as well as being able to find directly related information about their search topics.

Category Types

In order to maximize efficiently within the category system, the PokéFarm Wiki uses four types of categories: Image Categories, Page Categories, Parent Categories, and SubCategories. Each category type is defined by both what kind of page they categorise, and the method in which they do so.

Image Categories

Image Categories exclusively categorise image files. Image Categories should never, under any circumstances, contain files that are not considered to be images. For the categorising purposes on the Wiki, all types of images are still considered to be the same (e.g. sprites, official art, screenshots, etc.), and all types of image formats are acceptable (eg. gif, png, jpg, etc.).

Page Categories

Page Categories are used to sort and categorise pages used on the Wiki, usually using their informational content and level of completion as classification criteria. Because each page is unique in it’s informational content, Page Categories tend to be used as more of a navigational help rather than a type of classification. Page Categories are also used to group pages that need special attention, e.g. Category:Pages with Missing Information.

Parent Categories

Parent Categories are used to categorise other categories. Parent Categories are used categorise groups of categories, that although can stand on their own, are all similar enough to each other that they can be grouped into a larger category. Parent Categories can be used to categorise any kind of category, regardless of their own unique classification criteria.


SubCategories are used to categorise pages already belonging to another type of category. If a category is determined to be too large or general in its classification criteria, it can be broken down into multiple subcategories to better classify its contents. SubCategories can contain any kind of file or page format recognized by the Wiki.

Category Criteria

All Categories used on the PokéFarm Wiki must abide to each part of the Category Criteria in order to be able to be incorporated as an official Category. The Category Criteria is to be used as the official guide to making a category, and must be incorporated into each and every category.

Naming Categories

The name of a category needs to be concise and short, but still be able to clearly classify what belongs inside of it. Category names need to limit unnecessary information as much as possible; lengthy titles take longer to read and process, which would defeat their purpose.

Additions to Categories

Each time an page or file is added to a category, the edit summary should contain a brief, but relevant, explanation as to why that page belongs its new category. Through this explanation process, future editors should be able to better understand what kind of pages belong inside categories. Failure to include a reason when classifying a page may result in administrative edit rollback.

Over Categorisation

Pages should never belong to more than three categories. If a page can belong to more than three categories, the categories which best classify the page should be used. If enough pages are shown to be part of too many categories, new categories (or subcategories) should be created.

New Categories

As PokéFarm changes, the PokéFarm Wiki must adapt to it. As new features are incorporated to the site, the Wiki and its categories must be able to be changed and edited to incorporate new information. In order to create or remake a category, a certain procedure must be followed, it is a follows:

  1. New category proposals should be requested on the appropriate talk pages. Category remake proposals should be requested on the old category talk pages, while new categories can be requested on either this page’s talk page, or any other appropriate talk page.
    • Category requests should clearly explain why a new category is needed, and should include at least two examples of pages that would belong to the new category. If no page examples can be provided, it must be explained as to why that is.
  2. An official Wiki Editor must approve and add the new category to the official Category Listing before it can be incorporated into the Wiki. Editors may ask questions, present issues, or reject requests as they see fit. Multiple users are encouraged to contribute to a talk page in order to express their opinions on the presented request.
    • A new category should not be accepted until a name, description, and classification criteria is established.
  3. Once a category is granted approval, its requester may create the new category page using the red link provided on the Category Listing. The new category page should follow all category criteria, and must clearly explain its unique classification criteria on its page.
  4. After the category page is created, pages may be added to it.

Category Listing

The Category Listing is the official record for all approved categories on the PokéFarm Wiki. For a category to be added to the Category Listing, an official Wiki Editor must manually approve a category to one of the Category Listing's three sections: Images Categories, Page Categories, or Special Categories.

Image Categories

This section of the Category Listing lists all approved Image Categories.

Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Image Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs and Egg subcategories
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 1 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 1
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 2 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 2
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 3 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 3
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 4 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 4
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 5 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 5
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 6 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 6
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 7 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 7
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 8 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 8
↳ SubCategory/Image Generation 9 Eggs (Images) Contains all Pokémon Eggs from Generation 9
↳ SubCategory/Image Exclusive Eggs (Images) Contains all Exclusive Pokémon Eggs
Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Image Pokémon (Images) Contains all Pokémon image subcategories
↳ SubCategory/Image Legendary Pokémon (Images) Contains Legendary Pokémon
↳ SubCategory/Image Custom Sprite Pokémon (Images) Contains Custom Sprite Pokémon
↳ SubCategory/Image Exclusive Pokémon (Images) Contains normal Exclusive Pokémon
↳ SubCategory/Image Shiny Exclusive Pokémon (Images) Contains shiny Exclusive Pokémon
↳ SubCategory/Image Exclusive Mega Pokémon (Images) Contains Exclusive Mega Pokémon (all images, including shiny)
Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Image Inventory (Images) Contains all Item image subcategories
↳ SubCategory/Image Account Upgrades (Images) Contains all Account Upgrades
↳ SubCategory/Image Evolution Stones (Images) Contains all Evolution Stones
↳ SubCategory/Image Evolution Items (Images) Contains all Evolution Items
↳ SubCategory/Image Special Evolution Items (Images) Contains all Special Evolution Items
↳ SubCategory/Image Forme-Change Items (Images) Contains all Forme-Change Items
↳ SubCategory/Image Summon Items (Images) Contains all Summon Items
↳ SubCategory/Image Mega Stones (Images) Contains all Mega Stones
↳ SubCategory/Image Data Volumes (Images) Contains all Data Volumes
↳ SubCategory/Image Consumables (Images) Contains all Consumables
↳ SubCategory/Image Gems (Images) Contains all Gems
↳ SubCategory/Image Boxes (Images) Contains all Boxes
↳ SubCategory/Image Treasure (Images) Contains all Treasure
↳ SubCategory/Image Key Items (Images) Contains all Key Items
↳ SubCategory/Image Accessories (Images) Contains all Accessory items and subsubcategories
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Shop Accessories (Images) Contains all Accessories available in the Shop
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Miscellaneous Accessories (Images) Contains all Miscellaneous Accessories
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Organic Accessories (Images) Contains all Organic Accessories
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Fluff Accessories (Images) Contains all Fluff Accessories
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Special Accessories (Images) Contains all Special Accessories
↳ SubCategory/Image Berries (Images) Contains all Berry subsubcategories
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Common Berries (Images) Contains all Common Berries
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Uncommon Berries (Images) Contains all Uncommon Berries
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Rare Berries (Images) Contains all Rare Berries
↳→ SubSubCategory/Image Special Berries (Images) Contains all Special Berries
Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Image Other (Images) Contains all categories that fit no where else
↳ SubCategory/Image Class Banners (Images) Contains all Class Banners
↳ SubCategory/Image Userbars (Images) Contains all Userbars
↳ SubCategory/Image Buttons (Images) Contains all Buttons (images and screenshots)
↳ SubCategory/Image Currencies (Images) Contains all Currency related images
↳ SubCategory/Image NPCs (Images) Contains all NPC related images
↳ SubCategory/Image Miscellaneous (Images) Contains images that do not belong to other categories
Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Image Screenshots (Images) Contains all screenshot subcategories
↳ SubCategory/Image Pages Banners (Images) Contains screenshots displaying complete pages
↳ SubCategory/Image Features Banners (Images) Contains screenshots displaying general features or cropped pages
↳ SubCategory/Image Specifics Banners (Images) Contains screenshots displaying specific features

Page Categories

This section of the Category Listing lists all approved Page Categories.

Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Page Maintenance Pages Contains all Wiki Maintenance subcategories
↳ SubCategory/Page Pages in need of cleaning Contains all Wiki pages that need cleaning
↳ SubCategory/Page Pages with broken file links Contains all Wiki pages with broken file links
↳ SubCategory/Page Pages with Missing Information Contains all Wiki pages with missing information
Parent Category/Pages Wiki Templates Contains all Wiki Templates

Page Categories

This section of the Category Listing lists all approved Special Page Categories. Special pages include: Policies, Templates, and PFQWiki pages.

Category Type Category Name Description
Parent Category/Pages Wiki Templates Contains all Wiki Templates