Ravyne (NPC)

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Ravyne as they appear in the Wishforge.

Ravyne is an NPC on PokéFarm Q who runs the Wishforge.


Ravyne speaks in an erratic manner, referred to as Ravyne-speak. They are known to eat Gems.

Ravyne has the appearance of a Jirachi with purple eyes, tags, and arm markings. They have glowing blue arcane markings on their tags that serve various purposes.

The first tag helps keep Ravyne awake. The second tag helps with alchemy and transformation, enabling them to maintain the Wishforge. The third tag helps keep Sinistar (a "dark" version of Ravyne) at bay.

Roles in PFQ

Ravyne is in charge of the Wishforge, and is also a mascot on the Gems Counter.


  • The character Ravyne belongs to and is the former Pokésona of the retired moderator Blank Banshee.
  • Ravyne's image on the Wishforge page depicts them holding a Wishalloy Ground Badge and a Medium Fairy Gem.
  • Ravyne's markings were taken from a made-up language designed by Sei. The symbols on the tag on their left crest can be translated into "Sei."