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Interested in seeing what using the site is like? The best way to do that is to experience it, and the best way to experience it is to register and play for yourself.


Clicking on the large "Get Started Now!" button on the PFQ home page will allow you to begin creating your account. Do not forget to read the Privacy Policy, and it is a good idea to also read the Site Rules.

Note: Do not create a second account under any circumstances. This is a bannable offense on PFQ!

Your username needs to be unique and appropriate. PokéFarm Q is generally child-friendly, and names that are not appropriate for children are not permitted. After deciding on a name, players can adjust the capitalization of the letters or completely change their username on the Tools/Options of the Farm page.

After registration, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided. This email is needed to activate your account and fully join the site. When this has been confirmed, you are free to join the wondrous world of PokéFarm Q! Without activating your account you will not be able to do quite a few things.

If you are unsure if your account is active you can check the activate page. If this page is asking you for your email and/or date of birth, then you do still need to activate your account. If you opted out of providing a date of birth at account creation, leave the date of birth box alone. If you are having difficulties and have activated your account you should contact the Support Centre for help.

Note: If you need to change your email or age you would have to contact the Support Centre.


The tutorial is a four-step process that a user must complete before gaining access to all features of PFQ, with activities dictated by Professor Holly. Before completion of the tutorial a user cannot trade, post to forums, or post in the site chat.

Step 1: Hatch Your First Egg

Upon creating a PFQ account and agreeing to the Terms of Service, the user then picks a Starter Pokémon. Don't worry about not being able to adopt all of them — both the Lab and the Shelter will allow a user to adopt all the Starters; it just might take some time.

Upon reception, the Starter Egg has a significant portion of its EXP bar already filled, but there's still work to be done. This introduces the most basic feature of PFQ: clicking. Click other users through users online or click those who've helped out with Clickback.

Reward for completion: 50 Credits

Eggs need a lot of warmth to hatch, so they need to be held by interacting with them. Interact with other users' Pokémon to attract their attention and they may return the favour!

Step 2: Adopt and Hatch Eggs to Fill Your Party

One Pokémon down and five more to go. Load up on Eggs from the Lab and keep clicking. These Eggs will not come with part of their EXP bar already filled, but do not distress over 2k, 5k, or even 10k EXP needed to hatch. Most users will click back, so as long as one doesn't give up, they will get there eventually.

Reward for completion: 400 Credits

Have you seen how other users have a lot more Eggs and Pokémon in their Party? You can have up to 6 at a time! Let's try this by adopting some more Eggs from the Lab.

Step 3: Make Room in Your Party

As one of the quicker steps, this introduces the concept of Fields. Users do not have to limit themselves to 6 Pokémon, and can instead have as many Pokémon as they can afford to buy Fields for.

Reward for completion: 10 Credits

Your farm grows at an amazing speed, keep this up! But now your Party is full and you can't adopt any more Eggs.

Step 4: Adopt from Shelter

This part of the tutorial introduces one of PFQ's most vital pages: the Shelter. Here a user can adopt other Pokémon and Eggs to fill their Party. All a user needs to adopt is a Shelter Pass. Professor Holly grants the user a Shelter Pass C, the lowest tier Shelter Pass which can be upgraded as more Pokémon are adopted from the Shelter. When a user releases a Pokémon or an Egg that they no longer want, those Pokémon or Eggs will end up in the Shelter as well. Other users will release all sorts of Eggs, so keep an eye on this. If a user holds their cursor over an Egg and it doesn't give a species of Pokémon, the Pokémon or Egg is a new variety the user hasn't received or hatched yet. The Shelter is a great way to fill up the Eggdex and PokéDex.

Note: Releasing a Pokémon will not affect a user's PokeDex.

Reward for completion: 1,234 Credits + Shelter Pass C

Upon the user filling their Party, the PFQ tutorial comes to a conclusion and Professor Holly grants the user full access to features of the site.

The Shelter keeps all Pokémon and Eggs that were either released by their Trainer or from the DayCare.