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Below is a list of every Egg of the PokéFarm Q Variants PokéDex.

PokéFarm Q Variants

ID Name Egg Sprite EXP Description
018 Saiyan Rattata Saiyan Rattata Egg.png 3,840 A deep brown Egg with a tan patch. It doesn't appear to be from this planet.
025 Flying Pichu Flying Pichu Egg.png 2,560 A yellow Egg with a black marking across the middle and a cloud on the bottom. You have to be careful that it doesn't float away.
025 Surfing Pichu Surfing Pichu Egg.png 2,560 A yellow Egg with a black marking across the middle and what appears to be sand on the bottom. You keep finding it in puddles of water.
035 Shooting Star Cleffa Shooting Star Cleffa Egg.png 2,560 A yellow Egg with bright blue stars all over it. It radiates an odd power during the night.
038 Koroku Koroku Egg.png 5,120 A dull purple Egg with a dark purple mark near the top and a red patch on the bottom. It's incredibly hot, but is also covered in frost.
040 Guild Igglybuff Guild Igglybuff Egg.png 2,560 A pink egg with an apple pattern on the front. There's nothing special about it.
062 Apocalyptic Growlithe Apocalyptic Growlithe Egg.png 5,120 A black Egg with grey patches and stripes that look like burning embers. You feel an impending doom whenever you're near it.
084 Snowpoke Snowpoke Egg.png 5,120 An Egg that appears to be made out of pure snow with accessories added to it.
108 Death Star Voltorb Death Star Voltorb Egg.png 5,120 An Egg that appears extremely unnatural. It tends to gain a static charge.
189 Early Bird Natu Early Bird Natu Egg.png 5,120 A very bright green Egg with yellow spots on the sides and a purple spot on the top. It's very light.
219 Vampire Gligar Vampire Gligar Egg.png 5,120 A dark grey Egg with darker markings on the sides and a single light spot. It doesn't feel alive.
225 Scaracross Scaracross Egg.png 6,400 A black Egg with blue and gold markings. You feel uncomfortable around it.
230 Blue Moon Slugma Blue Moon Slugma Egg.png 5,120 A blue Egg that looks like it's made of water. The surface is slightly damp.
240 Frosdour Frosdour Egg.png 5,120 A black Egg with light blue marks and a dark blue blotch. There's a strange vibe about it.
240 Orthrus Houndour Orthrus Houndour Egg.png 5,120 A blue Egg with a black top and pink markings. It's surrounded by an air of fierceness.
263 XD001 XD001 Egg.png 30,720 A dark purple Egg that's surrounded by shadows and a sinister aura
275 Apocalyptic Poochyena Apocalyptic Poochyena Egg.png 3,840 A deep purple Egg with a large black splotch on the front. There appears to be eyes looking at you.
300 Apocalyptic Shroomish Apocalyptic Shroomish Egg.png 3,840 A murky green Egg with brown spots. There is a purple fluid oozing out of the top.
336 Arctic Numel Arctic Numel Egg.png 5,120 A pale blue egg with a dark blue pattern on the top. It's oddly cold.
402 Ryukuza Ryukuza Egg.png 10,240 A light green Egg with a yellow marking in the middle. It is constantly surrounded by a strong wind.
402 Magquaza Magquaza Egg.png 30,720 An egg that seems to be haunted by a dark spectre. Holding it makes you feel ill inside.
405 Seasonal Turtwig Spring Seasonal Turtwig Egg.png
Summer Seasonal Turtwig Egg.png
Autumn Seasonal Turtwig Egg.png
Winter Seasonal Turtwig Egg.png
5,120 An Egg that is cream, yellow, dark green, light green, orange, pink, blue and brown depending on the season. It seems oddly familiar.
421 Shinxel Shinxel Egg.png 5,120 An orange Egg with a cream bottom and patches. It occasionally shocks you despite having a slightly damp surface.
434 Snow Combee Snow Combee Egg.png 3,840 A blue Egg with a honeycomb pattern. It's encased in a sticky film that's frozen.
509 Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin Egg.png 5,120 A black Egg with purple spots and stripes on the top. It reminds you of Hallowe'en.
622 Apocalyptic Golett Apocalyptic Golett Egg.png 6,400 A heavy stone Egg with a seal on the front. There are intricate and ancient designs on the seal.
713 Noismog Noismog Egg.png 10,240 A cosmic Egg that is several shades of blue, purple and pink with yellow markings on the front. The constellation Draco glows prominently.