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! {{Tb3}} | Pumpkaboo (Kalos)
! {{Tb3}} | Pumpkaboo (Kalos)
| {{Tb3}} | Small, average, large, and super size
| {{Tb3}} | Small, Average, Large, and Super Size
| {{Tb3}} | Hatch the egg within a certain amount of time of its creation. Within less than two hours, it will be small. Between two to three hours, it will be average. Between three to four hours, it will be large. And, after more than four hours have passed, it will be super size.
| {{Tb3}} | Pumpkaboo sizes depend on the interval of time between the egg being adopted and the time it is hatched. If it is hatched within an hour, it will be Small. Between one and two hours, it will be Average. Between two and four hours, it will be large. If it is hatched after four hours, it will be Super Size.
! {{Tb3}} | Shellos (Sinnoh)
! {{Tb3}} | Shellos (Sinnoh)

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Eggs are the first stage of life that all Pokémon start as. Eggs are the first step in raising a Pokémon; until a Pokémon's Egg is hatched, very little can be done with them. They are arguably the core of PokéFarm, with the site being based around hatching Pokémon Eggs. Before 21st January 2015 update, every single basic-stage Pokémon has a unique egg from which they hatch from. An update introduced an extra egg for Pokémon who can be bred with Incenses.

On 9th November 2016, egg sprites were updated with newer ones made by Tazzay, one of the members of the Graphics Team.

Obtaining an Egg

The user can choose between three ways to obtain them, from the Lab, the Shelter, or the DayCare. All users can adopt as many Eggs as they want from the Lab. As for the Shelter, the user has a limited amount of Pokémon or Eggs they can take per day (depending on which Shelter Pass is in their posession), and for the DayCare the user must breed two compatible Pokémon for any possible eggs, though only six can be taken per day without DayCare Passes. The numbers of Eggs, if any, a pair produces, is dependent on several factors which mimic the main series Pokémon games.(citation needed) Parents have to be compatible in order to produce Eggs; this can be achieved by either using two Pokémon of the same species or using two Pokémon that are compatible by Egg Group. In-depth information on this can be found on Bulbapedia. In addition, a Ditto Egg can only be found within the Lab or ordered from the Egg Supplier and cannot breed with other Ditto.

Special Eggs

Pokémon who have alternate formes often have special Eggs. These Eggs are unique in that some factor of them decides the forme in which will hatch from the Egg. Below is a list of such Pokémon and their Eggs, as well as how to obtain the different formes.

Pokémon Formes How to Obtain
Alolan Formes (Kanto) Normal and Alolan For Alolan forme, breed a male Kanto Pokémon (eg. Vulpix, Sandshrew, Rattata, etc.) with a compatible female Alolan Pokémon.
Basculin (Unova) Red Stripe and Blue Stripe Having a Red Stripe Basculin in the party at time of hatching will increase the chance of hatching a Red Stripe Basculin. Blue Stripe also uses this method. Random chance for both when no Basculin is in party or if both formes are in party.
Flabébé (Kalos) White, Grey, Black, Dark Red, Red, Light Red, Dark Orange, Orange, Light Orange, Dark Yellow, Yellow, Light Yellow, Dark Green, Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Dark Aqua, Aqua, Light Aqua, Dark Purple, Purple, Light Purple, Dark Pink, Pink, Light Pink Random chance for any of the colours.
Frillish (Unova) Female (which is coloured pink) and Male (which is coloured blue) Random chance for either gender.
Geodude (Kanto) Alolan Forme For Alolan Geodude, breed a female Geodude holding a Large Electric Gem with a compatible male Pokémon.
Nidoran (Kanto) Female (which is light blue) and Male (which is purple) Random chance for either gender.
Oricorio (Alola) Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa'u, Sensu, and Pointe Style Feed Oricorio the correct Nectar.
Pumpkaboo (Kalos) Small, Average, Large, and Super Size Pumpkaboo sizes depend on the interval of time between the egg being adopted and the time it is hatched. If it is hatched within an hour, it will be Small. Between one and two hours, it will be Average. Between two and four hours, it will be large. If it is hatched after four hours, it will be Super Size.
Shellos (Sinnoh) Occident (West) and Orient (East) Eggs hatched on the left side of the party page (slots 1, 3, and 5) will be Occident (West). Eggs hatched on the right side of the party page (slots 2, 4, and 6) will be Orient (East).
Spinda (Hoenn) Different Spot Patterns Pattern is selected at random from 4,294,294,967,295 different possible patterns when hatched.
Unown (Johto) Unown are shaped in the letters of the English alphabet, with "!" and "?" added. View the Daycare page to learn how to breed Unown's formes.
Vivillon (Kalos) Meadow, Polar, Tundra, Continental, Garden, Elegant, Icy Snow, Modern, Marine, Archipelago, High Plains, Sandstorm, River, Monsoon, Savanna, Sun, Ocean, Jungle, Fancy, and Pokeball Which pattern is dependent on what user hatched its egg.

Hatching an Egg

Certain Eggs hatch faster than others. Common Pokémon such as Pichu and Magikarp only need a limited amount of interactions, while rare or legendary Eggs such as Xerneas or Moltres need much more in order to hatch. Eggs gain hatch points when they are clicked. Off of any beneficial bonus days and without a V~ boost, the EXP an egg receives is 50 for a normal user, and 70 for a user with an active Hypermode. Once an egg has enough interactions it is able to hatch, which can be done via its summary page or the user's Party.

For the exact amount of needed clicks please view Interactions.

Egg Types

The user may be able to determine the type of Pokémon that will hatch from the description of an Egg using the chart below. There are, however, many eggs that use irregular descriptions and do not conform to the below table.

Egg Type Description Egg Type Description
Normal It's not particularly special. Grass Plants flourish around it.
Water The surface is slightly damp. Fire It's incredibly warm.
Flying It's very light. Ground It's covered in dirt.
Bug It's encased in a sticky film. Psychic It sometimes moves when nobody is looking.
Ghost You feel uncomfortable around it. Poison It gives off a foul smell.
Steel The surface shines like steel. Ice It's oddly cold.
Dragon It's surrounded by an air of fierceness. Rock The shell is rough to the touch.
Fighting Holding this Egg fills you with vigor. Dark There's a strange vibe about it.
Electric It tends to gain a static charge. Fairy You can hear a faint humming from inside.
Part of a forme set There's another like it. / There's two others like it. Starter It seems oddly familiar.
Man-made It seems man-made. Ultra Beast It came from a different world.
Trio It's part of a trio. Tapu You feel an odd sense of protection around this egg.

List of Eggs

Below is a list of every Egg available on PokéFarm in the order they are listed in the PokéDex categorized by region for easy searching; this page is image heavy, so visit at your own discretion.

Otherwise, lists of Eggs sorted by region, with each region on its own individual page, can be found below.