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The following table lists all Eggs, Normal, Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic of the Johto region. An overview and an explanation about IMG Codes can be found on the List of Pokémon.


#167 Chikorita to #189 Natu
#190 Xatu to #213 Mismagius
#215 Girafarig to #239 Skarmory
#240 Houndour to #265 Celebi
#214 Unown

Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Chikorita Chikorita Egg.png Chikorita.png Shiny Chikorita.png Albino Chikorita.png Melanistic Chikorita.png
IMG Codes c/z/0 1/f/z h/t/7 5/o/x 5/e/o
Bayleef Bayleef.png Shiny Bayleef.png Albino Bayleef.png Melanistic Bayleef.png
IMG Codes 6/i/2 k/w/8 8/y/0 j/b
Meganium Meganium.pngFemale Meganium.png Shiny Meganium.pngShiny Female Meganium.png Albino Meganium.pngAlbino Female Meganium.png Melanistic Meganium.pngMelanistic Female Meganium.png
IMG Codes a/c/r Female 1/a/v 2/i/e Female 9/i/m g/8/l Female p/q/v q/i/8 Female d/a
Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Egg.png Cyndaquil.png Shiny Cyndaquil.png Albino Cyndaquil.png Melanistic Cyndaquil.png
IMG Codes 4/2/a l/4/p o/a/x b/a/j 6/h/g
Quilava Quilava.png Shiny Quilava.png Albino Quilava.png Melanistic Quilava.png
IMG Codes 9/j/v 8/u/0 d/e b/8/w
Typhlosion Typhlosion.png Shiny Typhlosion.png Albino Typhlosion.png Melanistic Typhlosion.png
IMG Codes k/c/o e/1/1 c/l/v p/b/4
Hisuian Typhlosion Hisuian Typhlosion.png Shiny Hisuian Typhlosion.png Albino Hisuian Typhlosion.png Melanistic Hisuian Typhlosion.png
IMG Codes 2/j/d/9 5/z/x/w u/e/6/7 c/l/v/4
Totodile Totodile Egg.png Totodile.png Shiny Totodile.png Albino Totodile.png Melanistic Totodile.png
IMG Codes 4/3/r 7/y/f b/8/k 4/f/0 6/2/t
Croconaw Croconaw.png Shiny Croconaw.png Albino Croconaw.png Melanistic Croconaw.png
IMG Codes 1/n/6 n/c/c x/k/2 y/m/f
Feraligator Feraligator.png Shiny Feraligator.png Albino Feraligator.png Melanistic Feraligator.png
IMG Codes d/5/3 d/n/d g/r/4 3/i/3
Sentret Sentret Egg.png Sentret.png Shiny Sentret.png Albino Sentret.png Melanistic Sentret.png
IMG Codes h/j/d n/a/z d/k/9 y/k/u x/8/x
Furret Furret.png Shiny Furret.png Albino Furret.png Melanistic Furret.png
IMG Codes 6/i/v c/d/f u/i/w d/z/e
Hoothoot Hoothoot Egg.png Hoothoot.png Shiny Hoothoot.png Albino Hoothoot.png Melanistic Hoothoot.png
IMG Codes m/f/t e/o/j l/y/g 4/4/d s/i/t
Noctowl Noctowl.png Shiny Noctowl.png Albino Noctowl.png Melanistic Noctowl.png
IMG Codes 6/9/d 8/1/x j/2/8 f/c/8
Ledyba Ledyba Egg.png Ledyba.pngFemale Ledyba.png Shiny Ledyba.pngShiny Female Ledyba.png Albino Ledyba.pngAlbino Female Ledyba.png Melanistic Ledyba.pngMelanistic Female Ledyba.png
IMG Codes p/6/f 6/q/w Female o/g/f e/v/m Female k/7/6 g/f/n Female b/t/1 x/z/u Female 6/2/w
Ledian Ledian.pngFemale Ledian.png Shiny Ledian.pngShiny Female Ledian.png Albino Ledian.pngAlbino Female Ledian.png Melanistic Ledian.pngMelanistic Female Ledian.png
IMG Codes 9/1/f Female f/v/6 e/x/k Female l/t/s v/0/o Female 6/s/r 1/5/2 Female l/6/j
Spinarak Spinarak Egg.png Spinarak.png Shiny Spinarak.png Albino Spinarak.png Melanistic Spinarak.png
IMG Codes 2/6 b/y/n k/e/0 t/u/k e/9/9
Ariados Ariados.png Shiny Ariados.png Albino Ariados.png Melanistic Ariados.png
IMG Codes c/5/7 1/p/1 c/u/k e/v/h
Chinchou Chinchou Egg.png Chinchou.png Shiny Chinchou.png Albino Chinchou.png Melanistic Chinchou.png
IMG Codes d/9/6 k/5/8 3/2/2 p/d/5 c/s/y
Lanturn Lanturn.png Shiny Lanturn.png Albino Lanturn.png Melanistic Lanturn.png
IMG Codes 7/s/s 4/z/f h/9/f 1/m/v
Togepi Togepi Egg.png Togepi.png Shiny Togepi.png Albino Togepi.png Melanistic Togepi.png
IMG Codes c/a/a b/c/7 3/4/u c/f/c e/v/h
Togetic Togetic.png Shiny Togetic.png Albino Togetic.png Melanistic Togetic.png
IMG Codes c/b/m 2/d/7 q/s/k b/n/o
Togekiss Togekiss.png Shiny Togekiss.png Albino Togekiss.png Melanistic Togekiss.png
IMG Codes i/p i/v/d j/5/6 o/r/k/8
Natu Natu Egg.png Natu.png Shiny Natu.png Albino Natu.png Melanistic Natu.png
IMG Codes 2/h/q 4/w/v c/e/o p/f/k z/a/1
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Xatu Xatu.pngFemale Xatu.png Shiny Xatu.pngShiny Female Xatu.png Albino Xatu.pngAlbino Female Xatu.png Melanistic Xatu.pngMelanistic Female Xatu.png
IMG Codes d/m/f Female m/v/3/0 b/z/z Female 1/o/m l/r/k Female w/g/i c/3/8 Female 1/p/8
Mareep Mareep Egg.png Mareep.png Shiny Mareep.png Albino Mareep.png Melanistic Mareep.png
IMG Codes 3/2/r d/v/u q/3 y/c/l w/r/w
Flaaffy Flaaffy.png Shiny Flaaffy.png Albino Flaaffy.png Melanistic Flaaffy.png
IMG Codes g/9/y o/s/w 5/y/q a/i/w
Ampharos Ampharos.png Shiny Ampharos.png Albino Ampharos.png Melanistic Ampharos.png
IMG Codes 4/3/g n/f/k c/p/3 k/w/o
Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos.png Shiny Mega Ampharos.png Albino Mega Ampharos.png Melanistic Mega Ampharos.png
IMG Codes v/c/1 s/b/r/8 n/8/n f/2/5
Azurill Azurill Egg.png Azurill.png Shiny Azurill.png Albino Azurill.png Melanistic Azurill.png
IMG Codes g/i/c 4/m/h b/4/c y/p/9 y/m/r
Marill Marill Egg.png Marill.png Shiny Marill.png Albino Marill.png Melanistic Marill.png
IMG Codes b/2/f/n 2/g/w i/q/c h/8/9 v/d/s
Azumarill Azumarill.png Shiny Azumarill.png Albino Azumarill.png Melanistic Azumarill.png
IMG Codes 3/e/p o/9/3 d/1/i 6/h/p
Bonsly Bonsly Egg.png Bonsly.png Shiny Bonsly.png Albino Bonsly.png Melanistic Bonsly.png
IMG Codes o/8/a m/1/y b/4/b r/u/b v/6/7/w
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Egg.png Sudowoodo.pngFemale Sudowoodo.png Shiny Sudowoodo.pngShiny Female Sudowoodo.png Albino Sudowoodo.pngAlbino Female Sudowoodo.png Melanistic Sudowoodo.pngMelanistic Female Sudowoodo.png
IMG Codes a/6/6/v 5/y/3 Female z/c 6/a/j Female d/3/l p/c Female a/l/l i/d/6 Female h/8/c
Hoppip Hoppip Egg.png Hoppip.png Shiny Hoppip.png Albino Hoppip.png Melanistic Hoppip.png
IMG Codes o/l/o n/9/2 o/d/9 l/i/u u/s/s
Skiploom Skiploom.png Shiny Skiploom.png Albino Skiploom.png Melanistic Skiploom.png
IMG Codes 9/i/l i/8/a 3/9/c r/7/n
Jumpluff Jumpluff.png Shiny Jumpluff.png Albino Jumpluff.png Melanistic Jumpluff.png
IMG Codes n/w/q g/8/p l/j/5 f/l/p
Aipom Aipom Egg.png Aipom.pngFemale Aipom.png Shiny Aipom.pngShiny Female Aipom.png Albino Aipom.pngAlbino Female Aipom.png Melanistic Aipom.pngMelanistic Female Aipom.png
IMG Codes g/d/0 j/j/j Female 8/1/1 3/w/z Female d/p/9 u/6/m Female y/9/0 l/q/t Female o/r/5
Ambipom Ambipom.pngFemale Ambipom.png Shiny Ambipom.pngShiny Female Ambipom.png Albino Ambipom.pngAlbino Female Ambipom.png Melanistic Ambipom.pngMelanistic Female Ambipom.png
IMG Codes h/v/0 Female 6/o/c 3/w/z Female 7/p/e u/6/m Female n/c/b t/w/u/r Female 3/8/q/k
Sunkern Sunkern Egg.png Sunkern.png Shiny Sunkern.png Albino Sunkern.png Melanistic Sunkern.png
IMG Codes b/b/e j/8/k 3/m/1 s/a/w 5/q/c
Sunflora Sunflora.png Shiny Sunflora.png Albino Sunflora.png Melanistic Sunflora.png
IMG Codes z/p 7/b/2 r/5/g b/u/9
Yanma Yanma Egg.png Yanma.png Shiny Yanma.png Albino Yanma.png Melanistic Yanma.png
IMG Codes d/q/b 1/g/s 6/j/1 e/3/p e/5/4
Yanmega Yanmega.png Shiny Yanmega.png Albino Yanmega.png Melanistic Yanmega.png
IMG Codes c/i/s c/l/d j/6/t h/m/o/n
Wooper Wooper Egg.png Wooper.pngFemale Wooper.png Shiny Wooper.pngShiny Female Wooper.png Albino Wooper.pngAlbino Female Wooper.png Melanistic Wooper.pngMelanistic Female Wooper.png
IMG Codes 2/v/k 6/j/b Female 5/k/b e/y/j Female j/7/r g/i/l Female s/c/1 1/a/2 Female f/z/q
Quagsire Quagsire.pngFemale Quagsire.png Shiny Quagsire.pngShiny Female Quagsire.png Albino Quagsire.pngAlbino Female Quagsire.png Melanistic Quagsire.pngMelanistic Female Quagsire.png
IMG Codes 5/g/x Female d/8/g a/i/a Female 1/6/8 b/c/b Female r/y/1 d/r/6 Female i/y/g
Murkrow Murkrow Egg.png Murkrow.pngFemale Murkrow.png Shiny Murkrow.pngShiny Female Murkrow.png Albino Murkrow.pngAlbino Female Murkrow.png Melanistic Murkrow.pngMelanistic Female Murkrow.png
IMG Codes i/h/o 6/c/p Female k/l/9 3/5/1 Female 3/7/x i/q/m Female a/l x/n/l Female f/b/t
Honchkrow Honchkrow.png Shiny Honchkrow.png Albino Honchkrow.png Melanistic Honchkrow.png
IMG Codes b/o/l 3/9/o o/y/0 p/q/x/5
Misdreavus Misdreavus Egg.png Misdreavus.png Shiny Misdreavus.png Albino Misdreavus.png Melanistic Misdreavus.png
IMG Codes 6/u/u l/0/v 6/9/y f/7/4 u/i/b
Mismagius Mismagius.png Shiny Mismagius.png Albino Mismagius.png Melanistic Mismagius.png
IMG Codes 1/s/v m/1 n/y/t h/t/7/9
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Girafarig Girafarig Egg.png Girafarig.pngFemale Girafarig.png Shiny Girafarig.pngShiny Female Girafarig.png Albino Girafarig.pngAlbino Female Girafarig.png Melanistic Girafarig.pngMelanistic Female Girafarig.png
IMG Codes r/t l/u/v Female 9/b/1 m/j/5 Female a/b/w h/2/i Female g/s r/s/n Female r/3/u
Pineco Pineco Egg.png Pineco.png Shiny Pineco.png Albino Pineco.png Melanistic Pineco.png
IMG Codes d/n/x e/4/y a/k/p c/z/b n/x/0
Forretress Forretress.png Shiny Forretress.png Albino Forretress.png Melanistic Forretress.png
IMG Codes d/b b/u/p 3/s/6 8/b/3
Dunsparce Dunsparce Egg.png Dunsparce.png Shiny Dunsparce.png Albino Dunsparce.png Melanistic Dunsparce.png
IMG Codes o/0/q 6/h/a 6/d/c x/3/0 i/g/e
Gligar Gligar Egg.png Gligar.pngFemale Gligar.png Shiny Gligar.pngShiny Female Gligar.png Albino Gligar.pngAlbino Female Gligar.png Melanistic Gligar.pngMelanistic Female Gligar.png
IMG Codes m/3/m e/y/5 Female d/w/h h/2/m Female 3/3/5 h/v/1 Female r/5/7 m/j/p Female 8/u/e
Gliscor Gliscor.png Shiny Gliscor.png Albino Gliscor.png Melanistic Gliscor.png
IMG Codes 5/0/f o/7/m y/g/6 5/a/1/1
Snubbull Snubbull Egg.png Snubbull.png Shiny Snubbull.png Albino Snubbull.png Melanistic Snubbull.png
IMG Codes 5/8/4 k/4/3 5/q/3 v/x/p h/m/6
Granbull Granbull.png Shiny Granbull.png Albino Granbull.png Melanistic Granbull.png
IMG Codes e/h/4 3/2/e h/w/7 c/3/7
Qwilfish Qwilfish Egg.png Qwilfish.png Shiny Qwilfish.png Albino Qwilfish.png Melanistic Qwilfish.png
IMG Codes h/q/c a/6/y a/w/3 m/9/2 n/1/a
Hisuian Qwilfish Hisuian Qwilfish Egg.png Hisuian Qwilfish.png Shiny Hisuian Qwilfish.png Albino Hisuian Qwilfish.png Melanistic Hisuian Qwilfish.png
IMG Codes j/8/0/7 d/h/5/y h/c/g/2 j/x/0/x h/4/g/0
Shuckle Shuckle Egg.png Shuckle.png Shiny Shuckle.png Albino Shuckle.png Melanistic Shuckle.png
IMG Codes l/5/e c/3 q/i r/d/7 3/6/r
Heracross Heracross Egg.png Heracross.pngFemale Heracross.png Shiny Heracross.pngShiny Female Heracross.png Albino Heracross.pngAlbino Female Heracross.png Melanistic Heracross.pngMelanistic Female Heracross.png
IMG Codes j/x/b 4/j/g Female 9/q/v f/j/6 Female 8/r/f m/d/3 Female o/l/z m/0/t Female j/t/r
Mega Heracross Mega Heracross.png Shiny Mega Heracross.png Albino Mega Heracross.png Melanistic Mega Heracross.png
IMG Codes q/h/o/9 b/c/b/v u/l/i/4 5/4/o/o
Sneasel Sneasel Egg.png Sneasel.pngFemale Sneasel.png Shiny Sneasel.pngShiny Female Sneasel.png Albino Sneasel.pngAlbino Female Sneasel.png Melanistic Sneasel.pngMelanistic Female Sneasel.png
IMG Codes h/p/h l/8/s Female o/k/f j/q/a Female 4/j/a 6/d/t Female y/t/p 3/0/o Female 4/e/b
Hisuian Sneasel Hisuian Sneasel Egg.png Hisuian Sneasel.pngFemale Hisuian Sneasel.png Shiny Hisuian Sneasel.pngShiny Female Hisuian Sneasel.png Albino Hisuian Sneasel.pngAlbino Female Hisuian Sneasel.png Melanistic Hisuian Sneasel.pngMelanistic Female Hisuian Sneasel.png
IMG Codes 4/a/5/6 r/u/2/j Female a/p/d/0 v/o/z/n Female q/m/c/g 1/m/z/z Female t/8/5/6 l/f/i/e Female e/8/b/p
Weavile Weavile.pngFemale Weavile.png Shiny Weavile.pngShiny Female Weavile.png Albino Weavile.pngAlbino Female Weavile.png Melanistic Weavile.pngMelanistic Female Weavile.png
IMG Codes f/d/9 Female 5/v b/3/f Female d/r/a 7/k/h Female d/p/1 z/t/v/7 Female 1/m/o/0
Teddiursa Teddiursa Egg.png Teddiursa.png Shiny Teddiursa.png Albino Teddiursa.png Melanistic Teddiursa.png
IMG Codes 8/2/i h/7/c 9/p/t j/v/a m/k/w
Ursaring Ursaring.pngFemale Ursaring.png Shiny Ursaring.pngShiny Female Ursaring.png Albino Ursaring.pngAlbino Female Ursaring.png Melanistic Ursaring.pngMelanistic Female Ursaring.png
IMG Codes 9/u/3 Female j/a/q h/n/7 Female o/d/x d/p/h Female m/m/m f/q/j Female 4/9/w
Slugma Slugma Egg.png Slugma.png Shiny Slugma.png Albino Slugma.png Melanistic Slugma.png
IMG Codes f/f/i 8/m/s f/q/i 7/2/m v/g/c
Magcargo Magcargo.png Shiny Magcargo.png Albino Magcargo.png Melanistic Magcargo.png
IMG Codes 3/q/2 8/a/7 v/v/6 2/4/g
Swinub Swinub Egg.png Swinub.png Shiny Swinub.png Albino Swinub.png Melanistic Swinub.png
IMG Codes j/z/s k/5/q i/g/x y/5/7 z/4/c
Piloswine Piloswine.pngFemale Piloswine.png Shiny Piloswine.pngShiny Female Piloswine.png Albino Piloswine.pngAlbino Female Piloswine.png Melanistic Piloswine.pngMelanistic Female Piloswine.png
IMG Codes e/9/a Female o/m/7 7/7/c Female f/d/y c/z/l Female e/b/g g/j/1 Female n/s/t/z
Mamoswine Mamoswine.pngFemale Mamoswine.png Shiny Mamoswine.pngShiny Female Mamoswine.png Albino Mamoswine.pngAlbino Female Mamoswine.png Melanistic Mamoswine.pngMelanistic Female Mamoswine.png
IMG Codes 9/9/i Female 7/e/9 l/f/w Female 2/i/1 y/0/j Female u/f/p r/j/z/s Female l/x/w/c
Corsola Corsola Egg.png Corsola.png Shiny Corsola.png Albino Corsola.png Melanistic Corsola.png
IMG Codes f/o/v a/m/l 2/p/6 j/6/0 b/h/1
Galarian Corsola Galarian Corsola Egg.png Galarian Corsola.png Shiny Galarian Corsola.png Albino Galarian Corsola.png Melanistic Galarian Corsola.png
IMG Codes m/l/n/8 v/c/x/r 8/n/2/b x/9/m/y 1/y/c/p
Remoraid Remoraid Egg.png Remoraid.png Shiny Remoraid.png Albino Remoraid.png Melanistic Remoraid.png
IMG Codes m/x/3 d/7/f 6/h/b y/2/o n/l/9
Octillery Octillery.pngFemale Octillery.png Shiny Octillery.pngShiny Female Octillery.png Albino Octillery.pngAlbino Female Octillery.png Melanistic Octillery.pngMelanistic Female Octillery.png
IMG Codes l/n/m Female 1/h/u k/8/o Female o/k/a v/c/z Female j/l/t 3/k/d Female o/3/9
Delibird Delibird Egg.png Delibird.png Shiny Delibird.png Albino Delibird.png Melanistic Delibird.png
IMG Codes d/z/3 n/m/v b/t/v b/1/z e/h/y
Skarmory Skarmory Egg.png Skarmory.png Shiny Skarmory.png Albino Skarmory.png Melanistic Skarmory.png
IMG Codes 2/v/d h/3/k 7/0/4 g/o/t h/q/0
Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Houndour Houndour Egg.png Houndour.png Shiny Houndour.png Albino Houndour.png Melanistic Houndour.png
IMG Codes a/8/b h/b/9 7/p/y s/w/0 o/x/y
Houndoom Houndoom.pngFemale Houndoom.png Shiny Houndoom.pngShiny Female Houndoom.png Albino Houndoom.pngAlbino Female Houndoom.png Melanistic Houndoom.pngMelanistic Female Houndoom.png
IMG Codes 5/b/6 Female 2/g/1 6/1/6 Female h/x/j q/9/d Female w/0/d r/a/0 Female l/f/n
Mega Houndoom Mega Houndoom.png Shiny Mega Houndoom.png Albino Mega Houndoom.png Melanistic Mega Houndoom.png
IMG Codes u/k/z/8 j/d/l/i o/h/y/4 w/f/0/2
Phanpy Phanpy Egg.png Phanpy.png Shiny Phanpy.png Albino Phanpy.png Melanistic Phanpy.png
IMG Codes i/1/e 9/s/t 2/9/4 m/7/3 z/3/c
Donphan Donphan.pngFemale Donphan.png Shiny Donphan.pngShiny Female Donphan.png Albino Donphan.pngAlbino Female Donphan.png Melanistic Donphan.pngMelanistic Female Donphan.png
IMG Codes 3/q/y Female f/x/8 6/q/o Female g/0/x d/s/k Female 8/3/m x/g/d Female y/8/j
Stantler Stantler Egg.png Stantler.png Shiny Stantler.png Albino Stantler.png Melanistic Stantler.png
IMG Codes a/y/f t/1 h/m/n 1/8/q 6/z/w
Smeargle Smeargle Egg.png Smeargle.png Shiny Smeargle.png Albino Smeargle.png Melanistic Smeargle.png
IMG Codes 6/5/i g/g/0 9/n/4 w/1/t v/k/2
Tyrogue Tyrogue Egg.png Tyrogue.png Shiny Tyrogue.png Albino Tyrogue.png Melanistic Tyrogue.png
IMG Codes h/5/v i/9/s 2/7/k i/a/h 6/d/g
Hitmonlee Hitmonlee.png Shiny Hitmonlee.png Albino Hitmonlee.png Melanistic Hitmonlee.png
IMG Codes 3/7/t l/y/4 2/2/4 f/f/o
Hitmonchan Hitmonchan.png Shiny Hitmonchan.png Albino Hitmonchan.png Melanistic Hitmonchan.png
IMG Codes 3/0/3 o/o/2 d/3/u a/r/o
Hitmontop Hitmontop.png Shiny Hitmontop.png Albino Hitmontop.png Melanistic Hitmontop.png
IMG Codes a/h/o n/f/2 s/k/x j/2/w
Elekid Elekid Egg.png Elekid.png Shiny Elekid.png Albino Elekid.png Melanistic Elekid.png
IMG Codes 7/2/l b/w/4 7/e/r 6/w/h t/t/o
Electabuzz Electabuzz.png Shiny Electabuzz.png Albino Electabuzz.png Melanistic Electabuzz.png
IMG Codes 8/z/9 k/8/x 2/1/f w/7/d
Electivire Electivire.png Shiny Electivire.png Albino Electivire.png Melanistic Electivire.png
IMG Codes o/2/1 l/t/g 2/g/p m/7/7/5
Magby Magby Egg.png Magby.png Shiny Magby.png Albino Magby.png Melanistic Magby.png
IMG Codes c/w/w o/g/q 4/3/v y/x/r i/1/8
Magmar Magmar.png Shiny Magmar.png Albino Magmar.png Melanistic Magmar.png
IMG Codes 6/3/u 1/p/l a/k/o s/c/y
Magmortar Magmortar.png Shiny Magmortar.png Albino Magmortar.png Melanistic Magmortar.png
IMG Codes g/t/6 o/m/d 6/y/k y/2/2/4
Miltank Miltank Egg.png Miltank.png Shiny Miltank.png Albino Miltank.png Melanistic Miltank.png
IMG Codes i/4/2 c/e/1 o/3/3 h/8/m m/5/s
Raikou Raikou Egg.png Raikou.png Shiny Raikou.png Albino Raikou.png Melanistic Raikou.png
IMG Codes d/u/t h/a/5 b/s/s c/n/8 x/7/e
Entei Entei Egg.png Entei.png Shiny Entei.png Albino Entei.png Melanistic Entei.png
IMG Codes j/a/6 f/d/5 f/x/l 3/v/9 9/7/y
Suicune Suicune Egg.png Suicune.png Shiny Suicune.png Albino Suicune.png Melanistic Suicune.png
IMG Codes 4/v/s e/6/p k/0/w x/s/e 2/8/0
Larvitar Larvitar Egg.png Larvitar.png Shiny Larvitar.png Albino Larvitar.png Melanistic Larvitar.png
IMG Codes l/z/2 n/2/6 e/s/j 8/i/f 8/u/a
Pupitar Pupitar.png Shiny Pupitar.png Albino Pupitar.png Melanistic Pupitar.png
IMG Codes e/5/h 3/y/z 2/0/g h/0/o
Tyranitar Tyranitar.png Shiny Tyranitar.png Albino Tyranitar.png Melanistic Tyranitar.png
IMG Codes 7/8 i/i/2 a/r/z a/x/8
Mega Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar.png Shiny Mega Tyranitar.png Albino Mega Tyranitar.png Melanistic Mega Tyranitar.png
IMG Codes u/i/j/4 g/8/f/h r/t/6/m 8/f/5/a
Lugia Lugia Egg.png Lugia.png Shiny Lugia.png Albino Lugia.png Melanistic Lugia.png
IMG Codes j/j/2 d/0/p 5/g/q m/s/w y/x/g
Ho-oh Ho-oh Egg.png Ho-oh.png Shiny Ho-oh.png Albino Ho-oh.png Melanistic Ho-oh.png
IMG Codes 5/0/g m/c/k a/0/w l/5/h n/y/i
Celebi Celebi Egg.png Celebi.png Shiny Celebi.png Albino Celebi.png Melanistic Celebi.png
IMG Codes 5/d/v 6/v/f h/2/d 8/u/n k/c/z


Egg Normal Shiny Albino Melanistic
Unown A Unown Egg.png Unown A.png Shiny Unown A.png Albino Unown A.png Melanistic Unown A.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 9/u/i 7/u/p f/f/y k/f/7
Unown B Unown Egg.png Unown B.png Shiny Unown B.png Albino Unown B.png Melanistic Unown B.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 4/v/z m/m/p r/v/8 5/j/m
Unown C Unown Egg.png Unown C.png Shiny Unown C.png Albino Unown C.png Melanistic Unown C.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 3/i/9 h/o/d m/p/ k/0/d
Unown D Unown Egg.png Unown D.png Shiny Unown D.png Albino Unown D.png Melanistic Unown D.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 9/m/n c/5/i w/n/8 u/g/k
Unown E Unown Egg.png Unown E.png Shiny Unown E.png Albino Unown E.png Melanistic Unown E.png
IMG Codes e/p/g b/p/i b/a/a 4/w/q n/h/e
Unown F Unown Egg.png Unown F.png Shiny Unown F.png Albino Unown F.png Melanistic Unown F.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 3/w/m b/j/b n/e/1 m/c/n
Unown G Unown Egg.png Unown G.png Shiny Unown G.png Albino Unown G.png Melanistic Unown G.png
IMG Codes e/p/g g/u/j h/o/e i/9/i b/9/q
Unown H Unown Egg.png Unown H.png Shiny Unown H.png Albino Unown H.png Melanistic Unown H.png
IMG Codes e/p/g h/0/0 g/x/z f/h/c s/k/w
Unown I Unown Egg.png Unown I.png Shiny Unown I.png Albino Unown I.png Melanistic Unown I.png
IMG Codes e/p/g f/r/i f/5/b 4/t/i q/3/7
Unown J Unown Egg.png Unown J.png Shiny Unown J.png Albino Unown J.png Melanistic Unown J.png
IMG Codes e/p/g e/a/q o/8/d 2/g/n x/l/c
Unown K Unown Egg.png Unown K.png Shiny Unown K.png Albino Unown K.png Melanistic Unown K.png
IMG Codes e/p/g i/v/6 n/f/3 k/k/t b/m/f
Unown L Unown Egg.png Unown L.png Shiny Unown L.png Albino Unown L.png Melanistic Unown L.png
IMG Codes e/p/g c/t/y n/d/f q/b/c e/z/p
Unown M Unown Egg.png Unown M.png Shiny Unown M.png Albino Unown M.png Melanistic Unown M.png
IMG Codes e/p/g l/a/7 f/4/b 5/o/z i/g/7
Unown N Unown Egg.png Unown N.png Shiny Unown N.png Albino Unown N.png Melanistic Unown N.png
IMG Codes e/p/g m/o/z o/7/6 6/3/z 1/c/m
Unown O Unown Egg.png Unown O.png Shiny Unown O.png Albino Unown O.png Melanistic Unown O.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 7/u/s 2/e/h n/m/8 g/o/l
Unown P Unown Egg.png Unown P.png Shiny Unown P.png Albino Unown P.png Melanistic Unown P.png
IMG Codes e/p/g e/1/e c/3/c 3/y/0 l/z/9
Unown Q Unown Egg.png Unown Q.png Shiny Unown Q.png Albino Unown Q.png Melanistic Unown Q.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 5/9/8 j/r/a y/d/w n/8/d
Unown R Unown Egg.png Unown R.png Shiny Unown R.png Albino Unown R.png Melanistic Unown R.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 2/a/e f/w/n e/r/o u/9/v
Unown S Unown Egg.png Unown S.png Shiny Unown S.png Albino Unown S.png Melanistic Unown S.png
IMG Codes e/p/g a/r/l o/e/a f/0/m y/y/h
Unown T Unown Egg.png Unown T.png Shiny Unown T.png Albino Unown T.png Melanistic Unown T.png
IMG Codes e/p/g b/r/4 8/n/a c/h/l 3/t/f
Unown U Unown Egg.png Unown U.png Shiny Unown U.png Albino Unown U.png Melanistic Unown U.png
IMG Codes e/p/g i/9/m 9/k/4 v/9/a r/f/d
Unown V Unown Egg.png Unown V.png Shiny Unown V.png Albino Unown V.png Melanistic Unown V.png
IMG Codes e/p/g j/t/l g/3/9 7/c/o h/n/a
Unown W Unown Egg.png Unown W.png Shiny Unown W.png Albino Unown W.png Melanistic Unown W.png
IMG Codes e/p/g i/0/8 g/z/9 n/s/x s/4/7
Unown X Unown Egg.png Unown X.png Shiny Unown X.png Albino Unown X.png Melanistic Unown X.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 5/w/v m/p/3 n/7/c g/2/2
Unown Y Unown Egg.png Unown Y.png Shiny Unown Y.png Albino Unown Y.png Melanistic Unown Y.png
IMG Codes e/p/g 8/4/s a/t/3 i/6/o 3/r/1
Unown Z Unown Egg.png Unown Z.png Shiny Unown Z.png Albino Unown Z.png Melanistic Unown Z.png
IMG Codes e/p/g m/q/s 2/j/y b/j/l 9/t/2
Unown ? Unown Egg.png Unown ?.png Shiny Unown ?.png Albino Unown ?.png Melanistic Unown ?.png
IMG Codes e/p/g f/m/6 k/t/9 i/g/a b/u/t
Unown ! Unown Egg.png Unown !.png Shiny Unown !.png Albino Unown !.png Melanistic Unown !.png
IMG Codes e/p/g i/x/4 3/j/b 5/x/y i/u/z


  • On PFQ, Feraligatr is spelt Feraligator.[1]
    • Feraligator is its intended spelling but there were character limits at the time.
    • Pokémon Species names are trademarked and cannot be changed once they were registered.
    • PFQ is not bound by that and so Feraligator can enjoy its full, intended spelling.[2]


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