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Merging of PokéDex and EggDex

I tend to think of the EggDex as an extension to the PokéDex, and as such believe it would be best if the EggDex page was merged into the PokéDex page. Does anyone have any arguments for this recommendation? -Lugia101101 (talk)

I agree. Most of what I see on the EggDex page can just as easily be mentioned on other pages. Boiled down, it's content consists of it's existence in the Statistics of the PokéDex, on the back of the Trainer Card, and a mention for summon items. All of these things should be sufficient by themselves on their appropriate pages. --Zephyr Foxworth (talk) 09:16, 1 July 2014 (BST)

Update Dex Summary to include Delta dex

The image used as an example of a Dex Summary needs updating!