Melanistic Hunting

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Melanisitic Hunting, also known as Melan Hunting, is the act of Albino and Shiny Hunting a specific Pokémon by hatching the same type of Egg repeatedly to get a Melanistic Pokémon.

A user needs a powered up Albino Radar and a PokéRadar in order to Melanistic Hunt a specific Pokémon. The various boosts that a user receives from both Albino and Shiny Hunting are also used to help boost Melanistic Hunting since a Melanistic Pokémon hatches as both Shiny and Albino.

Note: Melanistic Pokemon are rare to hatch which means that Melanistic Hunting takes a lot of time and patience.


Note: Users receive these Amulets as a reward for reaching a certain Rank.

The Gold and Silver Amulets yields a +25% and +33.3% increase to shiny and albino chances respectively. This combines multiplicatively into a +66.6% Melanistic chance.

The Cobalt Amulet activates the Long Chain Bonus once a user reaches a Chain of 100 hatches. Users must maintain Arceus Rank or higher to continue to use the Cobalt Amulet. The Cobalt Amulet maxes out at +75% after 5,000 egg hatches, making a multiplicative total of +191.6% boost.


An Übercharm boosts the chance of hatching a Melanistic Pokémon by 6x and lasts for 28 days. In return, it costs 250 and disappears completely after the effect wears off.


  • There is a user-made calculator at this link to help users calculate the odds of receiving a special Pokémon.
    • Users should remember that the odds that are calculated are not guaranteed; it comes down to luck.
  • Before the 4th of February 2022, Übercharms boosted the chance to hatch Shiny and Albino Pokémon instead of Melanistic Pokémon[1].
  • Before the 30th of March 2022, Übercharms gave a boost of 8 times instead of 6 times and was originally on the Shiny Hunting page instead of its own page.
  • Before the 21st of February 2024, The Long Chain Bonus was for anyone who reached 100 egg hatches.
    • This boost depended on a user's rank.
      • Below Champion Rank: the boost was 1% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 50% at 5,000 eggs.
      • At Champion Rank: the boost was based on a user's EggDex and Pokédex completion progress after obtaining the Champion Rank. The Long Chain Bonus would gradually scale up in both power and cap, the closer users were to Arceus rank.
      • At Arceus Rank: the boost was 1.5% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 150% at 10,000 eggs.