Melanistic Hunting

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Melanisitic Hunting is the act of Albino and Shiny Hunting a specific Pokémon by hatching the same type of Egg repeatedly to get a Melanistic Pokémon.

Long Chain Bonus

The Long Chain Bonus is a bonus which increases a user's chances of hatching a Melanistic Pokémon [1]. Shininess is calculated first, and if the result is shiny then the Long Chain Bonus boosts Albino chances for that egg [2]. This boost depends on a user's rank.

  • Below Champion Rank: the boost is 1% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 50% at 5,000 eggs.
  • At Champion Rank: the boost is based on a user's EggDex and Pokédex completion progress after obtaining the Champion Rank. The Long Chain Bonus will gradually scale up in both power and cap, the closer users are to Arceus rank.
Note: (0.375 x Egg% x Poke% + 1)% per 100 eggs / max 3750 x Egg% x Poke% + 5,000
  • At Arceus Rank: the boost is 1.5% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 150% at 10,000 eggs.


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