Melanistic Hunting

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Melanisitic Hunting, also known as Melan Hunting, is the act of Albino and Shiny Hunting a specific Pokémon by hatching the same type of Egg repeatedly to get a Melanistic Pokémon.

A user needs a powered up Albino Radar and a PokéRadar in order to Melanistic Hunt a specific Pokémon. The various boosts that a user receives from both Albino and Shiny Hunting are also used to help boost Melanistic Hunting since a Melanistic Pokémon hatches as both Shiny and Albino.

Note: Melanistic Pokemon are rare to hatch which means that Melanistic Hunting takes a lot of time and patience.

Long Chain Bonus

The Long Chain Bonus is a bonus which increases a user's chances of hatching a Melanistic Pokémon [1]. Shininess is calculated first, and if the result is shiny then the Long Chain Bonus boosts Albino chances for that egg. This boost depends on a user's rank.

  • Below Champion Rank: the boost is 1% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 50% at 5,000 eggs.
  • At Champion Rank: the boost is based on a user's EggDex and Pokédex completion progress after obtaining the Champion Rank. The Long Chain Bonus will gradually scale up in both power and cap, the closer users are to Arceus rank.
Note: (0.375 x Egg% x Poke% + 1)% per 100 eggs / max 3750 x Egg% x Poke% + 5,000
  • At Arceus Rank: the boost is 1.5% per 100 eggs up to a maximum of 150% at 10,000 eggs.


An Übercharm boosts the chance of hatching a Melanistic Pokémon by 6x and lasts for 28 days. In return, it costs 250 and disappears completely after the effect wears off.


  • There is a user-made calculator at this link to help users calculate the odds of receiving a special Pokémon.
    • Users should remember that the odds that are calculated are not guaranteed; it comes down to luck.
  • Before the 4th of February 2022, Übercharms boosted the chance to hatch Shiny and Albino Pokémon instead of Melanistic Pokémon[2].
  • Before the 30th of March 2022, Übercharms gave a boost of 8 times instead of 6 times and was originally on the Shiny Hunting page instead of its own page.