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The Holon Research Tower opened on July 28th, 2017, alongside the release of Delta Species. It is necessary to obtain Delta Species. It can be accessed from the Nearby Places tab on the Farm page.

Delta Species

A Delta Species shiny Swadloon.

Delta Species are Pokémon with a Type other than what is normal for their species. Delta Species are indicated by a δ. The colour of this symbol will match their Delta Typing; an Electric-Type Delta Species will have a yellow δ for example. Delta Species retain the weaknesses of their species' default typing while being able to use moves matching their Delta Type. As of January 28 2018, Delta Species also have a glow surrounding the sprite to match with their Delta Type. This glow appears on all color variants, including Shiny, Albino, and Melanistic Pokémon.

All known species of Pokémon can be Delta Species of any of the 18 known Types.

It is possible for a Delta Species to be the Type it would be normally, resulting in the Pokémon being displayed as having the same Type twice. For instance, it is possible to have a Delta Pichu with Electric/Electric Typing. It is also possible for a Pokémon to lose one of their typings, for example: Cutiefly (Bug/Fairy) to become a single Bug Type.

Delta Points

In order to obtain a Delta Species, one must first obtain Delta Point.pngDelta Points. In order to receive Delta Points, first a Holon Capacitor.pngHolon Capacitor must be purchased for Cr small.png150,000.

There are two methods of obtaining Delta Points.

The first method is to have Guests interact with a user's Eggs or Pokémon. One Delta Point will be received per Guest that interacts with the user, for a maximum of 10 Delta Points per day. Each guest can only give one Delta Point per day to any user, so if the same guest interacts with two different users on a day, then only the first one will receive a Delta Point.

The second method is to trade-in Shiny, Albino, or Melanistic Pokémon. The number of Delta Points obtained is dependent on the Egg EXP of the Pokémon. Albinos are worth double that of Shinies while Melanistics are worth 200 times that of Shinies.

Egg EXP Delta Points Received per Shiny
1,280 Delta Point.png1
2,560 Delta Point.png2
3,840 Delta Point.png3
5,120 Delta Point.png4
6,400 Delta Point.png5
7,680 Delta Point.png6
8,960 Delta Point.png7
10,240 Delta Point.png8
20,480 Delta Point.png16
30,720 Delta Point.png24

Using Delta Points

Once enough Delta Points have been obtained, they can be redeemed to force an Egg in the user's Party to hatch as a Delta Species. What Type the resulting Delta Species will be is random, with a boosted chance of being the same Type as the current V~Wave. As with usual eggs, Delta Species Pokémon are able to hatch as Shiny/Albino/Melanistic variants. How many Delta Points required changes depending on the Egg being affected.

Egg EXP Delta Points Required
1,280 Delta Point.png5
2,560 Delta Point.png10
3,840 Delta Point.png15
5,120 Delta Point.png20
6,400 Delta Point.png25
7,680 Delta Point.png30
8,960 Delta Point.png35
10,240 Delta Point.png40
20,480 Delta Point.png80
30,720 Delta Point.png120