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Date Update
December 28th
  • You can now collect Training Bags from all of your training Pokémon at once. The button to do so appears on the first tab when you have training bags to collect.
December 22nd
  • The Bookmarks bar starts out disabled and only activates when you unlock the Farm page. This reduces the number of clickable things and should help keep focus on clearing the Tutorial first.
  • The "418 I'm a Teapot" page has been removed. Instead, a "Page not unlocked" page will explain what you need to do to unlock it. Usually this is just "progress in the tutorial" but the Mega Stone Voucher redemption page needed particular attention. Furthermore, the Credits, GP and ZC pages are no longer locked behind the tutorial and are accessible from the start. (ZC page is still tutorial-locked because of another update being worked on for that page, so it'll be patched later)
  • Links to the Wiki and Help forums have been added to all stages of the Tutorial text. This should help direct people to resources that may help them if they are stuck.
December 7th
  • Courtesy of the art team, Hoenn sprites have been updated.


Date Update
September 23rd
  • Nicknaming a Pokémon with a country code will be replaced with the corresponding foreign name. This applies even after evolution.


Date Update
August 27th
  • General round of bugfixing.
August 26th
  • When packing Boxes into a Box Box, the user can click the new "auto" button to auto-select up to 21 Boxes. It is possible to adjust numbers before confirming (for example if there's a particular type of Boxes being hoarded).
August 25th
  • The Farm Page's Nearby Places has been updated with a fresh look and images.
  • Due to complications, in particular when it comes to Shiny Hunting for Exclusives, Legends, or Exclusive Legends, the "Hatch Eggs from the Shelter" and "Hatch Eggs from the Daycare" Tournament objectives now allow any valid Eggs to be hatched without breaking Shiny Chains.
August 2nd
  • A forgotten confirmation box, which appears when you trade away your Pokéradar and then try to hatch an Egg, incorrectly referenced the (now removed) Pokéradar+. This has been amended.


Date Update
June 21st
  • To help reduce continued confusion about the number of Scour Areas, the Zygarde Cells and Totem Stickers sections of the Summary Page of eligible Pokémon (that have found at least one Cell/Sticker) will now show the Total number of Cells/Stickers found, as well as the total required for completion.
  • Additionally, Zygarde Complete and transformed Totem Pokémon will continue to show the (completed) section rather than having it disappear.
June 20th
  • The following adjustments were made to the Type Race:
  • The event will be moved from the second Wednesday of the month, to the second Sunday instead. This will ensure it only overlaps with one Tournament, not two.
  • In the event that the Tournament objective clashes horribly with the Type Race, it will be manually re-rolled. Affected objectives are:
 - Hatch the Pokémon of the Day
 - Hatch Eggs having a certain Body Style
 - Hatch Eggs having a certain Colour in the Dex
  • The Community Goal will be replaced with a Team Goal. Each Team will have their own progress bar, with the objective set at 100,000 points.
  • The Winning Team prize will be changed. Instead of a Large Gem, players from the Winning Team will receive 4 additional Z-Fragments.
 - Combined with the potential 10 from the Personal Objective, as well as the full Z-Crystal obtained from the Team Goal, this now means that players may receive up to three full Z-Crystals' worth of Z-Fragments.
  • The Scoreboard will be made visible from the start of the event again.
June 9th
  • The PokéRadar+ has been removed.

The standard PokéRadar can now chain to 35 as standard. Hypermode continues to enhance it to max out at 40.

The sale price of the PR+ has been set to 250k, allowing you to reclaim the Credits you spent on it

June 5th
  • Another bug squished, thanks to a slight adjustment.

When an item from the Timers bar disappears (either from an event that has ended, or any reason really) it is no longer listed on the Farm page's sort order feature. This means that if you save a new sort order, and the item that disappeared came back (recurring events) then it will have lost is sort position.

Disappearing items are now kept in the sort order memory, allowing you to preserve their order even if they're not currently active.

The immediate new problem would then have been one-time events staying stuck there, but that's okay because there is now a "Forget below this line" option, which will remove individual items from the sort order memory.

"Forgotten" items that are currently active will move to the front of the list (as new, unsorted items do) while items that are not active will be removed entirely, only reappearing if the associated event returns.

June 4th
  • When a Pokémon is moved out of someone's Party, it is internally marked as "was recently in Party". This allows people who are clicking in Parties to proceed without the "this Pokémon was moved" error getting in the way. This is especially helpful when clicking the Pokérus host, for example, who may have many things moving in and out of their party.


Date Update
May 29th
  • The "Expand" button has been added when creating threads/posts and editing posts. This opens a fullscreen view with the editor on one side and the preview area on the other. This should allow for much easier editing of more complex posts.
May 22nd
  • The proportion of the regional Dexes needed to unlock certain Summon Items has been reduced from 70% to 2/3.
  • Zeraora has been added!
May 17th
  • A couple of updates have been made to the Registration form.
    • New users may choose not to provide their date of birth. This will, however, prevent them from getting certain things such as the Birthday Custom Sprites and other bonuses.
    • Trainer Customisation options are now available at registration so that new players can create their character from the start. Of course it is noted that the appearance may be changed from the Profile at any time, but now it's up-front.
May 16th
  • Yesterday's field positioning update left some people with blurry sprites. Niet made some further adjustments that should fix the issue of blurry pixels on the basis that it no longer uses transform for the pixel shift. However, it is still "hack-ish" because it involves recalculating when things like screen size change (example: switching from portrait to landscape on mobile).
May 15th
  • The Egg Timer now caps out at Level 10. Interaction requirements have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Lucky Eggs have had their price cut in half.
  • A long-standing bug where Pokémon may sometimes "fall out" of a Field under certain conditions, has been fixed. Specifically if you put a small Pokémon on the right or bottom edges of the Field and then evolved it into something bigger, then the sprite would overflow. This happened because the "position" referred only to the top-left corner of the sprite.

Now, the position X refers to "X% of the way through the sprite is aligned X% of the way into the Field". This is best explained with an example: if it's on the left, then the left edge of the sprite is aligned with the left edge of the field. If it's on the right, then the right edges are aligned. Any value in between is interpolated smoothly.

    • "Align to Grid" has similarly been adjusted to use this system, so the feature will also not cause sprites to "escape" the Field.
May 11th
  • Johto Albino and Melanistic sprites have been completely revamped.
  • A new form of the "comment" BBCode has been added.
    • With [* comment! *] you can not only have inline comments, but you can actually have comments that include BBCode within them.
May 5th
  • Kecleon can now take on new, fully customisable colours at the Salon.
May 4th
  • The site header has been rearranged slightly. These are some notable changes:
    • You can now have more Bookmarks. The first 6 are always shown, additional bookmarks appear with the "More..." button.
    • The text size has been increased.
    • "Today's Interactions" has been moved to the Timers Bar, and shows the number of interactions made throughout the day.
    • The Timers Bar can now be customised further: items can be hidden from it. (It's not recommended, but it's an option now.)
    • The Bookmarks Editor has been updated.
    • The tab memory on the Farm Page has been improved, making the various Tools sub-tabs linkable.
May 3rd
  • The "Open All" link on the "Users Online" page will now provide a "Get More +" button when you reach the end. This will allow you to get a new set of 10, 25, 50 users with the same search parameters as you had previously set.


Date Update
April 28th
  • On March 11th the Melanistic calculations were updated. Of course there was a lot of feedback, some positive, some negative, some very negative... But we really needed data in order to determine if the right choice had been made.

The main difficulty here is that the numbers being discussed are quite small. When the average number of melanistic Pokémon hatched per day is as low as 10, even a small change can make quite some difference. But, as you can see, rates have always fluctuated. In fact, they were going down before the update, and the update actually stabilised the number before it tailed off more recently. Overall, the update was a success at what it set out to do.

Today we're adjusting the bonus that Arceus rank provides to long Melanistic hunts.

The bonus presently maxes out at chains of over 4,000 Eggs, however it's becoming apparent that some people are chaining much longer than this, and it feels kind of wrong not to reward that.

As of today, the Long Chain bonus will max out at 10,000 Eggs instead. The old bonus is not changing at all, but continuing your chain for much longer will now yield ever higher chances of hatching that rare sight.

In addition, the Long Chain bonus is now listed on the Shiny Hunting page, so you can actually see what bonus you're getting. That's better than having to speculate and always be unsure of whether it's worth going for things, right?

We'll continue to monitor the numbers. The next suspect to look at is whether we need to increase the power of Z-Crystals again. Changing them from "+1 Level" to "+33%" has definitely helped, but is it enough? Time and data will tell.

  • Trainer Cards can now be Normal, Bronze, Silver or Gold. In addition to the colour, up to three stars will show what level the card is.

The exact conditions for gaining these new colours are a secret. A mystery for you all to figure out. Some of you will have already cleared at least one requirement. A few of you might even have Gold already. But for everyone else we hope you enjoy figuring out how to get those stars!

April 6th
  • If the user make a purchase of ZC but it goes through as an eCheque instead of an instant payment, the user will now receive an email to confirm this fact. Basically, "yes, it's gone through, but PayPal are holding it for a while, check your receipt."

This should help clear up some confusion when this happens.

April 1st
  • Just a quick "bugfix", Niet's made an adjustment to how old DayCare eggs are released, which should hopefully reduce the occurrence of "random" deadlock errors appearing when you're not doing anything.

To elaborate, the Notifications system includes a bit of code to clean up your DayCare, to help prevent catastrophic buildup (see: Snivygeddon). However, due to a potential inefficiency, during periods of higher (site-wide) activity, this cleanup process could deadlock. This is why it would seem like you'd done nothing - it's difficult to realise that an error came up because of you mass-breeding 24 hours prior!

So hopefully this has been fixed. I'll be continuing to work on tweaking performance and hopefully squeezing more out of this server!


Date Update
March 21th
  • The "Organise Fields" option has been adjusted. It now uses the same layout as the general Field Selection screen, with improved handling of drag-and-drop. Additionally, you can double-click a button on the "Organise Fields" screen to toggle visibility of the Field.
March 12th
  • The [q.pokefarm.com | Front Page] staff artwork on the "Socialise" tab has been updated to reflect recent staff changes:

- Disasterrific (retired due to lack of time) + Ledah (she's back!) + Blank Banshee (him too)

March 11th
  • A mathematical error has been found in certain modifiers to Shiny/Albino chances. This has now been corrected. For example, when the Pokémon of the Day says "+10%", it was actually more like "+11%" - not a big deal but with effects stacking multiplicatively it did result in some margin of error.

The effects of this bugfix are as follows: - The Pokémon of the Day bonus has been very slightly reduced - Sei's Bonus has been adjusted - improved on lower bonuses, reduced on higher ones - The Shiny Charm and Übercharm are unaffected - Z-Crystals are very slightly more powerful (due to an unrelated rounding error) - The effect of Arceus Rank on Melanistic chances has been reduced - (Conversely) the base effect of very long chains on Melanistic chances has been somewhat raised

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, but to give you an idea of how bad the mathematical error could have been:

If I ever had decided to have a special Sei Day +100% bonus, effectively giving everyone a free extra Shiny Charm for the day... well, it would have glitched and caused every single Egg to be Shiny. Oops.

March 8th
  • The effect of Z-Crystals has been changed.

Before: The Level of the Albino Radar is increased by 1 when hatching an Egg of the corresponding Type.

After: Your Albino chances are increased by 33% when hatching an Egg of the corresponding Type.

This is a buff, and not a small one either :p Enjoy!

March 5th
  • In response to feedback, a "grace period" has been added to the Marketboard listing fee.

If you change or remove the listing within one hour of posting it, then the full 5% fee will be refunded. Beyond that hour, the previous update applies and 4% will be refunded instead.

March 4th
  • A change has been made to the fee structure of the Marketboard. From now on, the fee will be payable up front, and you will then receive the full amount of the sale.

On the surface, here's how it looks:

Before: List item for 1,000 Credits. Item sells. Receive 950 Credits. (Total profit: 950 Credits)

After: List item for 1,000 Credits and pay 50 Credit fee. Item sells. Receive 1,000 Credits. (Total profit: 950 Credits)

So then, what's the point, you might wonder.

Let's look at another situation that happens all too often: Before: List item for 99,999,999 Credits. Item never sells. It just sits there forever. People see it and complain about how there should be a price cap to prevent "stupid" prices like this. After: Attempt to list item for 99,999,999 Credits. Be faced with 4,999,999 Credit fee. Question whether it's really worth it. Decide not to list for that price. Marketboard remains clean.

This system ends up imposing a kind of "soft" limit on prices, rather than the "hard" cap that people keep suggesting (and I keep shooting down because any "hard" cap would be seen as the "official price") It doesn't prevent you from selling valuable items for high prices but it does dissuade people from posting prices that will obviously never sell.

Two main concerns arise, so I will address those:

1. What if I can't afford the fee? A new player might, for example, have a Tournament Token they want to sell for 300k but they can't afford the 15k fee. Not a problem! Take a cheaper item such as an Evolution Stone, and sell it for a lower price. If you put all of your Credits in for the fee, you can potentially end up with 19 times your original funds, easily enough to build the amount needed to sell that Token.

2. What if I change my mind? If you want to change your listing price, or number of items for sale, or even remove the item from the Marketboard, then you will receive a refund of 4% of the listing price. So for example if you list an item for 1,000 Credits (50 Credit fee) but then decide you want to sell it for 500 Credits instead (maybe prices went down) you will get 40 Credits of the initial 50 Credit fee back, and then pay the new fee of 25 Credits instead. This means that if an item doesn't sell, you only lose out on 1% of the listing price instead of the full 5%.

Due to the impact of the update, all existing Marketboard Listings have been marked as "expired". Please visit the Marketboard to reclaim your items.

The Sale History is still intact so you may use that as the basis for pricing items during the "repopulation" of the Marketboard.

I hope this adjustment to the system will help maintain a healthy marketplace.

March 1st
  • The Community Goal has been subdivided into smaller objectives adding up to the same total as before. Each subdivision awards one Z-Fragment, unless the final goal is reached in which case everyone gets one full Z-Crystal instead.
  • The UI has been updated to show these subdivisions as well as global progress.


Date Update
Feb 19th
  • Type Race teams are shown on the trainer card.
  • The [inventory] BBCode has been updated with a new special case: "typerace" - this will show your score. [inventory=typerace]
Feb 18th
  • A new BBCode has been added: [pkmnpanel]
Feb 12th
  • An issue where unique Eggs incorrectly tried to break your Shiny Chain has been resolved.
Feb 11th
  • An issue where Necrozma was incorrectly marked as valid for Type: Null Voucher trade-in, despite no longer being accepted, has been resolved.
Feb 9th
  • A large number of bugs have been fixed.
Feb 6th
  • The following Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon elements have been added:
    • Totem Stickers Totem Sticker.png for Totem Pokémon can now be found in the Scour Areas.
    • Colress can now also fuse Necrozma with Solgaleo or Lunala.
    • Ultra Beasts introduced in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon have been added to the Aether House. Necrozma no longer counts for trading for the Type: Null trade-in.
  • The Birthday Bonus will now last for a full week. However, its boost has been lowered to +30%.
Feb 5th
  • Goals for the Bonus Counter have been increased; Sei's minimum boost has been buffed from 5% to 10%.
Feb 1st
  • The Type Race leaderboard is now shown for the last 2 days of the race.


Date Update
Jan 31st
  • Users can now delete folders in the Image Uploader as long as they are empty.
Jan 28th
  • Delta Species Pokémon now glow in the colour of their Delta typing.
Jan 21st
  • To help prevent wastage of Interaction Points, a small note will now appear on the Albino Hunting page when there are fewer than 6 hours left in the day and the Albino Radar is (re)charged.
  • Forum posts going forward will save a full edit history, which may be viewed at the top of a post.
Jan 20th
  • The items that can be found in a box and the probability of receiving each item is now displayed on the Boxes page.
Jan 16th
  • Two new items have been added. Both of these are available in the Tournament Prize Shop, alongside the Doom Seed (reset a Pokémon's Level to 1), at a price of 1 Token for 5 items.
    • Reset Bag - reset a Pokémon's EVs to zero.
    • Black Pokéblock - reset a Pokémon's Contest Stats and Sheen to zero.
  • Additionally, the drop rate of Team Flare Bags and Double-Up Bags when you win a Spar has been doubled.
Jan 15th
  • If you had Hypermode but it ran out, or a PokéRadar+ but you traded it away, or otherwise are no longer eligible to chain Eggs, but you had a chain of at least 3... Then you will receive a warning pop-up before breaking the chain.
    • There are no exceptions available in this situation.
Jan 14th
  • The Tapu Legends have had their Egg Cycles updated to match other Legendary Pokémon, at 80 Cycles. This is so that...
    • Legendary Eggs, specifically those with 80-120 Egg Cycles, now have a 50% chance of inheriting their Nature from a hatched Legendary of the same species, if it is holding an Everstone.
Jan 10th
  • When viewing a Pokémon's Summary, if it is in a Field, that Field name is now a link that takes you to that specific Field.
  • The "Trade Completion" process has been improved. Once you accept an offer on a trade you sent, or accept a gift sent to you, additional options will appear. These include directly sending the Pokémon to a Field, collecting all items/currency, as well as buttons to jump straight to the Conversation page or the Summary page.
  • The Type Race page now shows a history of your past teams. Your team is shown even if you scored 0 points. The only exception is if you weren't online at all during the month.
  • A couple of bug-fixes:
    • Some fields had affinity lists that were too long to fit on one line. When this happened, opening the field menu would hide the "X" behind the menu itself (on Desktop). This has been resolved.
    • Trimmed Furfrou can now be placed in the DayCare, and count for the PokéDex (as "base" Furfrou) when traded.
  • The glitch where Genderless breeding pairs or pairs involving Ditto may sometimes change their compatibility percentage, should now be fixed.
Jan 9th
  • A lot of stuff is going on in the background to improve how things work, using data gained from the 12 Days of Christmas, so thank you all for your patience with that.
  • The Berry Garden now shows how long a plant has until it bears fruit.
Jan 1st
  • The Type Race page will not show the Team Leaderboard until the event has ended.