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The speed limit warning.

The Speed Limit, also referred to as the interaction limit, click limit, or interaction timer, is a warning pop-up that appears when the user has made a lot of interactions without a break. It serves as a reminder to rest and prioritise health.


Should the user do 4,000 or more interactions in Fields without taking a break lasting 5 minutes or more, they will receive the speed limit warning when they move on to click the next user. If the user rests for 5 or more minutes, then the pop-up will no longer appear on interacting and the user can resume clicking as normal.

The warning can also be dismissed by checking the "Continue interacting anyway" box and clicking "OK". If the "Continue interacting anyway" box is not checked, but "OK" is clicked, then the pop-up will reappear on the next interaction the user makes. Dismissing the warning this way is generally not recommended. However, there is no punishment for doing so. Continuing to interact is solely on the user's discretion, as are any negative side effects.

Interaction Lock

The speed limit originally had an interaction lock[1]. If the user continued interacting three times and reached 12,000 interactions, they would be locked out of interacting for a while. Any interactions they did would not process and a pop-up would appear saying to take a break. The length of the break depended on the timespan it took to do 12,000 interactions[2]. It was removed due to huge user dissent, but the warning at 4,000 interactions was kept in place.


On December 4th, 2017, a slow-down was quietly added to field clicking[3], to help encourage healthier clicking habits and to discourage cheaters. This slowdown caused only 8 clicks per second to be processed[4]. It was raised to 16 per second[5] after user complaint, and fully removed after some more time[6].


  • There is a theory that the speed limit was implemented in partial response to a user who had done approximately 200,000 clicks per day, for three days. Though this theory has never been confirmed by staff, the user claims that the speed limit was implemented not long after their over-clicking started to be investigated.
    • There were no suggestion threads pushing this idea and it overall seemed to be suddenly dropped on the community, indicating that it may have possibly been of surprise nature. However, there is no way of assuring it truly was surprise, as over-clicking is not a publicly known issue, if one at all.
    • Garthic also vaguely alluded to someone who had been over-clicking during user protests of the interaction lock, suggesting that there was a person who did "half a million clicks every day"[7]. However, this likely could be hyperbole and a fictitious example, considering the user who had over-clicked was not pulling 500,000 interactions a day.


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